PT 28: An Orgasm and a Reason

You let out little whimpered moans of protest as Terra first slides you off her lap and then takes you back over her thighs, her every movement gentle as she settles you into position. Your clit is pressed against the ridge of her leg, the slick fabric of your underwear making it almost impossible not to grind against Terra as she starts to spank you, lightly this time.

You’re so close to climax, to an orgasm you know she’s not really supposed to be giving you – and yet she is. Somewhere in your desire, the questions are rising inside you. Why? Why is Terra breaking all the rules for you?


Your moan gives voice to the question.

“Why what, cadet?” Her palm lands lightly on your left cheek and then your right, rocking you against her thigh.

The words are fading as you approach the edge of climax and then tip over it, your hips grind as her slaps quicken in tempo and increase in intensity. She spanks you to orgasm, her palm reddening your panty clad cheeks as you buck and squirm, your clit tingling, your inner walls clenching.

You cum hard, crying out so loudly that Terra claps her palm over your mouth. You taste her skin, feel her control and it only serves to heighten the waves rushing though your body as your legs part and her other hand ceases spanking in favor of massaging your panty clad pussy, extending your orgasm until you can stand it no longer and your tense, arched body flops into a softer position over her lap.

Terra helps you sit back up on her knee, wrapping her arm around your waist to secure you in place.

“Are you alright?” She asks the question gently.

You’re more than alright. You needed that orgasm like you needed air, but the questions still remain.

“Cadet?” She probes gently. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking… you…I…” you decide to be brave and just tell her. “Why would you be interested in doing this with me?”

Terra quirks a brow ever so slightly. “You don’t understand why I enjoy spanking you, cadet?”

“Yeah, I guess,” you mumble, embarrassed.

“Well,” she says, settling you close to her body, so your head rests on her shoulder. “You’re smart – too smart for your own good. And you’re conscientious to a fault…”

“The academy is full of people like that,” you point out.

Her shoulders shake a little with her chuckle.

“True,” she says. “I suppose…” she reaches for your chin and lifts your head so she can look into your eyes. She gazes at you in that searching way which makes you squirm and blush at the same time. “I suppose you remind me of myself, in some way,” she says thoughtfully. “I was a cadet once. I needed more than what I could have from my instructors and it made my time here more difficult than it needed to be. I think I see that need in you. Am I right, cadet?”

What do you say?

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