Learning Lessons In Lesbia (Or, You Know, Not)

Things are getting more intriguified in Lesbia…

As the punishment continued, the unfortunate recipient became increasingly uncomfortable thanks to the switch and Kira’s strong right arm. Liz’s bottom was cherry red, twin cheeks bouncing back and forth as she bounced on her tip toes in a fruitless attempt at escape. The tip of the wood kissed the underside of her bottom as Kira angled her wrist so the implement rose from underneath to leave little welts where Liz would usually sit.

“Stop!” Liz squealed the word. “For the love of everything! Stop!”

Kira did not stop. She was clearly determined to teach a very overdue lesson and to be thorough about it. Unfortunately, Liz had no intention of learning any lessons. When whining, squirming and pleading failed, she reached the end of her tether and truly lost her temper.

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Liz Gets Licked

The least popular brat in Lesbia is about to go way too far…

Kira, Trebuchet, Moon, Aeron and Liz woke up at about the same time and came to the realization that Ayla was missing a moment later.

“The witch is gone,” Liz said. “She must have put something in that stew.”

Kira set her lips in a thin line and shook her head. “I forgot. Never trust a witch’s cooking.”

“You think she drugged us?” Trebuchet rubbed her head. “That seems… very naughty.”

Moon grinned at her lover. “Is it naughty if you’re a thousanty years old and you do something wrong?”

“Yes,” Trebuchet replied. “And when I catch that witch, you can be sure I’ll take it out on her hide.”

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The Most Important Meal…

Ayla laughed, the sound warm and amused in that dark space. “So shall it be,” she said, turning to leave Liz standing defiantly before the stars. She crossed to the corner of the cave where Vix had curled up on her own and sat down beside the sleeping hengineer, casting her cloak over Vix’s sleeping frame.

Sleep did not come to Ayla that night. Nor did it come to Liz. They both kept silent watch as the stars cycled through the sky and the moon deferred to the dawn.

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The Bad Girl…

Liz is not a popular figure. Liz doesn’t care.

Some time later after Vix had been comforted appropriately and the embers of the fire had died down leaving most of the group slumbering nearby, Liz alone was left awake.

She was standing at the mouth of the cave gazing up into the stars when Alya’s fingers slid through her hair from behind. The witch gently drew Liz’s head back so she was forced to look upwards and backwards.

“That was not nice,” Ayla said mildly, giving Liz’s hair a little tug.

In spite of her uncomfortable arched position, a slow smile spread over Liz’s face and a little twinkle established itself firmly in her eye. “What wasn’t?”

“What you did to Vix.”

“I didn’t do anything to Vix.”

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Consequences for Vix…

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The walking eventually terminated in the stopping of walking, that was to say in making camp in a cave. There the seven women sat around a fire, chewing on dried beef in relative silence. Though many were friends in their own right they were not a natural group in their entirety. Kira and Ayla sat near one another with Aeron to Kira’s rear. Moon was sitting in Trebuchet’s lap while Vix leaned against the wall somewhat distant. Liz sat furthest away from the group toward the mouth of the cave, staring out at the stars.

“So this seems stupid,” Liz eventually announced. “You think a queen doesn’t know how to look in a cave?”

Nobody much responded but Vix nodded her agreement in the shadows. She had said as much herself, but Liz seemed to be able to say what she could not. Liz seemed to be able to do anything with impunity.


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2014 was a good year. My Word Count journal reveals that I wrote just shy of 640,000 words last year. I hope some of them entertained you! Or maybe just one of them. Maybe this one: Blundersquiggle

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