How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 17: A Hot Shower

Under the flow of the water, Anna let her fingers drift between her thighs as she leaned back against the shower wall. The detachable shower head was in her other hand, directed towards the sensitive mound, beating with hot wet intensity over her mons. Her fingers did the rest, sliding inside her body where a different kind of moisture was brimming. She did not waste time teasing herself as Tamsan would. She pleasured herself with abandon, thrusting her fingers inside her body as the water drummed on her clit. Orgasm followed quickly, leaving her wet and sleepy. She fixed that by drying herself off and taking a nap.

The nap was eventually interrupted by Tamsan, who must have taken a shower herself, for she was naked and still slightly damp when Anna became aware of her presence. Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 16: A Few Lessons

“Hey.” Tamsan interrupted Anna’s circuit of anger. “I reckon it’s time to get out of the office,” she announced. “Leave the monies for another time. We’re going to work on that gelding of yours.”


“He needs a few lessons in manners. Way he rides it’s only a matter of time before he bucks you off, and personally, I don’t want to see that cute butt of yours in the dirt.”

“You’re welcome to try,” Anna said, scratching her chin. “I don’t think he’ll work for anyone besides my dad. He was always dad’s favorite. And I guess dad was his. The ranch hands won’t ride him.”
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How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 15: Cheerful Bulldozer

The alrightness of things was debatable. The next day Anna sat with a cup of strong coffee and a pounding headache and went over the last half-decades worth of numbers. They weren’t good. Or rather, they were okay, but there was something hinky about them.


Tamsan poked her head around the door. “Need help?”

“Do these numbers look even remotely right to you?” Anna pushed the ledger across the table and leaned back in her father’s creaky old chair. Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 14: A Little Too Much

Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, Anna found herself being coaxed into Tamsan’s truck. She was too far gone to operate the seat belt so Tamsan did it for her. It was nice, Tamsan’s capable, able hands moving over her body with a touch that wasn’t exactly erotic in intent, but which Anna managed to interpret that way regardless.

“You’re so fucking hot,” she slurred as Tamsan leaned over her.

“Glad you think so,” Tamsan said, clicking the seat belt into place. “Let’s get you home.”

“The stars are so pretty,” Anna said whimsically as they drove. “They were never pretty back in the city. They were just little twinkly winklies all far away. Here they’re close. Here I can eat the moon.” Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 13: Hello Sunshine

Much later that evening Anna sat by herself at a table in the corner of the saloon, drinking what a Britisher would have called her third pint. She was drunk, but not quite drunk enough to wash away the cares of the day. The fight with Tamsan, the firing of a hand, the dismissal of the longest serving employee of Sun Ranch. If she was going to run the place into the ground, at least she’d do it quickly.

“Hello, Sunshine.”

Anna looked up to see a most unlikely lady standing next to her. Tamsan. Great. Now they were going to have a fight too. It was the right sort of night for it, at least.

“What do you want?”

“Just saying hello.” Tamsan smiled her pretty smile and sat down without being asked. “You seem out of sorts.” Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 12: Enough Is Enough

“Now hold on,” Rex said, finally finding his voice. “Tom there’s a good hand, and we’re short handed as it is…”

“Then maybe you should have kept him under control,” Anna said. “I won’t tolerate cussing and I won’t tolerate shots and you ought to know that.”

Rex looked stunned. All the hands did. There was a silence during which Anna felt very much at a disadvantage.

“Apologize to the lady,” Rex finally said. “And we’ll get on with the drenching.”

“No,” Anna insisted. “It’s too late for apologies. Take your bad attitude and get off my property. Now.”
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How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 11: Taking Care Of Business

She might have been trying to help, but in that moment all Tamsan represented was pressure. Pressure to face very unpleasant facts and to do work Anna had no desire to do at all. An urgent rebellion began to rise in Anna’s breast, an uncomfortable tight feeling accompanied by a deep core irritation. Just who the heck did Tamsan think she was? She couldn’t just walk in and take control of her… or the ranch for that matter.

“Listen,” Anna said, trying to be diplomatic, but sounding squeaky and annoyed instead. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate your help, but we just met and…”

“And you don’t want to dig out your budget and bank statements for a stranger you spent the last day and a half fucking.” Tamsan said it better and more bluntly than Anna ever would have.
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How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 10: Somewhere, Someday, Somehow

“Stop worrying,” Tamsan said, reaching out to stroke her hair gently. “Let me take care of it. That’s why I’m here, remember, to help?”

Anna looked up at Tamsan, biting her lower lip. It was tempting to let Tamsan have control. Too tempting, perhaps.

“Rex is probably out by the round pen,” Anna said. “He’s been working with his younger horses a lot lately.”

“He should be doing that on his own time,” Tamsan said, striding off to confront the foreman. Anna followed, the sinking feeling turning into a plummeting sensation. Tamsan was a hell of a woman, but she didn’t know if Tamsan was a match for Rex. Rex had been all height and brawn, mustache and temper for as long as she’d known him.
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