PT 83: The Final Terra

O.M.G I am going to be releasing a new book soon. Soon as in a week or two or something like that. Soon as in, something exciting and N.E.W! Soon as in, ohhhh yesssss some hot lesbian discipline with a top who knows how to keep control and a bottom who knows how to keep the top on her toes.

For now, I return you to Cadet and friends in their cave.

Grisham’s fingers move slowly inside you, teasing and pleasuring you with a slow touch as you attempt to answer Terra’s question.

“Uhm… yes, ma’am,” you mumble, avoiding looking Terra in the eyes. It’s surprising how Grisham seems so willing to act out like this, claiming you right in front of Terra. Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe she’s still not really over the way Terra treated her back at base. You’re not sure you would be.

“Well I hope you’re settled now,” Terra says. “Because what I have to say is serious.”

Grisham’s fingers go still inside you, but remain deep, stretching your inner walls around their thick intrusion. You squirm in search of a quick climax, an effort stalled by Grisham wrapping her free arm around you more tightly and locking you hard against her body. You’re not moving an inch unless she lets you.

“You all heard what I said earlier,” Terra says. “I’ve shared more with Sarah. I thought she deserved to hear it first. As you know, my DNA was taken to create a slew of super soldiers. Most have sadly now perished. Understandably, Sarah believed that she was the last of the line. She is not. There is one more.”

With the weight of Terra’s announcement, Grisham’s fingers slide out of your pussy but remain below your pants, cupping your sex. They’re warm and strong against your mound, a comfort more than a distraction, to your great surprise.

“I was made aware of her existence after I found Sarah,” Terra explains. “I attempted to free her and was told that unlike Sarah, her release is conditional upon the successful completion of a mission. As you may know, there are special weapons, forged on the original Earth. They are ancient, and have some strange properties. I already have one in my possession – the sword you took, Cadet. The one which spoke to you. In order to secure the release of…”

“The final Terra, that’s what I call her,” Sarah interjects.

Terra glances in Sarah’s direction with a small smirk which denotes some amusement amid a heavy mood. “I must locate seven of these weapons and deliver them to a superior. As is already obvious, finding these weapons is not easy, and taking them is almost always extremely dangerous. Sarah has pledged to help me. She has a blood investment in this matter. Cadet, Grisham, you do not. So I will leave it to you now. Cadet, if you wish to return home, I will organize transport. If you wish to stay, your ability to interact with these weapons could prove invaluable. But it will be dangerous, and though I will do my very best to ensure your safety, I cannot promise it.”

Grisham speaks before you can. “I’m in,” she says simply. “Our kind has suffered too many losses already. If we can save one more, that’s something I’m willing to shed blood for.”

“Thank you, Grisham,” Terra says, her eyes warming with gratitude. “I will forever be in your debt.”

Three pairs of eyes are on you now, waiting for your response. You don’t sense any judgement or coercion. If you decide to go home, nobody will blame you. You’re just a cadet who got way out of her depth. You notice that Sarah has a certain cynical look in her eye, like she’s expecting you to take the easy way out.

What do you say?

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