PT 30: Who Did It?

Five minutes before class starts and you’re sitting in the classroom, the other cadets chattering around you. You slept surprisingly well last night given all the exciting, confusing, arousing things that happened between you and Terra.

“What happened to you last night?” Suki plonks down next to you. “Did Terra spend all night tearing into you?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah,” you stutter, acutely aware you can’t tell her what actually happened. “Yeah she did.”

“Wow, it was weird how she showed up like that,” Suki exclaims. “Instructors never come around after classes. She must have been really pissed at you.”

“I guess,” you agree vaguely.

“Well you still have to introduce me to Boris,” she says, changing the subject back to her primary interest. “You’re not getting out of that.

“Sure,” you say, kind of glad that Suki’s not talking about Terra anymore. You’re afraid that all your feelings must show on your face whenever her name is mentioned. “We can do it at, uh, lunch.”

“Are you alright?” Suki frowns at you. “You seem more spacey than usual.”

“I’m not spacey,” you reply. “I’m just tired I guess.”

At that moment, Terra walks in. Your eyes lock on her as she enters the room, your gaze travelling over the shapely, athletic, mature lines of her body. The way her pants fit her ass is outright sinful.

She catches your eye and flickers a wink at you. Your heart starts pounding immediately, excitement coursing through your system. God she’s hot. God you want her.

“Good morning, cadets,” Terra says as the class settles for her. “Most of you have completed your assessments and will be receiving your preliminary training assignments today…”

You stop hearing the individual words as she speaks. All you hear is a melodious tone of the most pleasing kind.

“I have a free class after this,” Suki whispers to you. “I think Boris has training then. We could go and watch him sweat.”

“Shh!” You shush her not just because talking in class isn’t allowed, but because you actually want to hear Terra’s voice – and you can’t do that with Suki hissing her desires in your ear.

“Quiet, please,” Terra says sharply, looking directly at you. “Or do you need a refresher in the rules, cadet?”

What do you say?

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