PT 125: Short and Tight

“It needs to be tighter and shorter.”

“It can’t be tighter and shorter. The armor will show.”

“Then take the armor off. You won’t need it.”

“I’d prefer to keep it on.”

In the room they shared, Cadet and Sarah argued over the planned attire for the mission. It was about as far from regulation as one could possibly get. Cadet was in a short red skirt and a black tank top with rips across the belly.

Sarah was wearing skin tight leggings also in black and a similarly silver disheveled top. They both wore knee high boots, tanned leather which gave them more protection than any other part of their outfits.

“You need more mascara,” Sarah said critically.

“You need more lipstick.”

Together they crowded over a shared mirror, making the most of the cosmetics and clothes they’d managed to scrounge up from around the base. Terra had given them some credits to exchange for any civilian clothing the base’s soldiers were willing to share. Cadet and Sarah had enjoyed going around picking up the best pieces and had been playing a very adult version of dress up for the better part of an hour.

“Final touch, we need coats,” Sarah said. “Those big furry ones.”

Cadet donned a rouge red coat which was made of something that wasn’t fur and wasn’t trying very hard to be. It fell to about the level of her skirt, halfway down her thigh, accentuating the bare length of her leg. Sarah’s long black coat was almost to ankle length.

“You look fuckable,” Sarah grinned.

“Thanks,” Cadet smirked.

“Are you two ready yet? We don’t have endless time for this!” Terra prompted them from outside the door.

“Okay, let’s show them what we’ve got,” Cadet said.

Together they walked into the cabin, presenting themselves with little twirls so the full effect of their outfits could be accurately gauged. Then they turned and looked at their CO’s with hopeful smiles.


Terra, Grisham and Gray spoke practically as one.

“Why?” Sarah argued immediately. “We look good.”

“Just… no,” Terra sighed. “That’s far too revealing.”

“That’s the point,” Sarah sighed. “We want them to stop thinking when they look at us.”

Cadet risked a glance at Grisham. Grisham seemed to be deliberately looking away from her with a pointed stare at Sarah’s boots. There was a light blush on her face, which Cadet felt intuitively proud of. Now she had the woman’s attention. Gray was looking between the pair of them with a sort of stunned displeasure, whereas Terra simply seemed unimpressed.

“And where are you going to hold your weapons?”

“Are you kidding me? We can practically stuff ourselves with weapons,” Sarah said. “I could hide a rail gun under this coat. And Cadet’s boots are long enough for a pair of swords, and her coat can hold a pistol easy.”

“They don’t look like soldiers,” Grisham said, her voice slightly hoarse.

“No, and tell me anyone is going to question us when we do this…” Sarah wrapped her arm around Cadet’s waist and pulled her close with a swift jerk, planting a kiss on Cadet’s soft lips with her demanding mouth. She pulled away a second later, her hand clasping Cadet’s skirt clad rear.

Grisham’s face was beginning to grow a shade of beet red. Gray looked even less impressed than before. Terra shook her head again. “You’re planning on giving a softcore show, is that it?”

“Maybe hardcore, if we need to,” Sarah smirked broadly.

In her embrace, Cadet let out a little giggle. She knew Sarah was just teasing the older women, but it was working. For the first time in quite a while, she felt as though she had some power. Youth, beauty, curves, and the willingness to twirl tongues. Sarah was right. They could probably walk right into the rebel base, take what they wanted leave looking like this. No guns required.

Proving the point, Cadet thrust her hips against Sarah, grinding lightly against the side of her upper thigh. This was starting to feel exciting, on a whole lot of levels.