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One Of My New Favorites…

Because I live in a pineapple under the sea, it takes me a while to discover things and people that others have known about for ages, but Amy Schumer is one of my new favorites, and here she is saying things. You should check her out saying other things too. She says things most excellently and to great amusing effect.

Marriage Equality Comes To America

Marriage equality has swept the US finally, after a very long struggle, and some painful set backs in which states tried constitutionally banning the right for same sex couples to marry, or allowed marriage for all of two seconds and then unmarried people who were pretty sure they were totally married, the SCOTUS has finally gotten on board, realized what year it is and come to the party to settle the issue once and for all.

There is no doubt in my mind that future generations will look back on the era when marriage was reserved for male/female couples with the same kind of horror we now do when contemplating things like apartheid. And though the world often seems like a dark, weird place with horrible people doing horrible things, today it got a little better for everyone. Not just for gay and lesbian people, but for everyone.

We can’t truly love if we’re denying that same love to others. We can’t be equal if some are less equal. We can’t wander around patting ourselves on the back for being super advanced and civilized when we’re allowing an underclass based on nothing more than sexuality to suffer next to us.

This is a great day. It’s also a day that came far, far too late for so many people. And there is something bittersweet about it, because even though that particular battle is won, it’s a battle that should never have to have been fought. And the fates and lives of so many hundreds of thousands of people should never have been in the hands of legislators, politicians or even ultimately nine people in black robes.

While we haven’t ascended into an egalitarian utopia without nonsense authority figures sticking their fingers into people’s private lives (that’s not scheduled until May of 2025), at least the regime has come to the party with a positive decision for once.

Congratulations to all those in the USA who fought so hard for so long, you deserve this. You always deserved it. And I am so, so glad you have it.

Mama Edwards Gets Mad And Runs A Monk

Alyssa Edwards isn’t your ordinary drag queen, oh no. She’s the drag mother to Laganja Estranja and Shangela Laquifa Wadley.

And this is what happens when a party at the house of Edwards gets out of control…

(And yes, I know this has nooothing to do with the stated theme of this site, but god I love these people. They are endlessly entertaining. Endlessly.)

Raja Is Killing Me

queen raja

Raja is, among other things, the winner of Season 3 of RuPaul’s drag race. Sh/e does funny things to me. On the inside. In my special places. I also have a soft spot for Manilla who is adorable and can actually sing, but it’s Raja that makes this undeniable cheesefest which manages to be titillating, amusing and ermagherd dreq querns worthy.

This video has a lot of men in it for a lesbian site, but most of them are dressed like ladies, plus there’s an undeniable kinky vibe, so I think we’re good. And as a bisexual woman, I’m doing very good. All the boxes are ticked. If you know what I mean. You know what I mean.

*For extra credit, play ‘spot the Raja’ in the Amazing video I posted the other day.

Amazing, A A Amazing

I lost 30 minutes of alleged ‘getting up and getting dressed’ time this morning because I had this playing on repeat. Everything is amazing with this. Including me and you and other like such as.

Happy Gnu Year!

It is the happiest of Gnu Years, on account of the fact that being new means that there hasn’t been much time for anything to go horribly wrong as yet. Hurrah for new things! Fresh starts! A decision not to eat any more junk food which lasts about as long as it takes to walk to the cupboard and realize that one of those chocolate covered almonds you got for Christmas has rolled into a corner and is just sitting there being all alluring and whatnot.

I hope that the New Year brings you all much excellence and excitement and maybe something from the Eurythmics too. (2015 is bought to you by the Letter E, and maybe an Annie Lennox revival tour.)

2014 was a good year. My Word Count journal reveals that I wrote just shy of 640,000 words last year. I hope some of them entertained you! Or maybe just one of them. Maybe this one: Blundersquiggle

Because all words have to have meanings, I shall define Blundersquiggle as the uncomfortable sensation one experiences after realizing that wasn’t actually a chocolate covered almond.

Happy New Year, and thank you for all your support and the directing of your eyeballs toward the words which have flowed from wherever it is fiction comes from onto the digital pages of your preferred interweb device. I would take more credit for all of this, but I’m not entirely certain I should.

Now, for the interactive part of the program. What’s next for 2015? What newitude might flow? I thought I might put up a poll here, so you can have your say by just jabbing at the screen with your finger or clicking your mouse. Keep in mind, this is a very serious poll which could result in dire outcomes for us all if it doesn’t go the right way. Let’s treat this with all the solemn respect which it undoubtedly deserves.

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Unexpected Daily Smile

This is old, but I’d never seen it before, so I’m gonna post it here on the off-chance you haven’t seen it either. This lady is rocking it, in one of the more British things I’ve seen in a while. (Not British as in tea and crumpets, British as in there are almost no shadows because, yes, it’s overcast again, and there are tubby Staffy mix dogs trotting down the street.) Continue reading

Video Game Hero

From a game called DAYZ, in which players spawn in a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world with little to no resources. They can loot towns in the hope of finding food, weapons and ammunition – but there are zombies out there, and even worse than zombies – other players. In this clip, one player is about to be robbed by another, when…