The Binding of Orla

This is a snippet from my upcoming book, in which Sabine, the notoriously Bad Witch, decides to take the assassin who tried to claim her life, and possess her always.

Orla looks at Sabine, fierce independence flashing through her veins, lighting her eyes with determination. “I will not be bound, witch. I will fight a hundred hordes before I allow myself to become one of your pets.”

“You fear not me, but connection to me,” Sabine says calmly. “But we have always been connected, and always will be. Fate has determined that.”

“Then you do not need to make me yours,” Orla says, neatly circling around the witch’s logic. “I will be mine and you will be yours and we will be ours and that will have to be enough.”

“You will be mine,” Sabine declares. “I have not offered you a choice in that.”

“Nonsense,” Orla replies. “You cannot claim me. You…”

Her words are cut off as Sabine uses her powerful magic to make the world tumble, or perhaps it is just Orla that tumbles, for she finds herself face down against the coverlet, her hips raised over a serpent’s ridge which has risen from the ether, a glittering familiar taking momentary wooden form. She is unable to move, shackled by Sabine’s sprites which wind themselves around her ankles and wrists, leaving her entirely at the witch’s mercy, her naked body bared, spread and held for Sabine’s pleasure.
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Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 6: Worst Enemy

Ten minutes later, Monica was stitched back together, bandaged and discharged. That was when things took yet another turn for the worse. Checking out of the hospital involved being presented with an epic bill in the form of a print out which seemed to contain an unlikely number of items given the relative simplicity of the procedure. Monica saw it for only an instant before Erin plucked it away, put a credit card on top of it and handed it back to the receptionist.

“I can’t accept you paying the bill,” Monica said. It was pointless, because Erin was already signing the credit card receipt.

“I can’t take your money,” she said lamely after it was all said and done. “You know I can’t pay you back.”
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Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 5: Lesbian Family

Oh my god. This Easter holiday never ends. Here’s more…

At some point in the indeterminate wait, Monica was called in to see the doctor. The doctor was a harassed looking woman with dark circles under her eyes and chewed nails. She looked stressed and tired and more than a little worn out.

“What seems to be the problem?” She asked the question while looking at all three of them. Monica waved her hand, complete with blood soaked towel under the doctor’s nose. That moved the process forward. The doctor unwrapped it like the worst present ever, took a look and began asking questions.
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Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 4: Patching Things Up

I wrote some more of the thing what I wrote before. You might want to view parts one, two and three before reading this one.

“That’s a deep cut,” Leslie said, peering at Monica’s hand with some kind of apparent X-Ray vision.

“I know it’s a deep cut. It was made with glass flying at high speed. Glass flying at high speed will tend to do that.” A kitchen towel wrapped around her hand and forty minutes waiting in the emergency room had done nothing to mellow Monica’s mood. “Can we just go home already?” She sighed the question toward the unyielding lady beside her.

“No,” Erin said firmly. Erin had not said much since the accident, except for when she needed to tell everyone else what they were going to do. She was locked down to boss only mode, as Monica mentally called it.
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Mama Edwards Gets Mad And Runs A Monk

Alyssa Edwards isn’t your ordinary drag queen, oh no. She’s the drag mother to Laganja Estranja and Shangela Laquifa Wadley.

And this is what happens when a party at the house of Edwards gets out of control…

(And yes, I know this has nooothing to do with the stated theme of this site, but god I love these people. They are endlessly entertaining. Endlessly.)

A Lesbia Update!

Tonight on Lesbia… a family reunion!

“I believe you frightened Soren,” Ayla said to Vix. “She is not the type for easy retreat.”

“I doubt she is frightened of me,” Vix replied. “I think she’s afraid of something else. Do you think maybe your mother is close?”

Ayla frowned as the idea hit her. “You could be right about that,” she said. “Soren’s request was very unlike her. Elves do not immediately go to murder as a general rule.”

“Not just murder, matricide. Soren is either evil or scared out of her mind,” Vix agreed. “I could believe either one. Or both, for that matter.”

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