Teacher’s Pet, PT 18: Bend Over, Young Lady

You hesitate for a second. That doesn’t go down well. Terra takes you by the hand, twists you around and lands two slaps on your bottom hard enough to make you skip up onto your toes.

“To my office, cadet,” she repeats. You can’t help but notice that she’s being really intensely stern. You know what awaits you in the office won’t be good for your butt, if Nina’s swats are anything to go by.

“Uh, maybe I will take that transfer to another instructor after all,” you quip. It earns you another hard slap right to the center of your cheeks.
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Seeking Terra

So I’m on the search for a stock photo of someone who looks enough like Nina Terra for the book that I will inevitably write based on this series because I’m so into it right now. Turns out it’s really hard to find stock photos of a woman over 40 who doesn’t look like she’s just had a heartwarming conversation about incontinence products.

They all know something about absorbency you don’t…

There are stock pictures of real women in military uniforms who look *so* much like Terra, but they’re obviously real people doing real things (as opposed to models doing model things) and I can’t use them on a cover.


I was giving up hope, in so many things – and then I found this picture titled “Pam Gun”

This cracks me up so bad. Her silly smile just like, yeah, this is a thing I do while dressed in my office attire. Trigger Discipline? Is that the new 50 Shades movie?

Goddamit, Pam! You can’t pull a piece every time someone asks you for the TPS reports. Someone call HR!

Teacher’s Pet, PT 17: Terra-ble Trouble

After one of the worst night’s sleep of your life, you wake up to an empty dorm. Immediately, you know something is wrong. You don’t want to look at your alarm clock. You don’t want to know how late you are. You know you’re late for sure, because you actually feel pretty rested, and the way you were tossing and turning all night, there’s no way you would feel this good if you’d gotten up on time.

Class starts at 8.30 am. Maybe you’ve just missed breakfast. Maybe you can still make it if you pull on your uniform and run… “FUCK!”

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Teacher’s Pet, PT 16: Red Cheeked

Terra’s lips quirk. “It has been a long time since anyone argued over their bed time with me,” she muses. “Then again, I suppose I did take you over my knee and spank you, so a little regression isn’t entirely unexpected.”

You have never blushed so thoroughly before. You feel as though your face might burst into flames from the heat it is generating. The way Terra is talking to you is, well, it’s patronizing, but in a way which leaves you squirming.

You find yourself wishing you’d gone to the common room. If you’d done that, you’d be having a cold drink with some of your cohort and unwinding before lights out. Instead, you’ve made a fool of yourself in front of Terra. It’s becoming really clear that she thinks of you as some little cadet to be lectured and ordered around.

As the embarrassment really sets in, you start to feel mad. Mad at yourself for giving into the impulse to follow after her like a puppy dog, mad at Terra for talking to you that way. You’re a full grown adult woman, just like her, even if she doesn’t seem to realize it. And even if you can’t seem to act like it.
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Teacher’s Pet, PT 15: Sweet Little Lies

You know you shouldn’t be doing this, but you turn around and start following Terra. She’s far enough away that she doesn’t notice you, but she soon turns a corner so you hustle quickly so as not to lose her. Just as you turn the corner, you see her taking a right up ahead. She’s walking quite quickly, so you have to speed up a little more. You come around the next corner, shuffle-running to move as quickly and quietly as possible – and run right into Terra.

She’s standing there with her arms folded over her chest, a slight frown on her face as you literally skid to a halt in front of her.

“What are you doing, cadet?”


Her right brow rises ever so slightly. You gulp. Your mind is blank as you search for excuses.
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Teacher’s Pet, PT 14: Dismissed

“Yes ma’am,” you gulp.

“Good girl,” Terra says, straightening. She checks her watch and shakes her head. “We’re going to have to do this test another time. I have other matters to attend to.”

“Oh.” You feel strangely disappointed that your time with her has come to an end, even though it was incredibly embarrassing and you made a total fool of yourself by climaxing when she was punishing you. If anyone else ever found out about that… you would never hear the end of it.

“Think about what I said, cadet,” she says. “You’re in my class in the morning. I will see you then.”

“Yes ma’am,” you repeat yourself. Those seem like the only two safe words in the world right now. You avoid her gaze, but you can feel her looking at you. It makes your toes curl inside your shoes and makes the heat in your bottom reignite somehow.

“Goodnight, cadet.” She dismisses you with those two words, delivered with what you feel is warmth.

“Goodnight, ma’am,” you say, avoiding her gaze. You turn and leave the room, and walk down the hall back toward your dorm, feeling a strange little lonely spark in your stomach that you’ve not felt while at the Academy.

Behind you, you hear a door close, and with a quick glance over your shoulder, you see Terra walking in the opposite direction.

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Teacher’s Pet, PT 13: A Simple Question

“You don’t need to understand me,” she says. “You need to follow my orders. Or, to be more precise, you need to start following my orders.”

“I follow your orders,” you say indignantly.

“Oh really!” She arches a brow at you. “So I suppose you can look me in the eye and tell me you actually took a break from studying after our session today.”

“Well… uhm…” you try and figure a way to spin it that doesn’t sound as bad as it is. You wonder how she knows you didn’t take a break. Does she actually know? Or is she just guessing?

“Of course you didn’t,” she says. “Because you don’t listen to anyone. You didn’t listen to the instructions in the simulation assesment, and that’s why you failed it. If you’re going to succeed here, you’re going to need to learn to get out of your head and do as you’re told.” Her tone is starting to become decidedly sharp and stern, and the prickling in your butt seems to intensify as you get that nervous feeling in your stomach that tells you the trouble isn’t over yet.

“That’s why I spanked you,” she says. “Because it’s simple. It’s physical. You can’t over-think when you’re being spanked. All you can do is get spanked. If I gave you an exercise, or some other kind of punishment, you’d spend the whole time thinking about it and never understand the simple message. Do you get it now, cadet?”


She leans down a little so you’re the same height, her blue eyes boring into yours. “Do. As. You’re Told.”

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(Note from Loki here: I am *loving* this story. I think I might have to take the posting frequency down a tad of a notch though so I don’t RSI my wrists with all this writing, which I’m doing in addition to all the other writing. As well as my regular spanking romance books, I’m also doing a spanking series with male tops on m’ main site. It’s a lot of writing. I’m thinking a post every 2 -3 days would be, yannow, reasonable. I’m not saying that’s what *will* happen. I’m saying I probably should do that. If I was going to blog spanking responsibly.)

Teacher’s Pet, PT 12: Spanked Sorry

You can’t believe you just came over Instructor Terra’s lap. You find yourself totally mute as your brain searches and fails to find something appropriate to say.

“Sorry,” you end up whimpering in a just barely audible voice. “I didn’t mean to…”

Terra runs her hand over your bare bottom, then grabs the waistband of your pants and panties and to your immense relief, pulls them back up.

“Sit up,” she says.

You stand up from her lap, your legs feeling more than a little weak, your face flushed with embarrassment. You can’t bring yourself to look at her.

“I’m so sorry,” you repeat yourself, hanging your head so your hair falls into your eyes and provides you some cover from Terra’s magnetic gaze.

“It’s alright,” she says. “You can’t help your reaction. It’s kind of cute.”

Cute? That’s it. You are going to sink right into the floor.

“Uhm. I am sorry for wasting your time,” you say. “I, uhm, will just take my fail.”

You want to run away so badly. But Terra reaches out and takes your hand.

“Look at me, cadet.”

You shake your head a little. You can never look at her ever again. Ever. Ever. Again. Right now your butt is still stinging and hot, your clit is tingling and you don’t know how you’re going to make it out of here without melting down into a puddle of pure humiliation.

She rises from her chair and stands next to you.

“Look at me,” she repeats.

You can’t. You just can’t.

Her fingers slide underneath your chin and lift your face to hers. There’s no avoiding her aurora blue gaze now, even as your stomach churns with embarrassed nerves.

“You’re not in trouble,” she repeats, her eyes warm. “And your… reaction, is not your fault. Nor was it entirely an accident.”

Your mouth falls open as you stare at her. Not an accident? What does that mean?

She smiles and pulls her fingers away from your chin. “I didn’t intend to give you pleasure,” she explains. “But you respond to pain, and when I realized that, I wanted to see how far I could take you.”

“So, that was an experiment to you?” Your hot blush starts to turn to anger rather than embarrassment. You felt so guilty when you climaxed over her thighs, and now it turns out she intended for that to happen all along!?

“Settle down, cadet,” she warns. “I am not toying with you. I cannot train someone I do not understand. I understand you better now.”

You shake your head in disbelief. “Well,” you say. “That’s good. Because I don’t understand you at all.”

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Teacher’s Pet, PT 11: A Spanking Climax

“No! Please!” You put your hand back to try to stop her from pulling your panties down too.

There’s a quick swat to the back of your hand and then your panties come down too, your bottom bared to Terra’s eyes. You were so proud of yourself when you were accepted into the Academy. You felt as accomplished as you’d ever felt in your life. And now you feel as small as you’ve ever felt. Even when you were small, you didn’t feel this small.

“This is for the bad attitude,” Terra informs you, renewing the slaps to your bare cheeks this time. You let out a surprised hiss as you feel the skin of her palm on your bottom. In all your fantasies about Terra, even the wildest ones, you never imagined that she’d actually touch your naked butt. You also never had any idea that it would hurt so much when she did. Each of the slaps now stings so much worse than before, it feels as though she’s unleashed a horde of tiny hornets on your skin.

On the other side, or rather, the under side of things, your situation is becoming increasingly dire. The stimulation of your now bare pussy rubbing against Terra’s thigh is making you wet. And not just a little damp. Your body is responding to her presence, her touch, her discipline with pure arousal. You can feel your upper thighs starting to get slick and it’s all you can do to press them together to try to hide the unintended consequences of her punishment. She already doesn’t like your attitude, you figure she’d be mad if she knew every slap made your clit grind against her leg and took you closer to what’s feeling a lot like an illicit orgasm.

“Are you going to improve your attitude, cadet?”

“Yes ma’am!” You gasp the words, hoping that she stops spanking you before you actually climax against her. You can’t even imagine how much trouble that would get you in.

“I hope so,” she lectures as she continues to deliver those crisp swats to one cheek and then the other, “if not, you’re going to end up over my lap more often.”

“Mnnnnn,” you moan unintelligibly. You don’t mean to, it just escapes your lips as she lands a slap particularly low on your bottom, near the center.

“I’m sorry, cadet,” Terra says. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

You’re finding it hard to speak as you instinctively hold your breath, every muscle in your body getting tighter as you slide toward the inevitable orgasm which has been building since you laid eyes on her.

“Uhmmmmmm…” it still comes out like a moan, and she’s spanking you harder, her palm beating a wicked tattoo against your cheeks, urging your hips into a frantic dance which finally delivers you into orgasm… “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” You feel a rush of release low in your belly as you cum, Terra still spanking you as your pussy clenches and your hips squirm and your thighs part just a little out of sheer instinct.

In the seconds after your climax, you freeze. Terra’s palm has stilled on your left cheek, leaving your butt blazing hot and stinging.

“What was that, cadet?” Her inquiry is delivered in an inscrutable tone which doesn’t shed any light on whether you’re in trouble or not.

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Teacher’s Pet, PT 10: Sternly Spanked

“Whatever,” you repeat in a sullen tone.

“Oh, I see,” she says, her tone dipping into a new stern low. “I give you an opportunity to resit an assessment, you turn around, assault one of your cohort, and then give me attitude when punished for it.”

Her hand meets your bottom in a hard slap which makes you gasp as a sting like no other bursts across your cheeks. You had no idea she had so much power in her palm. That is the first slap of several dozen like it, delivered hard enough to make laying still over her lap impossible. She is thrashing you like the little brat she accused you of acting like and every time her hand lands on your bottom, you buck and squirm in an uncontrollable reaction to having your butt seared.

“I think you’ve been flying under my radar, cadet,” Terra says grimly. “I hadn’t picked up on any of this attitude.”

She stops spanking you for a moment, but only to pull your uniform pants down below your bottom, leaving your panty clad butt vulnerable. And then the spanking starts again. Your black regulation panties do nothing to protect your bottom and you feel the blazing heat of every swat what feels like a million times over.

Soon you cannot help but squeal and yelp as she spanks you sternly, your eyes filling with tears. Your butt feels swollen and hot, even between spanks it is aching and burning, and to make matters worse, your uniform pants have been making their way steadily down your thighs, leaving your crotch pressed against Terra’s leg, the sensitive parts of your body responding to the spanking in a very embarrassing way.

“I was going to make this a one-off punishment,” she said. “But I think you’re going to need more of these, Cadet Brat.”

Her palm smooths over your bottom – and to your dismay, you feel her thumb hook into the waistband of your panties…

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Teacher’s Pet, PT 9: Spanked Like A Little Brat

The softness of the spanking makes you think that maybe Terra isn’t going to be too mean to you. She understands that you’ve been stressed, and that’s got to save you some trouble. Right?

“Boris has always teased me,” you whimper. “My whole life he’s been there taunting me. He used to steal my dolls when I would play in the village square. One time, he put one in the bucket and wound it down into the well until I promised I’d bring him all the berries I could carry.”

Terra’s palm meets your bottom in a crisp slap which makes you yelp with surprise.

“You were a little girl then,” Terra says, her voice melodious and firm. “But you’re not anymore, are you. You’re a cadet. Though if you act like a little brat now, you will find yourself getting treated like one.”

You blush and yelp as she swats your butt firmly over and over, making it tingle and sting. You feel very small and very sorry for yourself, and more than a little embarrassed as she heats your bottom with her palm, doing just as she says, treating you like a little brat. Every swat presses your hips against her thigh and sends a bolt of a much more mature sensation rushing through you. She has no idea how this is undoing you. You spend so much time pretending not to have a crush on her, and so much time doing your best to put on a brave face. But being spanked over her knee makes it impossible to maintain either of those illusions.

“Whatever,” you mumble as a way of saving face.

Her palm stills immediately. “Excuse me, cadet?”

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