PT 82: Orgasm

Grisham’s climax comes hot on the heels of her moaned surprise as you work her pussy with eagerness not only to give her an orgasm, but to prove that you are a capable lover. For the first time since your meeting, you are not a helpless pawn in a game that doesn’t even seem to be Chess. With every little lick and lap, you are in control, bringing her pleasure. This is the most equal you’ve felt since joining the Academy, and to be able to finally have the woman who has spanked you and stripped you quivering at the tip of your tongue feels amazing.
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PT 81: A Talented Cadet

(This installment begins to get explicit and Cadet gets sexually proactive. You have been warned. Or titillated.)

You give Grisham a playful little grin and nip at her lower lip, harder this time.

“I’m willing to take the consequences of my actions, ma’am,” you murmur, grinding against her as your lips meet in another kiss.

Her hand slides up your back and her fingers grasp your hair. She holds your face less than an inch from her mouth and shakes her head firmly. “I am not going to sleep with you, Cadet. Not while I’m commanding you.”

“Really? Because it feels like you’re already halfway to fucking me,” you moan as her fingers continue to press against your sex.
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PT 80: Kissing Grisham

“So, uhm, back at the base, when you took all my clothes off me… Sarah says that’s not any kind of standard disciplinary procedure,” you say. “She thinks you were, uhm…”

“It’s not standard,” Grisham agrees. “What is standard is putting you in a cell for as long as it takes to break you and chewing you out every opportunity I get. What is standard is loading you up with enough kit that you can barely walk and making you run until you drop. What’s standard is taking a cane to your butt until it looks like a washboard. No offense, Cadet, but I don’t think you can take standard, so I got inventive.”

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PT 79: A Question For Grisham

“I’m going to take Sarah out,” Terra says, reaching around to unsnap the cuffs holding Sarah’s wrists. “We need to walk and talk. Grisham, would you stay here with Cadet, please?”

Terra’s tone with Grisham is a world away from how it was. You wonder what happened between them once they realized you and Sarah had escaped again. Maybe they joined forces and came to terms. Or maybe it’s just Terra’s relief at finally telling Sarah what really happened all those years ago that’s making her speak with more respect. Either way, they seem to be getting on well now.

Terra and Sarah depart. You’re left sitting up against the cave wall in your sleeping bag with Grisham standing over you.

“I guess this isn’t going to be the same kind of emotional reunion for us as it was for them,” you quip, noting her stony stern expression as her dark eyes bore down into you.
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PT 78: Who Is Mother?

First things first, a huge THANK YOU to pippin of Sapphic Kinks, who made the hot new banner for this series. Sapphic Kinks is a website like no other, an artful repository of everything lesbian and kinky.

Secondly, I’ve started work on what I am hoping will be a new book. It’s a crossover between Lesbia and the Iskendar series which more or less began my F/F web writing seven years ago. It’s the evolution of what was going to be my next Ayla based book, and I’m having fun with it, hopefully it will be fun to read too. So updates may or may not be slower or faster here as I do that. Okay, back to Cadet.

“Get the hell off me, Grisham,” Sarah snarls. Grisham has her pinned hard. It doesn’t look comfortable at all, the way she’s pushed into the uneven ground. It would probably hurt you, but Sarah’s more physically resilient in a lot of ways.

“Hell no, girl,” Grisham says. She kneels up and snaps a pair of handcuffs on Sarah’s wrists. “You’re going to be spending a lot of time in my jail,” she adds. “You’re going to see a lot of me. We’re going to get real close, you and I.”

You’ve heard that threatening tone before, when you first met Grisham. Of course, in your case, you ended up with a nice hot shower and a comfortable bed. Sarah probably won’t be that lucky.

“I’m not going to spend more than a day in your jail,” Sarah snaps back. “You think I can’t break out again? You think I’m not going to turn those concrete walls of yours into dust? Hell, I’ll chew my way out of there if I have to.”
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PT 77: What Comes Next

“So did you sleep with her?”

Sarah asks the question as you clean up the plates and cookware and pack them away. If you have to leave quickly, you’re going to want to be prepared and packed. You’re not even sure if you’ll bother with the sleeping bag, as there’s a decent chance Nina and Grisham will find you before you get to sleep. Even with Sarah’s impressive burst of speed, they were only a matter of minutes behind you at the outset. Maybe you’ve extended your lead, or maybe they’re just outside that stone barricade, waiting for you to come out like a pair of rats in a hole…

“Hey, did you hear me?”

“Huh?” You look at Sarah. “Sorry, what?”

“Grisham,” she snorts. “You were mostly naked when I found you in her room.”

“No,” you say. “I didn’t sleep with her. She wasn’t trying to sleep with me anyway.”

“Uh huh, she was just getting you naked, because why, procedure? There’s no military procedure that puts a soldier in panties,” Sarah arches her brows. “She was trying to sleep with you, Cadet.”

“She specifically said she wasn’t.”

“Right. Because that’s how it works. She could be two knuckles deep inside you and you’d think she wasn’t fucking you,” Sarah snorts. “You’re so damn innocent.”
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PT 76: Piggybacks

Leaving you standing there groggily, Sarah runs back and grabs a bag out of the chopter – along with several weapons. She tosses a rifle in your direction. “Catch!”

You catch it out of reflex more than anything, holding it gingerly out in front of yourself. You’ve never handled a weapon like this before, and you’re not sure exactly what you’re meant to do with it. It’s not like you’re going to use it on Grisham or Terra.

“Catch again!” She throws a backpack in your direction. You grab it and pull it on, no idea what is inside.

“Let’s go!”
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PT 75: The Chase Is On

You’re not sure you made the right choice, but you’re loving the sense of freedom which comes with making what might be a huge mistake. As nervous as you are, your smile remains pasted on your face as you sit next to Sarah, who thankfully seems adept behind the controls.

“Huh,” Sarah says, glancing over her shoulder. “Looks like they launched quicker this time. Must be learning.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we’ve got company,” she observes fairly flatly. “Hold on, Cadet. Might have to throw this thing around a bit.”

You stick your head out the window and look. What you see through them makes your stomach drop more than the sudden dipping and diving of the aircraft. There are several helis in pursuit, but one is far closer to you than any of the others. Their helichopter has a different livery than the one you’re in. Yours is solid black. The one chasing you is black with gold trim across the rotors and nose. It seems to be faster. A lot faster, judging by the way it’s gaining on you. The closer it gets, the more you think… oh god, it is! Continue reading



The base’s alarms go off yet again, in what seems to be such a frequent occurrence that you’re starting to think you’ll hear the clanging in your dreams.

“Don’t move,” Grisham says as you pull the pillow off your head. “That will be Terra’s brat, I guarantee it.” She clenches her jaw and shakes her head, looking thoroughly pissed off. “I should have known that scared little girl act was a front. I’m going to tear her ass up.”

She rushes out of the door with a determined expression on her face. You sit up, wait for a second or two then go scrambling for your panties and bra. Grabbing them from the bed and floor you put them both back on, glad for the scraps of fabric covering your sensitive regions.


Just as you get your butt covered, a ceiling tile drops out and hits the floor a few feet away.

“Goddamit!” You curse in surprise as Sarah comes sliding down through the ceiling. She has bundle of stuff under her arm which she tosses at you. It falls open to reveal an undershirt and a pair of black tactical overalls. She’s got boots for you too, strung around her neck.

“Put these on and come with me,” she says, tossing them in your general direction. “We’re getting out of here.” Continue reading

Free Book: The Brats of St Bestoras

I’ve decided to start making some of my older F/F titles free, because why not? Long time readers will recognize these titles, but they may be new to some of the newer readers, so as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, but the sleepy panda gets a free ebook. Or something like that, right? The Brats of St Bestoras is a fun F/F spanking story with witches, magic and dragons what fit in your pocket.

Download The Brats of St Bestoras here…

PT 73: Damn Pants

“Gimme some damn pants,” you insist. “I’ve been good enough for long enough.”

“Oh have you?” Grisham shakes her head at you. “Girl, I’m tempted to keep you in nothing but your panties for a month just for talking like that.”

She’s got her hands on her hips again, her eyes slightly narrowed at you. Her jaw is set firmly and she cuts an intimidating figure. But that doesn’t scare you like it does Sarah – a fact you’re starting to feel sort of proud of. Sarah’s not afraid of death, but she is afraid of Grisham. So if you’re not afraid of Grisham, maybe you’re not afraid of anything.
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