How To Spank A Brat | More Trouble for Miss Halo Ray

Another snippet from a moment much later in my WIP, in which Halo thinks she has gotten away with things only to find that she has not gotten away with as much as she thought she had…


With a brisk knock, Helen Twice is back. It’s after curfew, so she knows I’ll be in my room. I’m updating my log when she enters unannounced clutching that damn paddle in her right hand.

“You ready for your punishment?”

“Nope.” I smirk at her. She can take it back up the chain if she likes. I’m not worried.

Sarge steps into the room behind her. Suddenly I am worried.

“We talked about this, Ray.”

“We did.” I’m in my pajamas. Not ideal clothing for mounting any real kind of resistance. I look from Sarge to Twice and back to Sarge again. “What kind of disciplinary action takes two people?”

“I’m here to supervise,” Sarge says. “Don’t mind me.”

I’m not worried about Twice. She’s a non-issue. But Sarge is another matter. Sarge is going to have my ass if she hears me talk to Twice the way I want to.

“On your stomach, Ray. And take those pants down.” It’s Twice who gives the order. She’s being more aggressive than usual because she doesn’t want to look weak in front of Sarge.

There’s just no way this is happening. I stay exactly where I am, sitting cross-legged on my bed with my log book in front of me.

“Don’t give her time to stall.” Sarge speaks up. She takes two long steps into the room. They bring her beside my bed where she grabs me by the arm and tugs me over so I’m face down. Her speed slows my reaction time by a good couple of seconds in which she’s already smacked my pyjama clad ass twice with the flat of her hand. I emit a squeal which has nothing to do with pain and everything to do with shock.
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Going Up The Chain… Halo Gets Closer To A Consequence

More WIPitude…following on from Halo’s insubordination… yet more insubordination of a slightly different flavor. Because there are so many good ways to be bad.

There are quite a few people above Twice in the chain of command. I’m expecting to hear from Spears or White or maybe even Kilmarnock. Instead, someone much higher in the scheme of things makes an appearance whilst West and I are scrubbing the wall we already cleaned. It’s Sloth’s idea of a punishment, wasting labor. West has already heard that I’m being demoted, but she’s not sure if that means she can get away with anything yet. She’s cautious, trying to feel me out with ‘subtle’ questions.

I’m busy ignoring them when there’s a knock at the open door. We both turn to see someone completely unexpected standing there. Sarge. Sarge looks at both of us, then focuses her gaze on me. “Are you Halo Ray?”
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Naughty, Naughty Halo…

Just another little snippet from my WIP centered around Halo Ray, the mischievous space-switch from that other thing I wrote that one time. This thing is quite different from that thing. More on the thinginess of differentitude later. In the meantime, Halo is getting herself into trouble…


I’m lying on my bed, thinking about how stupid everything is when the door opens. It’s Officer Twice. She outranks me by three ranks. I’ve forgotten what they are. The coalition has all sorts of ranks and grades and bands and things. None of them mean all that much. There’s an order on the ship and we all know what it is. The flair is fairly immaterial.
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Halo Ray Returns… Spankings In Space

Remember Halo Ray? No? She’s a middle-ranked officer on board a coalition space ship crewed by brats. She’s been updating her diary of late. Here’s a little of what she’s been getting up to.



Jimson Wraith is looking at me. How fucking long has she been standing at the door? Jimson has golden eyes and pale skin which looks slightly green under the ship’s lights – and every other light. She’s green. You’re not supposed to say it, but she is. Alien DNA got mixed into hers somewhere along the line and now she glows in the dark.


“They want you on deck two.”

“Who does?”

“Commander Sloth.”


“Don’t ask questions, just do as you’re told.”

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It’s Not Easy Being A Lady With Lady Parts

Fair warning, this is not kinky or sexy or even a little bit hot. It’s about lady stuff though, and why there hasn’t been much Lesbia of late.

I haven’t updated Lesbia as much as I would like to have lately, and that’s because I recently became part of an impromptu medical experiment run by disinterested doctors who think that the appropriate approach to prescribing hormones to women is just to guess and test, prescribe whatever synthetic hormone preparation is closest to hand and see if it either a) causes the patient to bleed all their blood or b) have some form of emotional breakdown. So far we’re two for two.
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