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PT 90: Cadet or Soldier

“I dont have a super butt,” you whimper, tears rolling down your cheeks. That spanking hurt a lot and you can’t even pretend to be brave anymore. Everything is ouch.

Seeing defeat in your eyes, Grisham makes a tutting sound and pulls you into a hug, abandoning discipline for comfort. You bury your face in her chest, your tears sinking into her uniform as she snuggles you close.

“You more than earned that,” she murmurs against the side of your head, her lips pressing a kiss to your hair. “But you’re my girl, Cadet. I hope I don’t have to do that again any time soon.”

Your bottom is still burning. Her palm has left what feel like indelible prints on your flesh and you know the ache isn’t going to abate any time soon.

Grisham takes her time soothing and settling you, until your tears dry and your breathing settles from sobs into a more relaxed rhythm. The entire time she holds you close, the same hand that spanked you so hard soothing your poor sore cheeks with soft rubs and pats. In response to your muffled whimpers, she makes gentle sounds of sympathy, until finally you do feel better. Emotionally, at least

“Now, are you ready to be a soldier? Or do you want to stay my little cadet?” She smiles down at you warmly, a hint of sternness in her gaze.

You’re not ready to be a soldier just yet. Being cuddled after a spanking, that’s a cadet thing, you’re pretty sure. Being held close to Grisham’s strong but soft in all the right places body gives you a sense of contentment you could just sink into forever.

“Cadet, huh,” she smiles at you as you wriggle against her. “Well, that’s okay. I’m going to call Terra over the radio and have them bring the heli to us. You are going to get in that sleeping bag and take a nap.”

It’s an order, not a suggestion and Grisham helps you get back into nap readyness. You wriggle into the sleeping bag, then she sits back against the wall and lets you lay curled up between her long legs, your head resting on her thigh.

It’s hard to keep your eyes open, they feel so heavy after all the excitement, and even though your butt still aches, you feel Grisham’s affection and protection as she keeps watch over you. Her fingers play gently through your hair as you drift off to sleep.

The Democracy of Discipline

I don’t know about you all, but I’m really enjoying the current series here on SB. Writing in the second person isn’t exactly common for most kinds of stories, but this is based on the choose your adventure tales I loved reading when I was younger. To make this work and add some choice for the readers, I’ve added regular polls, some of which direct the outcome of a scene, some of which represent a turning point in the story, and others of which are like that extra switch in the spare room that you have no idea what it does.

Watching the voting on the polls is always fun for me, and it’s no surprise that there’s a certain amount of rebellion and bratitude on most of ’em. It’s fun, but I’m starting to feel a little bad for the people who consistently vote for options that won’t lead to stern punishments and never really end up getting to see their options played out. (Except when I write a little clemency in of my own accord.)

So for the next post, following on from PT 62, I’ll be doing two options, one for the marginalized 30% whose desires will forever be unattended to in our current semi-democratic process, and one for the 70% who are in deep, deep trouble now. (Seriously, you lot, so much trouble. Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Any moment now….

Any moment now, the latest Lesbia book, and the first one in over a year to be published, will be available via Amazon. Titled ‘The Warrior’s Heart’ it contains much of the tale which has been told on the Lesbia site over the past months. I hope you will enjoy it as an ebook, tidied up and with one of those ending thingies I hear people are such fans of.

There will be another book beginning on Lesbia, both following on from The Warrior’s Heart and going back to the very beginning of Ayla’s journey. Fans of the witch will want to stay tuned 🙂

If you can, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Warrior’s Heart when it comes out 🙂 Even better is if you leave a review. The Amazonians like their reviews.

Either way, the tales continue in the soonish of time.

Merry Christmas Sapphic Brats :D

Merry Christmas everyone! I would have posted earlier but we are a day ahead here, which means I am two days behind. So, that’s a reason, right 😀

I hope your holiday season is full of joy, or if not quite joy, at least some decent candy and maybe one person who doesn’t make you want to poke them with your fork. Let’s keep our expectations reasonable here. Let’s not go getting all wild with you know, things.

It will be New Years soon, which signals the start of many things, the continuation of others and the ending of some. It’s an aribitrary date, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be happy about it. And, as a wise online philosopher once asked… how are babies always born on their birthdays?

I am writing more things for you to read. I would give a time frame, but we all know it will happen sooner or later and dates are relics of an age where people thought the sun should be in charge of things. We’re more advanced than that.

So yes, happy this day to you, may it be satisfactory and may you think of at least one thing that makes you smile.

Off the rails…


Pretty sure we didn’t set the train tracks up to veer across the road, across what was sea bed until late last week, and under a massive slip. Perhaps the most unbelievable thing about this picture though, is the fact that you’re looking at the remains of what had been the major national highway in the south island. That was our good road.

Well, fuck.

So there was a large series of severe-ish earthquakes last night which sent us scrambling for higher ground in the wake of vague but ominous tsunami alerts and sirens which were activated about two hours too late, but blared until well past dawn to make up for their tardiness. There’s nothing quite like curling up in bed after a long night of evacuations with the horns of doom sounding in the mid-distance while being gently rocked by multiple aftershocks. Such a cozy feeling.

We’re fine though, so that is good. Lesbia to continue soonish.

Rejected Princesses

I’ve spent the better part of the week cleaning up after the hack, but I found this website I’m pretty sure a lot of you will really enjoy. It’s called Rejected Princesses and it’s an artistic rendering of historical and mythical women who were too awesome or awful to become part of the grand cultural narrative.

The story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko is not a pretty one, but it is a moving one and it’s beautifully told through these images, plus you can read a bunch more interesting tales of badass women on the site. So if you’re looking for something to fill a slow Sunday afternoon, hopefully this will suffice.

Click here to learn the tale of the deadliest female sniper in history…

lyudmilapavlichenko rejected princess


Hello, Sapphic Spanky readers, how are you? I have not posted much of late, which is due to a preponderance of events. Big events. Little events. Events on trains. Events on planes. Events on boats. Events with moats. I really feel as if my life has not been mine since somewhere around December 2015. But it’s almost February, which has to mean things will calm down, right? Right? Surely. A lot of what I’ve been doing is going hither and thither to sort various things and various people out, but people can’t keep falling apart forever. Or maybe that’s what life is, people falling apart in various interesting ways. Maybe life is like a puzzle which just wants to take itself apart in unique fashion.

But we must rage against entropy, and the dying of the light, and the spilling of the milk. We must keep our duct tape close, and our towels closer. We must learn the language of the heart, and inscribe the sigils of sense wherever we find a bit of clay.

What I have in mind for this year which is still relatively new, is to keep playing with Lesbia. I’m not sure that I’ll be doing the series format quite as I have in the past, but I do find that the characters, Ayla, Kira, even Atrocious still come to mind – which makes me think my work is not done there. Not yet.

I hope you’re all keeping sufficiently well, that your socks are dry, that your dishes are done, and that your cereal has not succumbed to being anything less than entirely crispy. May you fare well in your comings and your goings, and I will post again when I have a thing what I think you might enjoy using your eyes to interpret through a lexicon and internal geography which is entirely your own.