PT 25: Panties Up or Panties Down?

Terra releases you from the hug, leaving you standing there feeling sort of sorry for yourself and very hot bottomed. The paddle leaves a hell of an impression, and you’re pretty sure you won’t be sitting comfortably for at least a couple of days. Though she’s not hugging you anymore, you’re still filled with the closeness you felt when she held you. In spite of the pain in your butt, and the sulkiness you can’t quite help after being paddled like that, you feel sort of… good.

“You can pull your pants back up, if you like,” she suggests.

Oh god, you’re still halfway butt naked in front of her. The impulse to cover up is matched on the other side by the burn and sting. Your pants are kind of tight, and pulling them over a sore butt is going to make you really uncomfortable.

What next, cadet?

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Update as to what’s going on with updates…

Hello! We’re back! I’m having to be sort of careful about how much writing I do write now as I’m trying to do m’regular books, which I do a couple thousand words per day on (they’re getting longer now too), and I’d like to do a new F/F book this year as well. The problem is that although I have lots of ideas and could write until my fingers fell off… my fingers are actually falling off. Well, not actually. Apparently my ergonomics are bad and it’s messing with my wrist so I gotta slow my roll a little every now and then. Thank you for your patience 🙂