PT 26: Spanked and Sore…

Blushing furiously, you grab your panties and pull them over your cheeks. They seem smaller than they were when Terra pulled them down, as if your butt is swollen from the application of the paddle. You let out a little hiss of discomfort as the fabric touches your heated skin. The discomfort of having them up over your butt makes you forget all about pulling your pants up too. Maybe you’ll do that when you butt stops feeling like its lava. At least you’re somewhat covered now, though it doesn’t restore all that much of your dignity.

“Do we understand one another, cadet?” Terra asks the question, her fingers tracing over the flat of the paddle.

“Yes ma’am!” You say quickly. “I’m sorry.”

She sits down in her chair and beckons you over. Nervously, you take a single step forward, very much hoping she is not intending on taking you back over her thighs.

To your relief, she takes you by the hips and sits you carefully on her lap. You whimper and squirm as your sore bottom meets her toned thighs. One of her hands runs down your back to gently rub your pantied bottom which is hanging back over her thighs as far as you can go without falling off her. The other rests lightly on your inner thigh, just above your knee.

“I think we need to talk, cadet,” she says. “I think we both have some things to say to one another.”

It’s difficult for you to think about talking. Her hand feels good rubbing your bottom, and not just in a soothing way. Her fingers are swirling lightly over your panties almost hypnotically, and the hand on your leg seems innocent enough, but there is already a heat between your thighs and being touched like this by Terra is only making it grow.

“Look at me, cadet,” she says gently.

You turn your head and look into Terra’s eyes. They are such a deep, royal blue. You could lose yourself in them. You find your eyes dropping to her mouth, so beautifully shaped, her lips so inviting in that moment. You are only inches apart….

“Look at me,” she repeats softly.

You lift your eyes to hers and see something like desire there.

“I think I know what you need,” she says, her fingers still stroking your bottom in that way which makes your hips start to squirm.


Her hand slides a little way up your thigh, to about mid-way. She puts a little pressure there, parting your legs. The motion pulls the fabric of your panties tight over your mound and you feel your clit throb.

She lowers her voice and leans forward a little so your lips are almost touching now. You can barely breathe as she caresses your sore bottom.

“You need discipline,” she says in a voice husky with desire. “But you need tenderness too. You need training, but you also need pleasure… am I right, cadet?”

Is she right, cadet?

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