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Ayla and the King…

In which the witch is questioned by the angry father of the missing princess…

“Where is my daughter!? Tell me at once, witch! Speak!”

Nive’s father thundered the question and demands at Ayla, but unlike his subordinates, Ayla did not respond to his threats with any kind of fear. Instead she met his gaze with a clear eye and simply shrugged. The interrogation had been going on for hours and hours and had mostly consisted of a fair bit of shouting and threats to do things worse than shouting which did not eventuate.

The king seemed reluctant to lay so much as a finger on the witch, nobody did. Ayla stood in a small clearing of humans all of whom had their weapons trained on her, none of whom were willing to approach, much like a tribe of hungry mongeese banding around a particularly elegant cobra. She had not made a single threatening comment of her own. There was simply a thingness about her which kept her would-be attackers at bay for the moment at least.

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*Just FYI, I am preparing to finish this book of Lesbia and will be removing and editing earlier chapters as I go. The final book will be published in a few weeks-ish, and will have additional scenes and a few changes from the online serial 🙂

Do Good Girls Get Spanked?

Find out in the latest episode of Lesbia 🙂 This is a longer, larger, more bonusey update than usual, so enjoy! Click here to read Lesbia!

Nive realized that she was a fraction shorter than they were, and the result was that she felt overwhelmed and small as Jess reached out and ran her fingers through Nive’s curls.

“Very pretty,” she said. “I think you’ll fit in here.”

“I don’t want to fit in,” Nive scowled. “I want to go home.”

“Aw poor baby,” Jess said sympathetically. “Everyone feels that way at first. It passes.”

“I don’t want it to pass. I want to go home.”

“Don’t do anything too silly,” Trixie said. “Ariadne has ways of handling the girls who are too naughty. We’ve learned to be good, haven’t we, Jess?”

“Well, we’ve learned to pretend to be good,” Jess smiled. “You can learn to pretend too.”

“I’m not going to learn, I’m not going to pretend, I’m not going to stay,” Nive insisted, scowling. “Tell me the way out, please.”

“The only way out is the same way you got in,” Trixie said. “Ariadne has to let you go. But she almost never lets anybody go.”

“She’ll let me go,” Nive said confidently. “She’ll beg to let me go by the time I’m finished with her. That old hag has never met anyone like me.”

Trixie and Jess exchanged looks. “You’re going to end up very sore,” Trixie warned her. “Ariadne likes it when the new girls fight. It gives her an excuse to punish them harshly. When I first got here, she used a slipper on my bottom every day for a month. I didn’t sit for a whole lunar cycle. Do you know what it is like to be thrashed by a goddess?”

A Disciplinary Spanking…

The tears which had begun to well in Hope’s eyes at the beginning of the more intense punishment soon burst forth. Her emotional and physical defenses had been assailed most thoroughly by Kira’s palm, and now she flailed and sobbed and wailed her way through the final stage of the punishment which ignored her arousal and instead focused entirely on teaching her the weight of the consequences of her actions.

Caught over the warrior’s thighs, and spanked beyond all imaginable tolerance, Hope tried to beg for mercy, but her words were incoherent with tears and every slap made her yowl and interrupted both her pleas for clemency and her train of thought. She had lost control of her body and her mind as well, both were overwhelmed with the punishment being delivered relentlessly to her bouncing bottom.

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A Well Overdue Punishment…

“You’d better do as she says,” Hope sighed. “Or one of us will end up sore.”

“I don’t fear soreness,” Nive said boldly. I am not afraid of…”

What she was not afraid of remained a secret, for Ayla, tiring of the discussion had taken a firm hold of Nive, and used that firm hold to toss Nive over the bed face down. Her long witchly palm met Nive’s rear in a solid slap which made Nive’s ample bottom jiggle in a very appealing fashion, her skirt riding up as she squirmed, exposing bare flesh with every kick and wriggle.

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The Third Lesbia Book Is Here!

Meet Clockwork Goddess… the third book in the popular Lesbia series. It’s out now! It’s all done! It’s ready for your eyes! Hurray! I am so happy that this is finally out, Lesbia is one of my great passions and I hope you will enjoy reuniting with Ayla and Kira in this full length novel. 😀

clockwork goddess lesbian fantasy novel loki renard

In a world where strict royal matriarchy rules, order is kept by way of public thrashings, and magic is ferreted out wherever it hides, it’s difficult for a legendary witch like Ayla to get any peace.

All she wants is a quiet life in her little forest home. But with a warrior banging at her door demanding she take care of not one but two clever miscreants, one a herbalist who prefers nudity to clothing, the other a wily intellectual whose quiet demeanor belies a volatile temperament – not to mention a civil war about to break out, Ayla is going to have to put her plans on hold.

As a young queen bears down on the witch and her friends, Ayla finds herself trying to wrangle as disparate a group of misbehaved rebels as ever took up arms. Fortunately she has the famous warrior Kira by her side, helping to impart a little discipline as fate and forces beyond any of their control put every innocent in Lesbia in danger.

To save herself and those she loves, Ayla is forced to face a past she thought she’d left behind, discover a family she never knew – and to find the indomitable strength which exists inside a frail young mortal named Vix, who matters more than anyone imagines.

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