PT 82: Orgasm

Grisham’s climax comes hot on the heels of her moaned surprise as you work her pussy with eagerness not only to give her an orgasm, but to prove that you are a capable lover. For the first time since your meeting, you are not a helpless pawn in a game that doesn’t even seem to be Chess. With every little lick and lap, you are in control, bringing her pleasure. This is the most equal you’ve felt since joining the Academy, and to be able to finally have the woman who has spanked you and stripped you quivering at the tip of your tongue feels amazing.

As the sensation peaks her fingers curl in your hair, her moans husky and subdued as she tries to keep quiet. Her powerful body tenses with the onset of pure pleasure and your tongue strums her clit, making it impossible for her to maintain silence. Her gasps and cries of ecstasy fill the cave, music to your ears as the powerful Grisham writhes under the skillful application of your mouth.

She keeps her grip on your hair as she rides the wave of her orgasm, just in case you’re thinking of running away while she’s incapacitated. There’s nowhere to go, and there’s nowhere you’d rather be than right there between her thighs, her juices coating your tongue as she allows you to see her at her most intimate and most vulnerable. She is beautiful in that moment, every part of her engaged in that heady release.

“Goddamn, Cadet,” she sighs when she gets the power of speech back. “Where did you learn how to do that?”

“I told you I wasn’t that innocent,” you remind her with a wicked grin.

“You did,” she says, pulling you up so she can kiss you. You know she must be tasting her juices on your tongue as your lips meet with an eagerness and a passion which makes your head spin. She’s less hesitant with you now. A point has been made. You’ve proved yourself in some small way – though you never thought this would be how.

“What else are you secretly good at, Cadet?” She asks the question as her hand snakes down your belly and slides inside your pants, her fingers finding your wet slit. You’re soaked, and her touch makes your hips buck and grind as she slides those long digits over your lips and presses the tips inside you.

“Uhmmm…” you moan against her mouth. “I can make a good omelette…”

“Is that right…” Grisham’s dark eyes look into yours with an erotic affection as she pushes those fingers slowly deeper and deeper inside you. “Anything else?”

She has you impaled, and as her fingers start to slide slowly in and out of you, you forget most everything you can and can’t do. You reach out, your hands on her shoulders, your legs spreading to splay either side of her thighs as you ride her hand with a slow roll of your hips.

“Answer me, Cadet,” she says with mock sternness. “I want to know what else you’ve been hiding.”

“I’m not the one who hides things,” you moan. “That’s Terra.”

“True,” Grisham agrees, kissing you again. Her palm cups your pussy, her fingers deep in you as your clit grinds the heel of her hand. You’re getting close to cumming just from the sheer excitement of the moment, Grisham finally touching you the way you’ve needed to be touched for weeks. Her strength makes you feel sheltered as she works your most intimate parts with a finesse even more practiced than your own technique.

“All clear!?” A voice rings out from beyond the cave mouth.

It’s Terra and Sarah . They’re back!

You try to pull off Grisham’s hand, but she keeps you in place, turning you so you’re facing outward, sitting on her lap. She tosses the sleeping bag over your legs, so it looks like you two just happen to be sitting there with Grisham’s arm around you. It’s not at all obvious to a casual onlooker that your pussy is stretched around her fingers. Grisham gives your sex a light squeeze. You’re hers for now, and unless you want Terra finding out what you’ve been up to, you’re just going to have to sit there and not give away what’s going on beneath the sleeping bag.

“All clear!” Grisham calls back.

“Lemme go,” you whisper desperately as you hear footsteps approaching quickly. “We’re going to get caught!”

“Settle, Cadet,” Grisham murmurs back to you. “You keep your pussy nice and still and you’ll be fine.”

Terra walks into the cave, Sarah behind her. She casts a curious look in your direction. Sex aside, you being snuggled up on Grisham’s lap is fairly intimate in and of itself.

“Everything alright here?” Terra stands in the middle of the cave, her presence commanding. Behind her, Sarah leans up against the far wall. She seems pretty calm given the revelations she’s recently learned.

“Mhm, just settling the troops down,” Grisham says, her fingers twisting back and forth slowly inside your pussy. “Cadet was getting all kinds of excited.”

“Is that right, Cadet?”

You blush bright red as Terra’s beautiful blue gaze falls on you. There’s something knowing in those eyes. Can she tell that you’ve been fucking Grisham? Can she tell you’re being fucked right now?

What do you do, Cadet?

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