At the end of the world…

A goddess reflects….

Ariadne looked out over Lesbia, her golden eyes taking in the ancient vistas. The years in which she had been deprived of such a view had awakened her to an appreciation of it, and the elements which made it up. Perhaps she had been softened by loss. In the old days, it had been about the battle for magic. She had protected the witches of the land. Now witches were naught but legend and a new goddess had risen in the cities, a goddess with no eyes, no mouth, a goddess of levers and light and motion.

The world was forever making itself anew, but amid it all, Ayla was fighting the old battle.

Ayla. It always seemed to come back to Ayla, Ariadne mused. All mortals were nodes on the web, but some were more central than others. Ayla was easily the oldest mortal in Lesbia, and yet she was still not entirely mature. She was setting out to fight a ruthless king, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. The rage so carefully concealed in her was seeking an outlet and she was losing the battle with it.

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Do Good Girls Get Spanked?

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Nive realized that she was a fraction shorter than they were, and the result was that she felt overwhelmed and small as Jess reached out and ran her fingers through Nive’s curls.

“Very pretty,” she said. “I think you’ll fit in here.”

“I don’t want to fit in,” Nive scowled. “I want to go home.”

“Aw poor baby,” Jess said sympathetically. “Everyone feels that way at first. It passes.”

“I don’t want it to pass. I want to go home.”

“Don’t do anything too silly,” Trixie said. “Ariadne has ways of handling the girls who are too naughty. We’ve learned to be good, haven’t we, Jess?”

“Well, we’ve learned to pretend to be good,” Jess smiled. “You can learn to pretend too.”

“I’m not going to learn, I’m not going to pretend, I’m not going to stay,” Nive insisted, scowling. “Tell me the way out, please.”

“The only way out is the same way you got in,” Trixie said. “Ariadne has to let you go. But she almost never lets anybody go.”

“She’ll let me go,” Nive said confidently. “She’ll beg to let me go by the time I’m finished with her. That old hag has never met anyone like me.”

Trixie and Jess exchanged looks. “You’re going to end up very sore,” Trixie warned her. “Ariadne likes it when the new girls fight. It gives her an excuse to punish them harshly. When I first got here, she used a slipper on my bottom every day for a month. I didn’t sit for a whole lunar cycle. Do you know what it is like to be thrashed by a goddess?”

A bad idea…

“You cannot possibly make this worse,” Nive said. “I am not afraid of you. I don’t care what you are.”

“You’re not afraid of me because the most powerful thing in your universe to date has been your father,” Ariadne said, a cold smile on her dark lips. “That is no longer the case.”

“Oh really,” Nive said, crossing her arms over her chest. “You claim to be more powerful than my father. Prove it.”

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Worn Out After A Spanking….

“It wasn’t too much?” Kira sounded uncharacteristically uncertain. “I didn’t like seeing her cry.”

“Hope has needed a good spanking from the first day you met her. She was essentially begging for one back at the fortress,” Ayla said. “If you had not found it in yourself to thrash her little bottom red, she would have misbehaved again – and soon. I don’t think that will be a problem now.”

“You think she’ll go back to being a good scout who never talks back?”

“I didn’t say that,” Ayla smiled.

Lesbia… Lesbia…Lesbia… I have been writing Lesbia…

After the spanking…

Kira slid her hand over Hope’s thigh and her fingertips continued the motion all the way over between the well spanked young lady’s legs until the warrior was cupping Hope’s wet mound. Hope let out a little gasp and held her breath, tempted to squirm, but loathe to rub her bottom any harder against Kira’s thighs.

She was being touched very intimately, but it almost didn’t feel sexual, strangely. It felt comforting to have the warrior hold her there, possessively cupping her sex in a way which stimulated Hope gently with the warmth of the warrior’s hand.

“Hmm? Was it so bad?”

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A Disciplinary Spanking…

The tears which had begun to well in Hope’s eyes at the beginning of the more intense punishment soon burst forth. Her emotional and physical defenses had been assailed most thoroughly by Kira’s palm, and now she flailed and sobbed and wailed her way through the final stage of the punishment which ignored her arousal and instead focused entirely on teaching her the weight of the consequences of her actions.

Caught over the warrior’s thighs, and spanked beyond all imaginable tolerance, Hope tried to beg for mercy, but her words were incoherent with tears and every slap made her yowl and interrupted both her pleas for clemency and her train of thought. She had lost control of her body and her mind as well, both were overwhelmed with the punishment being delivered relentlessly to her bouncing bottom.

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The Pleasure of Punishment…

Hope continues to learn a hot bottomed lesson over the warrior’s lap…

Kira started spanking her again, crisp, hard slaps landing quickly over and over until Hope cried out in pain. The earlier warm up was nothing compared to what Kira was inflicting upon her bottom now, the warrior’s callused palm turning Hope’s tender cheeks bright red with vigor.

Forgetting about the arousal, Hope squirmed and wriggled with helpless motions that did nothing to stop the slaps raining down on her swelling bottom, heat and sting combining in an uncomfortable crescendo which continued long past the point she felt she could persevere.

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Lesbi’ere we go soon…

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The Spanking She Needs…

Finally, Hope is taken to task over the warrior’s knee…

Hope was nervous. In her anger and in the pain of what had felt like a painful rejection, she had forgotten what Kira truly was. She wondered how she had managed to do that. The large warrior with the great sword and the muscles which bulged in her strong arms was not precisely easy to mistake for anything other than what she was… a formidable woman capable of almost anything.

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A Girl In Trouble…

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“Hope was a sweet girl before that awful Nive came along,” Kira muttered. “She’s a terrible influence.”

“Hope is still a sweet girl. You might want to remember that before you take your frustrations out on her. And you should consider telling her that you care about her.”

Kira shot a sharp glance at the witch. “What do you mean? Of course I care about her. Look at all the trouble I go to with her, nobody gets as much training as she does.”

“She doesn’t know, Kira. Why do you think she connected with Nive so quickly? She’s hungry for some kind of love. Any kind of love.” Ayla spoke with a gentle wisdom which cut through Kira’s annoyance. “It’s why she takes such risks to impress you.”

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