PT 43: And your panties down too…

You let out a little gasp of pleasure and lift your hips so her fingers slide along the length of your mound, but you don’t ask her to spank you.

“Ask for it, cadet,” she purrs as she plays with your panty clad privates.

She’s teasing you into a state of arousal in which you’ll do almost anything, but you can’t bring yourself to ask for a spanking. It’s too embarrassing.

Her palm lands across your pantied rear in a light slap, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to send a thrill through your prone body as you lay there over her thighs, vulnerable to her every touch.

“Have you forgotten the words, cadet?” Her inquiry comes in sultry tones.

“I can’t,” you whimper.

“Aw, poor cadet,” he says, her fingers sliding back between your thighs to trace lightly over your mound. She is teasing you mercilessly, and you don’t know how much longer you can stand it. You can feel your panties getting wetter, the gusset sticking to your lower lips as her fingers play across your swelling pussy.

“If you won’t ask for your spanking, you’ll have to be punished,” she muses as her index finger taps lightly over your clit. “I’ll have to spank you until you ask me for your spanking. And I’ll have to do it on your bare bottom.”

She begins to pull your panties down, her finger hooking in the waistband and easing them over your cheeks slowly so you can feel them peeling away from your bottom, and then from your pussy. You can feel the fabric clinging a little before giving way to her will. The sensation is so gentle, but so powerful too. Every little movement and touch is magnified by your desire.

And then, they are down, sliding over your thighs to settle around your knees. Your bottom and sex are bare to her gaze, and the knowledge of that sends a hot blush rushing through your body. She is in total command of you.

“I wish you had asked for your spanking like a good girl,” Terra says in those rich, husky feminine tones which touch some deep part of you. “If you had, I might have let you cum.”

PT 42: She Takes Your Pants Down

Caught between disobedience, desire, and a shyness which makes it difficult to do as she says, you find yourself squirming in front of Terra as her fingers move to the buttons of your shirt and begin undoing them one button at a time, a slow undressing in which her fingers brush lightly over your body. You can barely believe that this is happening. She is so beautiful. Her hair isn’t as straight as you assumed it was when tightly pinned up. It has a curl to it which grows more pronounced toward the end of its length. You can see a few strands of gray, silver streaks which only serve to make her more attractive in your eyes as she unfastens the final button of your shirt and pushes it back over your shoulders and then down your arms, her fingertips grazing over the bare skin of your biceps as the stiff fabric falls away. Continue reading

PT 41: An Order of Undress

“You’re the biggest baby here. You never quit whining.” You look her dead in the eye as you repeat your words and expand on them, so there’s no doubt as to what you meant. Sarah might be a super soldier, but you’re not going to be threatened by her.

“Settle down,” Terra orders, steel back in her tone. “Both of you.”
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PT 40: Uneasy Cameraderie

Night falls and you all sit down around the fire Boris and Sarah have made, eating your rations. Sarah seems to be a bit happier than she did on the helichopter, and Boris seems to be a big part of the reason for that. It’s not obvious if she likes him in the way he seems to like her, but she definitely finds him amusing. You find yourself musing about Sarah as you eat. Does she really have Terra’s DNA? There definitely seems to be some kind of unfinished business between them.
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PT 39: More Contraband

She might, technically, own you now, but there’s no way in hell you’re giving her the figurine. You stare at Terra in silent resistance. She looks at you with a hard, blue gaze as you enter a silent battle of wills – a battle you know you will probably lose. The moment is becoming unbearably tense when Boris intervenes.

“Er,” he says. “I might have some, uhm… contraband?”

Terra’s head snaps in his direction like a cobra catching sight of new prey. “Get it and bring it to me.” Continue reading

PT 38: Rebellion

“NO!” You surprise yourself with the vehemence of your refusal, yelled at full volume. “This isn’t about me! You’re angry at Sarah, but you can’t do anything to her because she could kick your head off your shoulders. Go yell at her!”

You stuff the figurine into your pocket and stare at Terra defiantly. This is probably just as bad as bursting into tears would have been. This is insubordination. Never goes down well with military types.

You’re not at all surprised when Terra grabs you by the back of your collar, making a fist in your shirt, and starts smacking your ass hard. Fortunately, your active uniform is belted and there’s no way that’s coming down easily, so you have some protection even if it doesn’t feel like it. Terra is strong, and every slap lands hard enough to make you yelp.

Boris and Sarah are staring at the scene as Terra takes a knee on the ground and pulls you down over it, locking you in place over her thigh, your face full of grass as she spanks you long and hard until you start to wail, both from the pain of the spanking, and the frustrated embarrassment of having it happen publicly. Boris will never let you live this down.

“Don’t you dare talk back to me, cadet!” Terra lectures you. “And don’t you dare disobey my orders either!” Her palm sounds like a gunshot every time it lands on your ass. She’s not just spanking you, she’s shaming you and you hate every minute of it. You find yourself enduring the punishment, teeth gritted so you don’t cry out too much.

Terra finally releases you, your butt stinging like a hornet’s hive. When you stumble up from her knee, you notice Boris isn’t smirking for once. He looks kind of shocked. And Sarah, she looks… angry?

You retreat toward your squad mates, trying not to cry from embarrassment, and trying not to rub your bottom either.

“If any of you have contraband items, declare them now,” Terra says. She holds out her hand toward you. “And you, cadet, give me that.”

Do you hand the figurine to Terra?

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(I will combine the ‘no’s and hell no’s as one total, not to split the vote.)

PT 37: Whipping Girl

It is a very silent, very tense flight lasting about two hours and finally culminating on a mountainous plain. There’s nothing there besides a bit of grass, and a goat which heads off at high speed as you come helichoptering in. The remoteness is tangible as you step out of the craft, putting your feet on land which may very well not have had human feet on it before. This is a wild place. You can feel it in your bones, and you can smell it in the air.

Once landed, you and the others grab your personal gear, and the rest of what’s in the hold. There’s not much. The helichopter takes off, and you’re left standing in a semi-circle around Terra. Continue reading

PT 36: What Have You Gotten Yourself Into?

You know you should really tell Terra about the little cat in your bag. This is the first step into your new future and you’re making it with deception. Something stops you though. Maybe it’s fear of punishment. Maybe it’s some remaining desire for rebellion. Either way, you head toward the transport pad without another word to Terra, and your little secret remains in your pack, weighing you down imperceptibly.

Boris and Sarah are already inside the heli-chopter. It’s called that because it chops the air with its heliblades which are located at the North, East, West and South of the craft. You’re not all that keen on flying, but what kind of special, special operative is afraid of flying? You sling your bag into the hold with the others and climb in opposite Boris and Sarah. Terra is next and last to get in. She sits next to you, making you feel a bit safer as she buckles in.
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PT 35: Point Of No Return

Terra makes an appearance, causing you all to fall silent. She isn’t wearing her usual instructor’s uniform. She’s wearing a black flight suit, hemmed tight around her waist and hips, strapped with various items and weapons.

She looks different. Not just in her clothes, but in her face too. There’s more purpose there, more intensity. Her eyes are always beautiful, but right now they’re flashing blue steel. The sunlight shows her maturity, and the little marks of war on her skin. She usually looks like a teacher. Right now, she looks like a soldier. You feel fluttering erupt in your stomach just looking at her. She looks like she could take on an army by herself and win. You find yourself feeling drawn to her on so many different levels. Your desire for her, your admiration of her, your need to impress her. They’re all warring as you stand there mute.
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PT 34: Three Brats For Terra

You push the cat figurine into the very bottom of your pack, figuring Terra will never know about it. Then you shoulder your bag and head to the quad. Boris is already there, grinning to himself. He looks about as pleased on the outside as you do on the inside.

“How did you get picked for this?” You dump your bag next to his.

“By being awesome,” he says. “This is going to kick. ass.”

“I don’t know,” you reply. “Seems like it could be kind of hard.”

“You scared?” He cocks his head and looks at you in a challenging sort of way.

“No,” you lie. “I can’t wait. I hope it’s horrible.”

“Yeah,” Boris agrees. “I hope it sucks. I can’t wait to be miserable!”
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PT 33: New Orders

“Yes, ma’am,” you say. “I understand. And I want to be part of the unit.”

“Good! They breed them tough down on your colony, don’t they, cadet. You’re dismissed for now. Standby for further orders.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am.”

You leave the office with your head spinning. You can barely believe that this is happening. A special unit, with Terra! This is beyond your wildest dreams. You shut the door behind you and break into a little dance, your butt squirming in time with the victory pumping of your arms.

“Happy about something, cadet?”
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PT 32: The Boss Lady

“I’ll hand out your assignments on your way out,” Terra says. “When I call your name, come up and receive yours.”

You sit and watch as she goes through the class. Most people seem happy with their assignments, a few even cheer. Suki does a little dance. She must have gotten that sweet admin core she wanted. Others don’t seem so pleased and shuffle off with their heads hung low in disappointment. Not all assignments are created equal, and some are more competitive than others. Only 1% of cadets are streamed into spec ops. They only take the best into that core, and some years they take none. About 50% go into combat, 10% into espionage. Administration, exploration and construction make up about equal amounts of the rest. You joined hoping for a coveted spec-ops assignment, but so did everyone else, and you knew that wasn’t likely to happen. Odds are you’ll be a combat grunt, or join Suki in the office.
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