PT 79: A Question For Grisham

“I’m going to take Sarah out,” Terra says, reaching around to unsnap the cuffs holding Sarah’s wrists. “We need to walk and talk. Grisham, would you stay here with Cadet, please?”

Terra’s tone with Grisham is a world away from how it was. You wonder what happened between them once they realized you and Sarah had escaped again. Maybe they joined forces and came to terms. Or maybe it’s just Terra’s relief at finally telling Sarah what really happened all those years ago that’s making her speak with more respect. Either way, they seem to be getting on well now.

Terra and Sarah depart. You’re left sitting up against the cave wall in your sleeping bag with Grisham standing over you.

“I guess this isn’t going to be the same kind of emotional reunion for us as it was for them,” you quip, noting her stony stern expression as her dark eyes bore down into you.

Grisham shakes her head. “You really screwed up, Cadet,” she says. “You know you’re now classified as high risk. That flag is going to stay on your permanent record.”

“Oh no,” you smirk a little. “My permanent record… as if it matters now. We just all found out how fucked up this whole organization is and you think I care about my records?”

“You should care about what happens to you as a result,” Grisham says. “I’m not going to be able to clear you to stay with me back on base. You are going to end up in a cell or under constant heavy guard.”

You shrug a little. You knew there would be consequences.

“You got real tough in a few hours, didn’t you, Cadet.” Grisham taps her foot as she examines you. “Sitting there in your little sleeping bag like you’re on a camping trip. Like you don’t have a care in the world.”

“Wanna toast marshmallows?” You try lightening the mood with a little grin.

“I want to toast your butt,” she says. “You have no idea what you’ve done.”

“Exactly,” you say. “I haven’t known what I’ve been doing since the beginning. At least this time I did what I wanted.”

“Oh I see. You think this rebellion is fun.”

“It kind of is. And it made Terra and Sarah finally come to terms, so I’d say it was a success.”

Grisham’s cheeks are dimpling. You can see her losing the battle with her seriousness.

“You’re in so much trouble,” she exclaims, turning around. She puts her back against the wall and slides down to sit next to you, resting her arms over her knees as she looks over and down at you. Even sitting she’s taller by a significant degree. “But you’re right. They needed to have that discussion. Maybe Sarah can finally settle down now.”

“Yeah,” you agree, picking at the sleeping bag zipper. “So, uhm… maybe we need to talk about some stuff as well.”

“Oh yeah, Cadet?” Grisham’s brow rises a little. “What do we have to talk about?”

“Well, uhm…”

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