PT 31: Your Future Is…

“As I said,” Terra says, giving you a pointed look. “Most of you will be receiving your first streaming today into one of our six training cores. They aren’t set in stone, but 95% of cadets become officers in their initial training core, so keep that in mind. You may not immediately like your assigned core, but odds are it suits you in ways you might not yet understand.”

She hits a button and the six cores appear on the screen behind her. You know what you want to be, but you’re not at all certain you’ll be assigned it.

What do you want to be assigned to, cadet?

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PT 30: Who Did It?

Five minutes before class starts and you’re sitting in the classroom, the other cadets chattering around you. You slept surprisingly well last night given all the exciting, confusing, arousing things that happened between you and Terra.

“What happened to you last night?” Suki plonks down next to you. “Did Terra spend all night tearing into you?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah,” you stutter, acutely aware you can’t tell her what actually happened. “Yeah she did.”

“Wow, it was weird how she showed up like that,” Suki exclaims. “Instructors never come around after classes. She must have been really pissed at you.”
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PT 29: What Is Love?

“Yes,” you admit softly. You don’t know how she knows this stuff about you, but you’re glad she does. There’s more to it though. She’s told you she’s doing this because she thinks you need… what, exactly? When you’re with Terra, you want more than you can have, and that’s a sweet kind of torture, even now, held on her lap and gazing into her beautiful eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, ma’am,” you say. You don’t want to risk saying more and having Terra reject you completely. It’s not like you’re in love with her. Well, not like *that*. And you’ll tell yourself that as often as you need to in order to keep things working with her. Continue reading

PT 28: An Orgasm and a Reason

You let out little whimpered moans of protest as Terra first slides you off her lap and then takes you back over her thighs, her every movement gentle as she settles you into position. Your clit is pressed against the ridge of her leg, the slick fabric of your underwear making it almost impossible not to grind against Terra as she starts to spank you, lightly this time.

You’re so close to climax, to an orgasm you know she’s not really supposed to be giving you – and yet she is. Somewhere in your desire, the questions are rising inside you. Why? Why is Terra breaking all the rules for you?
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PT 27: On the verge…

You make a little sound that might be words but is more like a moan. Terra continues to pet your sore bottom over your panties, while with the other hand her fingertips are trailing up your inner thigh ever so slowly. You hold your breath, your thighs parting a little more as her fingers almost reach the apex… and then leave your leg and hook in the waistband of your panties, just below your bellybutton.

You look into her eyes, not knowing what she is going to do with you, but being more than willing to find out. Instead of sliding her hand into your panties, she tugs lightly on the fabric, making it draw tight over your lower lips. It feels so good as she uses your own underwear to tease your pussy, rubbing the smooth fabric slowly back and forth to stimulate the hot little bud of your clit.

“I can’t fuck you, cadet, that would be against regulations,” she says, the sudden crude word sending a bolt of excitement through you. “But if a naughty cadet happens to cum on my lap, I can’t help that…”

She keeps massaging your pussy with your panties, the touch enough to stimulate you, but not enough to let you cum. That doesn’t mean you’re not caught in a total haze of arousal. Your nipples are hard, your face is flushed, you’re arching your hips to push your clit harder against the fabric of your panties.

“You are such a naughty girl,” Terra observes, tapping your bottom lightly. It’s just enough stimulation to reignite some of the sting from the paddle. “I might have to put you back over my knee and spank your bottom…”

The crotch of your panties are getting soaked. You want to cum so badly, but Terra is keeping you on the very edge of climax. You’re practically panting against her mouth, her lips less than an inch from yours…

... what do you say?

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PT 26: Spanked and Sore…

Blushing furiously, you grab your panties and pull them over your cheeks. They seem smaller than they were when Terra pulled them down, as if your butt is swollen from the application of the paddle. You let out a little hiss of discomfort as the fabric touches your heated skin. The discomfort of having them up over your butt makes you forget all about pulling your pants up too. Maybe you’ll do that when you butt stops feeling like its lava. At least you’re somewhat covered now, though it doesn’t restore all that much of your dignity.

“Do we understand one another, cadet?” Terra asks the question, her fingers tracing over the flat of the paddle.

“Yes ma’am!” You say quickly. “I’m sorry.”

She sits down in her chair and beckons you over. Nervously, you take a single step forward, very much hoping she is not intending on taking you back over her thighs.
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PT 25: Panties Up or Panties Down?

Terra releases you from the hug, leaving you standing there feeling sort of sorry for yourself and very hot bottomed. The paddle leaves a hell of an impression, and you’re pretty sure you won’t be sitting comfortably for at least a couple of days. Though she’s not hugging you anymore, you’re still filled with the closeness you felt when she held you. In spite of the pain in your butt, and the sulkiness you can’t quite help after being paddled like that, you feel sort of… good.

“You can pull your pants back up, if you like,” she suggests.

Oh god, you’re still halfway butt naked in front of her. The impulse to cover up is matched on the other side by the burn and sting. Your pants are kind of tight, and pulling them over a sore butt is going to make you really uncomfortable.

What next, cadet?

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Update as to what’s going on with updates…

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PT 24: Getting The Paddle

You scurry to Terra’s office, hands on your butt to protect yourself from her palm. Terra strides along behind you, her demeanor alone keeping you several steps ahead. You reach her office in record time and she shuts the door behind you both. The sound of the snib hitting the latch gives you an ominous feeling all over.

“Bend over,” she says, pointing at her desk.


Terra scruffs you like a kitten, taking hold of the back of your neck and presses you down against the desk, pinning you easily in place. You squirm, but she’s stronger than you and damn determined. In seconds, your pants and panties are both gone, whisked down by her fingers which hook in both.
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PT 23: Big Mistake

“Like I said, you were busy and I didn’t want to interrupt you,” you repeat with a bit more attitude.

As soon as the words leave your lips, you know you’ve made a big mistake. You can hear how snotty and spoiled you sound. Terra’s expression changes in an instant. The good will, the warmth, the slight hint of indulgence is gone to be replaced with the stern mask of a pissed off academy instructor.

“When I tell you to report, you report,” she growls. “I don’t care if I’m behind six feet of lead, you chew your way through it and you report to me, understand, cadet?”

She draws herself up, and you notice again just how tall she is and just how small you feel in her presence. Her hands go to her hips as her eyes narrow at you, pupils contracting in an expression which chills you to your core.

“To my office, cadet,” she snaps. “On the double!”

You hesitate for half a second – too long for Terra. She reaches out, grabs your arm and spins you around. Her palm lands on your butt in a blazing slap that jolts you a full step forward. You gasp and turn to look at her as your cheeks sting hot.

“Move, cadet!” Her brows are drawn down in an expression of pure stern determination. She is not pleased with you, not one bit.


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PT 22: Jealousy

You turn and walk away, feeling a knot in your stomach as you try not to think about what must have been going on in Terra’s office. You soon have another class which totally fails to keep your mind off things, and then another, and by the time the day ends, you’re more than ready for a few drinks in the common room with your friends.

They’re drinking to get happy. You’re drinking to forget. Everybody is enjoying themselves and you’re mustering enough of a smile to ensure that nobody really notices that you’re quite miserable.

You wonder how everyone else always seems to have such an easy time. It seems so simple for them.

“Please,” Suki says, practically crawling up on your knee. She’s had quite a few and is looking very pink around the cheeks. She’s dressed herself in a very, very short skirt which is hiding less than nothing as she draws her legs up onto your lap. “You have to introduce me to Boris.”
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PT 21: Rumor, or Reality?

Lunch is soon over, and it’s time to report to Terra. She and Morsey excused themselves from lunch before you and your friends were done. They left the canteen together, much to your chagrin. Unlike you, your friends are all in a good mood. There’s a party tonight in the common room and they’re looking forward to it, but you’re not quite in the spirit.

“You’re coming though, right?” Suki makes big eyes at you. You know why she wants you to go. She wants you to hook her up with Boris.

“I don’t know, maybe,” you shrug. “I’ll see.”

“You’re in danger,” she says suddenly.

“What?” You frown at her.

“In danger of becoming SERIOUSLY boring,” she grins. “You have to come.”

“Yeah, maybe,” you repeat yourself. That doesn’t satisfy her, but the bell for the end of lunch just rang and you all have places to be. You have Terra to report to.

You feel a now familiar nervous excitement as you approach Terra’s office. You tell yourself that there are lots of reasons why Morsey and Terra might be talking. They’re both instructors, after all. Maybe Terra is trying to teach Morsey how to get a handle on her classes. It doesn’t mean there’s anything between them. Suki’s always spreading rumors and they’re hardly ever true.

You stop outside Terra’s office door and lift your hand to knock. Before you can, you hear giggling inside, a soft, feminine sound.

“Oh you’re so naughty!”

That’s Morsey’s voice. You just spent an hour listening to it before lunch. Your hand freezes in the air as you’re suddenly faced with a flood of feelings and several options for action.

What do you do?

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PT 20: Too Old, Too Young; Hot, or Not?

“I’m just saying,” Suki whispers as Instructor Morley finally begins the class. “Terra’s old.”

Old? Not once have you looked at Terra and thought she was old. She’s mature, yes. Strong, for certain. And she was a confident figure leading your unit when you were filled with nerves, wondering if you were actually going to make it through the academy’s training. Age is about the last thing you think about with Terra – except maybe when she talks to you like you should still be in diapers. Continue reading