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PT 24: Getting The Paddle

You scurry to Terra’s office, hands on your butt to protect yourself from her palm. Terra strides along behind you, her demeanor alone keeping you several steps ahead. You reach her office in record time and she shuts the door behind you both. The sound of the snib hitting the latch gives you an ominous feeling all over.

“Bend over,” she says, pointing at her desk.


Terra scruffs you like a kitten, taking hold of the back of your neck and presses you down against the desk, pinning you easily in place. You squirm, but she’s stronger than you and damn determined. In seconds, your pants and panties are both gone, whisked down by her fingers which hook in both.
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PT 23: Big Mistake

“Like I said, you were busy and I didn’t want to interrupt you,” you repeat with a bit more attitude.

As soon as the words leave your lips, you know you’ve made a big mistake. You can hear how snotty and spoiled you sound. Terra’s expression changes in an instant. The good will, the warmth, the slight hint of indulgence is gone to be replaced with the stern mask of a pissed off academy instructor.

“When I tell you to report, you report,” she growls. “I don’t care if I’m behind six feet of lead, you chew your way through it and you report to me, understand, cadet?”

She draws herself up, and you notice again just how tall she is and just how small you feel in her presence. Her hands go to her hips as her eyes narrow at you, pupils contracting in an expression which chills you to your core.

“To my office, cadet,” she snaps. “On the double!”

You hesitate for half a second – too long for Terra. She reaches out, grabs your arm and spins you around. Her palm lands on your butt in a blazing slap that jolts you a full step forward. You gasp and turn to look at her as your cheeks sting hot.

“Move, cadet!” Her brows are drawn down in an expression of pure stern determination. She is not pleased with you, not one bit.


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PT 16: Red Cheeked

Terra’s lips quirk. “It has been a long time since anyone argued over their bed time with me,” she muses. “Then again, I suppose I did take you over my knee and spank you, so a little regression isn’t entirely unexpected.”

You have never blushed so thoroughly before. You feel as though your face might burst into flames from the heat it is generating. The way Terra is talking to you is, well, it’s patronizing, but in a way which leaves you squirming.

You find yourself wishing you’d gone to the common room. If you’d done that, you’d be having a cold drink with some of your cohort and unwinding before lights out. Instead, you’ve made a fool of yourself in front of Terra. It’s becoming really clear that she thinks of you as some little cadet to be lectured and ordered around.

As the embarrassment really sets in, you start to feel mad. Mad at yourself for giving into the impulse to follow after her like a puppy dog, mad at Terra for talking to you that way. You’re a full grown adult woman, just like her, even if she doesn’t seem to realize it. And even if you can’t seem to act like it.
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Ayla and the King…

In which the witch is questioned by the angry father of the missing princess…

“Where is my daughter!? Tell me at once, witch! Speak!”

Nive’s father thundered the question and demands at Ayla, but unlike his subordinates, Ayla did not respond to his threats with any kind of fear. Instead she met his gaze with a clear eye and simply shrugged. The interrogation had been going on for hours and hours and had mostly consisted of a fair bit of shouting and threats to do things worse than shouting which did not eventuate.

The king seemed reluctant to lay so much as a finger on the witch, nobody did. Ayla stood in a small clearing of humans all of whom had their weapons trained on her, none of whom were willing to approach, much like a tribe of hungry mongeese banding around a particularly elegant cobra. She had not made a single threatening comment of her own. There was simply a thingness about her which kept her would-be attackers at bay for the moment at least.

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*Just FYI, I am preparing to finish this book of Lesbia and will be removing and editing earlier chapters as I go. The final book will be published in a few weeks-ish, and will have additional scenes and a few changes from the online serial 🙂

At the end of the world…

A goddess reflects….

Ariadne looked out over Lesbia, her golden eyes taking in the ancient vistas. The years in which she had been deprived of such a view had awakened her to an appreciation of it, and the elements which made it up. Perhaps she had been softened by loss. In the old days, it had been about the battle for magic. She had protected the witches of the land. Now witches were naught but legend and a new goddess had risen in the cities, a goddess with no eyes, no mouth, a goddess of levers and light and motion.

The world was forever making itself anew, but amid it all, Ayla was fighting the old battle.

Ayla. It always seemed to come back to Ayla, Ariadne mused. All mortals were nodes on the web, but some were more central than others. Ayla was easily the oldest mortal in Lesbia, and yet she was still not entirely mature. She was setting out to fight a ruthless king, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. The rage so carefully concealed in her was seeking an outlet and she was losing the battle with it.

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A Disciplinary Spanking…

The tears which had begun to well in Hope’s eyes at the beginning of the more intense punishment soon burst forth. Her emotional and physical defenses had been assailed most thoroughly by Kira’s palm, and now she flailed and sobbed and wailed her way through the final stage of the punishment which ignored her arousal and instead focused entirely on teaching her the weight of the consequences of her actions.

Caught over the warrior’s thighs, and spanked beyond all imaginable tolerance, Hope tried to beg for mercy, but her words were incoherent with tears and every slap made her yowl and interrupted both her pleas for clemency and her train of thought. She had lost control of her body and her mind as well, both were overwhelmed with the punishment being delivered relentlessly to her bouncing bottom.

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Sappho’s Brats Audience Analysis

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can't find it.

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can’t find it.

Recent polling has suggested that 60-ish% of Sappho’s Brats readers would likely get themselves spanked with a belt if they were left to their own devices post hand spanking.

18% would cut their losses and behave themselves, and 18% approve of cold dairy butt soothers. (Which is what they call a hidden niche market.)

A smaller percentage are interested in the lost art of ass sculpture, and an equal number are interested in the equitable distribution of spanking.

You can’t buy insights like this.

Rebellion, and a book called Starstrike

Get your copy of Starstrike yet? Have I mentioned that there’s a book available? Called Starstrike? A book you could read, if you wanted? What’s the book called again? Oh yes, Starstrike. Mhm. Where would you get that if you had a spare four dollars? On Amazon. At this link right here! Just four dollars? Why that’s less than the cost of a private island. A bargain! There’s probably four dollars in your couch. Or someone else’s. Do you know someone else? Do they have a couch? Score!

So far Starstrike has been sighted in both the Lesbian erotica and Science Fiction erotica top 100 ranks, exciting news for all concerned.

What happens after Starstrike? More things of course. Because there are always things, and always more. That’s pretty much the secret of the universe. Always things. Always more. That’s Loki’s grand unifying theory:

Always = things x more squared.

Here is a taste of the more I have planned. Mmm. Moreitude.

Sarge steps closer to me, stopping less than a foot away. She leans forward so her handsome features are next to mine, her lips just inches from my mouth. Her proximity has an immediate electric effect. It’s not just her physical appeal. It’s her energy. She’s a curious mixture of animal dominance and nirvana calm. She’s my personal Eden in the middle of the void and her body is my garden of sin. Though she’s wearing the dark uniform of her rank, I know what lies beneath that stiff fabric. I have tasted her neat nipples set high on firm breasts. I have trailed my tongue down the taut, toned line of her stomach and I have set her powerful thighs straining as she orbits orgasm again and again.

None of this makes her any less imposing. In fact, it adds to the frisson of the moment because right now she’s not speaking to me as a lover. She’s speaking to me as a superior, and that means she’ll do things no lover usually would.

Starstrike: Spanked In Space ***OUT NOW***

There’s a shapely female butt standing naked in the corner of my quarters. It’s red and belongs to a rookie who thought the rules didn’t apply to her. The sniffling and the apple-hue of her cheeks prove that she was wrong. Her panties are bunched at the top of her thighs and her black uniform shirt hangs just over the curve of her buttocks, framing the scene quite nicely. If I were to take a picture, it would make a perfect greeting card for newcomers who are planning on pushing the boundaries. There’s no warning more effective than a bad example.

She’s squirming back and forth in place and I can see her fingers moving at her sides. She wants to reach back and rub some of that sting away, but that would be wasting it. I know she’s uncomfortable. She deserves to be. Coalition officers don’t like to have their toothpaste swapped for hemorrhoid cream, no they don’t. I still can’t feel my gums.


Starstrike Lesbian Sci-Fi Erotica

It’s not easy being a low ranked officer on a space ship with an all-female crew. Halo Ray has it tough keeping the spirited young women under her command in line whilst trying not to come to the attention of her superiors for her own illicit antics. Setting a good example isn’t exactly Halo’s strong suit, and though she makes sure her subordinates are somewhat well behaved, she herself is getting more and more out of control by the day.

With no respect for protocol, orders, or even clearly marked instructions, it seems as though nothing and no-one can stop her. That is, until she comes up against Sarge, a heavenly butch with a firm hand capable of a gentle touch. Unlike other superior officers who pawn her off on one another in an endless round, Sarge brings Halo to world-shattering, knee-trembling, that’s-going-to-leave-a-mark justice again and again.

Temporarily subdued to the useful and the good, Halo tries to settle down. But the secret she’s been carrying since she came aboard has a disruptive power which threatens to tear her relationship apart and destroy any chance at redemption she might have. If she’s going to make it, Halo needs to learn to trust again before her self-destructive tear ends up hurting not just her, but those who depend on her for their survival.

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Caught In Kitties | B.R.A.T. Excerpt

Running to escape the slaps, Sakura hurtled into their quarters, her hands covering her backside. “I get to go out,” she crowed. “And you can’t stop me!” She jumped up on the bed, beaming broadly. “I get to go ouuuutt, and you can’t stooop me,” she sung, dancing back and forth, clothy kitty heads bouncing in time with her excited motion. Continue reading

Retro Lesbia Spank

The very first time Ayla spanked Atrocious… from the book Over Witch’s Knee, and the ongoing Lesbia Chronicles series.

“Are you always in the habit of spying on people?”

“Sometimes?” Atrocious answered the question with a question as her eyes darted around the room. She was looking for a way out, but Ayla was blocking her way fairly effectively. Sure she could have maybe pushed past her or applied a little more physical force if necessary but Atrocious was not given to outright aggression in most instances, and certainly not against beautiful ladies she’d recently seen in compromising situations. There was also the magic to consider, oh, and the fact that Ayla was bigger than she was. None of those things would help if worst came to worst.

“Someone should teach you a lesson,” Ayla purred, reaching out towards Atrocious with her fingers splayed. “A lesson in when to look and when not to look.”

“Listen, I…” Atrocious began to apologize, but before she could finish the sentence her vision went black. She uttered a shriek of fear, afraid that Ayla might have killed her and that she was looking into the void of her own non-existence, but a hand on her knee and a voice that was quickly becoming familiar spoke.

“Calm down.”

“Calm down?” Atrocious pawed at her eyes, trying to pry away whatever was preventing her from seeing. “I can’t see! I’m blind!”

An amused chuckle floated to her as the hand patted her knee. “It’s just a spell. It will wear off after a time.”

Atrocious could hear a smile in the woman’s voice. It did not make her feel any better about her situation. She took a deep breath. She was clearly dealing with a mad witch of one description or another. She was just going to have to play along until she got her sight back, then run like hell.

“Now, what shall we do to teach you a lesson?” Ayla asked. “You’re filthy you know. What have you been up to?” It was a rhetorical question hardly requiring an answer and the mud didn’t seem to dissuade Ayla as she slowly slid her hand up from Atrocious’s knee to her inner thigh.

Atrocious gulped. The outcome of this little interlude appeared to be all too clear as her body instinctively responded to Ayla’s touch. The pulsing arousal between her legs returned with a vengeance, reliance on her other senses heightened by her inability to see. She parted her legs slightly and moaned happily when Ayla slid her fingers all the way up and pressed her fingertips gently against Atrocious’ core for a moment.

Unfortunately the pleasant sensation was short lived. The fingers withdrew and the next thing Atrocious felt was a quick slap across her face. It was not hard enough to be truly aggressive, more like the swatting motion of a cat toying with its prey. Caught between desire and fear, Atrocious growled in response.

“Naughty,” Ayla noted in the darkness. “Very naughty.”

Before Atrocious could curse, the fingers returned between her legs. Ayla stroked through her britches, petting her pussy with a massaging motion that elicited soft moans. It was hard for Atrocious to stay angry when she felt so good, it was hard to be afraid when her hips were lifting off the chair and her mind was consumed with the desire to remove her pants.

Boldly, Atrocious reached down and shoved at the waistband of her britches, forcing them down over her behind. She was forced to clamp her thighs together a motion that ejected Ayla’s fingers, but it was the work of a moment to kick her muddied pants off and when she was done she spread her legs hopefully once more.

A delighted burst of laughter met the action. “A miscreant that takes her own pants down, fancy that.” Atrocious felt Ayla come closer, her breath soft on her ear. “I’d love to take you my dear, but first…” Atrocious cringed, expecting pain and recrimination. Maybe she was about to be beaten, or perhaps forced into hard labor. What Ayla actually said was worse. “You need a bath.”

Guided up from the chair still in a pronounced state of blindness, Atrocious was forced to listen to Ayla chide her over and over about all her sins.

“Such a filthy little wretch,” Ayla said, tugging Atrocious’ pants the rest of the way down her legs. “I can’t imagine how you got into such a state. You were up to no good, I’ll wager.

Atrocious kept her mouth shut, ignoring Ayla’s wagers. She was being undressed piece by piece, her defenses stripped away. Before long she was entirely naked before Ayla, who took casual advantage of the situation, running her hands over Atrocious’ body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When Atrocious made a sound of complaint, Ayla responded with a quick slap to her bottom.

“Don’t whine, dear,” she said, squeezing Atrocious’s cheeks.

Atrocious blushed, she was being betrayed by her arousal, that’s what was going on. Ordinarily she would have never stood for being treated in such a casual, sexual way. Atrocious had long ago decided that she was the master of her own destiny and all attempts to dominate her since then had failed. But being blind and inordinately aroused was leaving her completely vulnerable to Ayla’s will in a way that made her feel prickly and uncomfortable. There was no way of even beginning to pretend that she was in control of the situation.

“You need a nice hot bath,” Ayla said. “But first I think you need a nice hot bottom.”

Atrocious had no idea what Ayla was talking about. There was the sound of a chair scraping back, then she felt herself being guided over Ayla’s skirts. Quite befuddled, she lay there naked as the day she was born and still streaked with mud, feeling the soft fabric of Ayla’s apron under her belly.

“So naughty,” Ayla said, patting her bottom. “You’ve not been spanked enough.”

“What?” Atrocious turned her heat towards Ayla even though the movement was useless to her. “No!”

But it was too late. Ayla had her where she wanted her and Atricious found herself pinned in place quite neatly indeed by Ayla’s strong arm. The spanking began gently with Ayla slapping Atrocious’s bare cheeks lightly, stinging her bottom but not really hurting her.

Atrocious squirmed in place over Ayla’s lap. She had expected a cruel beating, not this caressing warmth that tickled and stung and made her lower belly fizz with excitement and need. She found herself spreading her legs and Ayla immediately took advantage, tickling Atrocious’ pussy with the tips of her fingers in between slaps. Atrocious lifted her hips up to the sensation and before long, a searching finger was penetrating her, rubbing between her lips and slipping deep inside.

“This is a nice little cunt you have,” Ayla said. “It’s a pity you’re such a naughty little wench who needs a sore behind.”

With those words, Ayla began spanking a great deal harder. The sounds of her palm meeting Atrocious’ bare bottom echoed off the walls of the little cottage and Atrocious herself was forced to grab onto the leg of the chair and hang on for dear life as every hard slap threatened to send her sliding forward over Ayla’s lap. She was no longer enjoying herself in any way, it hurt, it really hurt and Ayla seemed to be enjoying that fact.

“You won’t peep in more windows, will you?” Alya lectured, vigorously laying her palm against Atrocious’ vulnerable bare bottom with punitive gusto.

Atrocious did not reply at first, she was far too busy yelping and squealing to form words. The only bright spot on the horizon was the fact that as the spanking went on, her sight slowly began to return. First the dark fog lifted a little, then, as her bottom pulsed with the thudding slaps, she began to make out objects in the room. She could see again! She could see!

Leaving Rigel in Amazon Top 100 30 Gay/ Lesbian Erotica

Just like it says in the title really, Leaving Rigel has managed to break into the top hundred 30 books in the Gay and Lesbian erotica section on Amazon. How exciting! I was a little excited when I first posted this, when it was number 86 or so, but sitting at 30, well, that’s a significant higherness, it is.

This is all very exciting although, except for aside from the odd sex scene, it is hardly erotica. However I am coming to the conclusion that anything in which someone’s bottom is referenced as anything other than a surface for sitting on counts as erotica in the US. Also, I never think anything I write is erotica unless it is 90% sex. I have a high bar for erotic content.

I have been to the USA and I know that most Americans aren’t prudes, but instances like this make me want to fly over and just wander around making casual references to spanking and, in my imagination, watch people blush profusely and maybe fall over from the shock of it all. 

Also, why is Gay and Lesbian stuff incessantly lumped together? In many respects, I can’t imagine two interest areas more inherently separate than Gay and Lesbian. I mean, I know they’re grouped together by merit of being a departure from heterosexuality, but it is a little like going to a store and finding gravel and tampons stocked together simply by merit of not being cheese. Or going to a zoo and finding the guinea pigs in with the hippos by merit of not being gorillas. Or some other equally poor analogy.

Anyway, Leaving Rigel, currently #89 31 in Gay and Lesbian erotica! 

Oh, and there’s a new Lesbia post up too! Summoner PT 18: In the Closet

Oh, oh, and there’s sneak preview of the third Military Discipline up on for the maverick readers who make the leap from F/F to M/F and back again when the mood takes them.