PT 90: Cadet or Soldier

“I dont have a super butt,” you whimper, tears rolling down your cheeks. That spanking hurt a lot and you can’t even pretend to be brave anymore. Everything is ouch.

Seeing defeat in your eyes, Grisham makes a tutting sound and pulls you into a hug, abandoning discipline for comfort. You bury your face in her chest, your tears sinking into her uniform as she snuggles you close.

“You more than earned that,” she murmurs against the side of your head, her lips pressing a kiss to your hair. “But you’re my girl, Cadet. I hope I don’t have to do that again any time soon.”

Your bottom is still burning. Her palm has left what feel like indelible prints on your flesh and you know the ache isn’t going to abate any time soon.

Grisham takes her time soothing and settling you, until your tears dry and your breathing settles from sobs into a more relaxed rhythm. The entire time she holds you close, the same hand that spanked you so hard soothing your poor sore cheeks with soft rubs and pats. In response to your muffled whimpers, she makes gentle sounds of sympathy, until finally you do feel better. Emotionally, at least

“Now, are you ready to be a soldier? Or do you want to stay my little cadet?” She smiles down at you warmly, a hint of sternness in her gaze.

You’re not ready to be a soldier just yet. Being cuddled after a spanking, that’s a cadet thing, you’re pretty sure. Being held close to Grisham’s strong but soft in all the right places body gives you a sense of contentment you could just sink into forever.

“Cadet, huh,” she smiles at you as you wriggle against her. “Well, that’s okay. I’m going to call Terra over the radio and have them bring the heli to us. You are going to get in that sleeping bag and take a nap.”

It’s an order, not a suggestion and Grisham helps you get back into nap readyness. You wriggle into the sleeping bag, then she sits back against the wall and lets you lay curled up between her long legs, your head resting on her thigh.

It’s hard to keep your eyes open, they feel so heavy after all the excitement, and even though your butt still aches, you feel Grisham’s affection and protection as she keeps watch over you. Her fingers play gently through your hair as you drift off to sleep.