PT 81: A Talented Cadet

(This installment begins to get explicit and Cadet gets sexually proactive. You have been warned. Or titillated.)

You give Grisham a playful little grin and nip at her lower lip, harder this time.

“I’m willing to take the consequences of my actions, ma’am,” you murmur, grinding against her as your lips meet in another kiss.

Her hand slides up your back and her fingers grasp your hair. She holds your face less than an inch from her mouth and shakes her head firmly. “I am not going to sleep with you, Cadet. Not while I’m commanding you.”

“Really? Because it feels like you’re already halfway to fucking me,” you moan as her fingers continue to press against your sex.

There is a long moment in which your eyes meet, a moment in which the truth of pure desire overrules whatever ideas Grisham might have about you being under her command. For a second, you are not a cadet and she is not a commanding officer. She is a woman, and so are you. You see real acknowledgement of that in her gaze. There is a warmth and a softness, an affection which is no longer being tempered by obligation and instead comes from her heart.

She shifts you slightly so that one of your legs slides over her thigh, her fingers slide away from your crotch, but the pressure is replaced by the hard line of her muscle as she reaches around and cups your bottom, drawing you against her leg.

Your hips move out of instinct as you begin to rut. The motion of your pussy is soon controlled though as Grisham holds you by the waist and urges you back and forth, helping you grind your way to pleasure. Your lips and eyes continue to meet one another as your breath comes faster, the fabric between your bodies providing the friction you need to stimulate your greedy clit.

“Stop,” she says, stilling your hips before you can cum. You have no choice but to stop, her large hands are holding you firmly in place.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not going to have you just hump me like a horny pup,” Grisham says with a wink which makes you blush. “You’re going to earn your orgasm.”

“H… how?” You can’t help but smile into her eyes.

Grisham’s hands slide from you and move to her zipper. You watch, your mouth slightly agape as she opens her pants and kicks them off her legs. You both have to squirm and wriggle to accommodate her motion and in the end Grisham is sitting on your sleeping bag, her legs parted, the dark down of her pubic hair masking her slit.

“Show me what you’ve got, Cadet,” she invites.

There’s lust in her voice, but this is a challenge too. She’s not sure you have what it takes to pleasure a woman. She thinks you’re a silly first year cadet. She thinks maybe you’re too nervous and intimidated and a little scared to make love to her. Maybe she’s a little right. What she’s not counting on is how long you’ve been left with pent up desire, and how much you want this.

You squirm between her thighs and lower your face between her legs. There is a pleasant scent there, a full womanly aroma of desire. Up close, the soft curls of her hair make way for your fingers as you extend your tongue and trace it along the seam of her lips, tasting her sex for the first time. Grisham lets out a soft moan of pleasure and you feel a rush of fresh arousal. You let your tongue return for a second exploratory lick. This time the tip of it parts her lips and slides up to find the bud at the apex. You swirl around that hard little nub, avoiding touching it. Next to your ears, Grisham’s thighs are already beginning to tremble.

“God, Cadet,” she murmurs softly, running her hands through your hair in an affectionate caress. “You’ve got a talent for this.”

You press your lips around her clit, still avoiding the actual bud, and kiss gently, allowing your hot breath to flow over her pussy. Her answering moan is real reward as you lift your mouth away and let your tongue slide back down the seam of her now flowering lips, the outer labia opening to reveal delicate petals surrounding the entrance of her body.

Slowly, and with reverent erotic care, you trace the folds of her pussy, tenderly tasting the flow of her arousal as she becomes more and more turned on and finally your tongue presses inside the very core of her, feeling the tight heat of her sex. Her fingers curl in your hair as you flick the hot muscle of your tongue in and out of her pussy, occasionally sliding out to make another of your teasing circuits around her clit before plunging back inside.

“You are such a good… good… good girl,” she moans. “Oh god you’re good.”