Mature Woman Seeks Spanking PT 21: Informed Consent

Monica followed Jimmy down the stairs and together they walked across the street to the park. Jimmy puffed away angrily the whole time, dragging at her cigarette as if inhaling toxins into her lungs was some revenge on the world at large.

“Erin… didn’t mean what she said,” Monica said by way of apologizing for her.

“Yes, she did,” Jimmy replied. “I thought Erin was different. I thought she… fuck.” She ran her hand through her hair and glanced over at Monica with a look of shame. “I thought she thought I was different than her other clients. But I’m just another criminal to her. A little charity case to make her feel better.”

“I don’t think you are,” Monica said. “She doesn’t bring clients home very often, if ever. I think she just snapped because I’ve been giving her hell lately, and Leslie hasn’t been easy either and you, well, let’s face it, you’re no picnic.” Continue reading

Marriage Equality Comes To America

Marriage equality has swept the US finally, after a very long struggle, and some painful set backs in which states tried constitutionally banning the right for same sex couples to marry, or allowed marriage for all of two seconds and then unmarried people who were pretty sure they were totally married, the SCOTUS has finally gotten on board, realized what year it is and come to the party to settle the issue once and for all.

There is no doubt in my mind that future generations will look back on the era when marriage was reserved for male/female couples with the same kind of horror we now do when contemplating things like apartheid. And though the world often seems like a dark, weird place with horrible people doing horrible things, today it got a little better for everyone. Not just for gay and lesbian people, but for everyone.

We can’t truly love if we’re denying that same love to others. We can’t be equal if some are less equal. We can’t wander around patting ourselves on the back for being super advanced and civilized when we’re allowing an underclass based on nothing more than sexuality to suffer next to us.

This is a great day. It’s also a day that came far, far too late for so many people. And there is something bittersweet about it, because even though that particular battle is won, it’s a battle that should never have to have been fought. And the fates and lives of so many hundreds of thousands of people should never have been in the hands of legislators, politicians or even ultimately nine people in black robes.

While we haven’t ascended into an egalitarian utopia without nonsense authority figures sticking their fingers into people’s private lives (that’s not scheduled until May of 2025), at least the regime has come to the party with a positive decision for once.

Congratulations to all those in the USA who fought so hard for so long, you deserve this. You always deserved it. And I am so, so glad you have it.

Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 20: The Full Name

“Leslie!” The word came out of Erin’s mouth like a pistol crack. Leslie turned around slowly, all her bags making a plastic smushing noise against the stair rails as she glanced up the stairs, looking thoroughly sheepish. Erin did not say another word to Leslie directly. Instead she issued a command to the group. “Everybody inside. Now.”

Jimmy cocked her head to the side as Leslie and Monica retired into the apartment without a word of argument. “You usually order your friends around like that?”

“Inside, Jimmy.” Continue reading

Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 19: Everyone’s Trouble

Monica rather enjoyed Jimmy’s expression. For the first time since meeting her, she was seeing what surprise looked like on the young, jaded woman’s face.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Jimmy said. “Except I know you’re not, because lawyers don’t kid. They can’t. It’s not in their genes.”

She pulled the packet of cigarettes out of her pocked, tapped it on her skinny thigh, then lifted it and nipped one out between her teeth. Erin plucked that one before Jimmy could light it.
Continue reading

Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 18: Smoke

Have things in your life gone horribly awry? Do you have a spare room full of semi-feral cats and a wrist injury? Have you spent a significant part of your day dealing with mystifying bureaucracy? If so, maybe you too would like to drown your sorrows in the soothing balm of fiction. The one vice they haven’t yet criminalized. Except in Russia.

“I’m sure she didn’t run away,” Monica said. “Give me a minute.” She picked up her phone, thumbed through the contacts and dialed.

A second later, Jimmy picked up. “Yep?”

“Where are you?”

“Around the corner. Hang on.” There was a shuffling sound and about a minute later Monica heard footsteps on the outside stairs. Jimmy appeared outside, lit cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth. She waved at Monica and Erin through the window.

Erin made her way outside briskly. “I asked you to wait,” she said upon confronting Jimmy.

“You asked me to go outside,” Jimmy said. “I went outside. Then I wanted a cigarette. Then I went around the corner and got some. It’s not like I was off murdering people, relax.” Continue reading