PT 80: Kissing Grisham

“So, uhm, back at the base, when you took all my clothes off me… Sarah says that’s not any kind of standard disciplinary procedure,” you say. “She thinks you were, uhm…”

“It’s not standard,” Grisham agrees. “What is standard is putting you in a cell for as long as it takes to break you and chewing you out every opportunity I get. What is standard is loading you up with enough kit that you can barely walk and making you run until you drop. What’s standard is taking a cane to your butt until it looks like a washboard. No offense, Cadet, but I don’t think you can take standard, so I got inventive.”

“That’s the only reason?”

“I didn’t want to see you hurting,” Grisham says. “Which is probably why you ended up out here with Sarah. And why you’re in a hundred times more trouble than you otherwise would be. I made the same mistake Terra did. I got caught up in how cute you are and I let things slide…”

“You think I’m cute?” You catch her words and make sure the moment doesn’t pass.

“I think you’re adorable,” she says with a smile down at you. “I think… maybe I shouldn’t say this, but it seems to be a day for sharing, so I’ll admit it. I’m tired of the harsh discipline I have to enforce around the base. Sometimes it makes a difference in the life of a soldier. Sometimes all someone needs is a few strokes of the cane to sort them out, but more often than not what I do only makes things more miserable.”

“So it’s not because you like me or want to, you know… sleep with me,” you say, blushing as you ask the question.

“Cadet,” Grisham says gently, placing a long, strong finger under your chin and tipping your head up so she can look you in the eye. “I told you how I feel about superior officers sleeping with those under their command. It’s not right.”

“I didn’t ask you if it was right,” you say, finding the courage from somewhere. “I asked you if all the naked stuff was because you want me.”

“It’s no hardship seeing you naked, Cadet,” Grisham admits. “But that’s not the main reason I stripped you down.”

She’s trying really hard to be honorable, but you can’t help notice that she hasn’t really fully denied what Sarah said. She’s talked around it. She’s avoided outright saying that she doesn’t want you. She’s not lying, but she’s not telling you the full truth either, you can feel it.

She’s still looking down into your eyes, so you decide to test the theory. Slowly, you lean forward and your lips meet hers in the briefest of kisses.

“Cadet,” Grisham sighs softly against your mouth. “I’m not going to let you seduce me.”

You slide your hand onto her thigh and slowly trail it down toward her hip.

“Cadet…” she warns you again, her voice husky. “If you keep this up, I’ll have your clothes off and your butt bright red, I promise you that.”

Even as she threatens you, her thighs part slightly to allow your fingers to reach a little closer to the seam running down her crotch.

“I’m not as innocent as you think I am,” you tell her as your fingers hover near that forbidden zone.

“You’re a lot more innocent than you know,” she replies, her hand catching your wrist in a firm grasp. “Now cut it out, before you end up way over your head.”

Her eyes are searching your face, their dark gaze filled with lust. Her voice is still full of desire and beneath the sleeping bag, you’re getting wet. Pushing the limits with Grisham is exciting for both of you.

“Maybe I want to be in over my head,” you murmur, nipping playfully at her bottom lip. She’s holding your hand firm, but she hasn’t pushed it away. You extend a finger and trace a light circle over the thick fabric of her pants, just where the top of her mound would be.

It’s so gentle a touch you doubt she can really feel it at all, but she responds suddenly, pulling you forward into a rough, demanding kiss. Her tongue plunders your mouth as she pulls you out of the security of the sleeping bag and her hard hand meets your bottom in a series of quickfire slaps which make you squeal into her mouth as your rear bursts into aching flame.

Keeping her hand locked around your wrist, she slides her other hand down your butt and cups your pussy from behind, squeezing the fabric against your aroused sex. She holds you there like that, her fingers clamped hard over your clit, your mouth against hers as you are held in thrall.

“You are getting yourself in a lot of trouble,” she growls softly against your lips. “If you’re not careful, I’ll make you finish what you started. What do you think the penalty for being a tease is, Cadet?”

How do you answer her?

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