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Sneak Peak! The Warden’s Girl, A Spanking New Lesbian Prison Romance

Due out sometime later this week, I’ve got a new lesbian romance with strong themes of discipline and such between a stern mature warden and a bratty new inmate. Stay tuned and check out this sneak peak in the meantime 🙂


“You look pretty relaxed, inmate,” the warden noted in her feminine drawl. It was a dangerous observation. Charlie knew that. She was entering a verbal minefield. She would have to be careful.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Charlie replied, as stiff-lipped as she could.

“Makes me think I’m running some kind of vacation spot here. Is that what you think this is? A spa?”

“If it is, the facilities are pretty run down, and the toilets are a little public for my taste. I mean, unless this is a spa for a certain kind of fetishist…”

She trailed off, noticing that the warden’s eyes had become two sharp slits, her head dipped so that she was looking at Charlie with a stern expression which produced a visceral response low in Charlie’s belly.

God, this woman was hot. She had the gravitas of experience and the bearing of a woman who had served her country. Strict and yet feminine, with just enough make up that it would have been plausibly deniable. The warden’s features were focused on her so intensely that Charlie felt like a mouse beneath a hawk’s glare, awed and yeah, even a little frightened.

“That attitude is going to get you a world of pain, inmate.”

Charlie knew that the proper response wasn’t to burst into a grin, but she really couldn’t help it.

“Inmate, I will make sure that smile does not appear again for a very long time if you don’t stop smirking at me,” Veronica snapped.

“Sorry, ma’am,” Charlie snorted.

She was giggling now. It was a serious situation. She knew it was a serious situation. And normally, she was a very serious person. But there was just something about having strips torn off her by Veronica Striker which made her feel uncharacteristically silly. The warden had a way of making her feel like a naughty girl caught out after she’d been put to bed or something. She’d known going in that prison tended to regress inmates in a whole lot of ways, but Charlie hadn’t felt it as strongly before as she did at that very moment as she was lectured for her attitude. She’d entered Ferryforth as a grown woman, but there was nothing adult about the way she was being dressed down now.

“I see, inmate,” Veronica said in icy tones. “You think this is funny, do you? You think getting an attitude with me is going to work out for you?”

“No ma’am, I bet it’s not,” Charlie said, doing her absolute best to stifle her giggles. “I can’t help it, I’m sorry.”

“I just make you giggle with glee, do I? Is that how it is, inmate?”

Charlie’s eyes were watering now. She didn’t know if she was misreading the situation completely, but suddenly she could have sworn that the warden was having a hard time not smiling as well.

“Well, you did ask me if it was a spa, so I figured you were telling jokes, ma’am. Sorry for laughing.”

“You think you’re too good for this place, James?”

“I think everybody is too good for this place,” Charlie replied. There were a few snorts of agreement around the room.

The warden’s brows rose as the inquisition continued. “You really want to give me attitude, girl? You think that’s going to end well?”

“No ma’am, just being honest, ma’am.”

Charlie wished she could get a grip on herself and stop squirming and giggling in front of this woman. Warden Striker was starting to look like she wanted to live up to her name. She was rubbing her palms together in a motion which made Charlie’s butt instinctively clench beneath the second hand underwear.

“You better watch your mouth, inmate. You can bring a whole mess of trouble down on your head if you’re not careful.”

“Thank you for the warning, ma’am,” Charlie said politely, finally managing to compose herself. She did her best to keep the smile from her lips, but she couldn’t help it in her eyes. The warden was picking up on that, she could tell. Fuck. She was going to have to get herself under control. Pissing off the warden on day one was not part of the plan.

Veronica’s eyes lingered on hers. There was definitely something between them. An energy which passed between their gazes and made Charlie tingle deep to her toes.

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