PT 27: On the verge…

You make a little sound that might be words but is more like a moan. Terra continues to pet your sore bottom over your panties, while with the other hand her fingertips are trailing up your inner thigh ever so slowly. You hold your breath, your thighs parting a little more as her fingers almost reach the apex… and then leave your leg and hook in the waistband of your panties, just below your bellybutton.

You look into her eyes, not knowing what she is going to do with you, but being more than willing to find out. Instead of sliding her hand into your panties, she tugs lightly on the fabric, making it draw tight over your lower lips. It feels so good as she uses your own underwear to tease your pussy, rubbing the smooth fabric slowly back and forth to stimulate the hot little bud of your clit.

“I can’t fuck you, cadet, that would be against regulations,” she says, the sudden crude word sending a bolt of excitement through you. “But if a naughty cadet happens to cum on my lap, I can’t help that…”

She keeps massaging your pussy with your panties, the touch enough to stimulate you, but not enough to let you cum. That doesn’t mean you’re not caught in a total haze of arousal. Your nipples are hard, your face is flushed, you’re arching your hips to push your clit harder against the fabric of your panties.

“You are such a naughty girl,” Terra observes, tapping your bottom lightly. It’s just enough stimulation to reignite some of the sting from the paddle. “I might have to put you back over my knee and spank your bottom…”

The crotch of your panties are getting soaked. You want to cum so badly, but Terra is keeping you on the very edge of climax. You’re practically panting against her mouth, her lips less than an inch from yours…

... what do you say?

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