PT 7: Taken Over Her Lap

You’ve been trained to obey, but this is one order you just can’t obey. It’s far too embarrassing. You’ve dreamed about what it would feel like for Terra to touch you, but not like this. You turn, but before you can even take a step, Terra grabs you by the back of the collar.

“Not so fast, cadet,” she says calmly as she pulls you backward, turns you and then tips you over her lap in one easy motion which strongly suggests she’s done this before. You find yourself balanced over her thighs, your crotch pressing against her right leg in a way which is… stimulating. Staring at the smooth floor, you can barely believe that this is happening to you. Terra wraps one strong arm around your waist. You buck instinctively when her palm smooths over your raised bottom. Her touch is essentially intimate, there’s no way it can’t be. Her fingers are inches away from all the most sensitive parts of you, and the feeling of her hand casually resting on your bottom makes your heart race and your body squirm.

“No cadet of mine takes her temper out on her cohort,” she says, lecturing you in that calm voice which makes you feel more ashamed than ever. “I don’t know where you’ve been hiding that temper, but we’re going to work through it.”

As she speaks, her palm is circling your bottom slowly. She hasn’t swatted you yet, but you know that’s coming.

“Do you understand, cadet?”

What do you say?

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PT 6: Bend Over Her Knee

Terra cocks her head and looks at you with her brow raised. “Oh, it’s not what it looks like? What is it then, cadet?”

“Boris always taunts me,” you start to explain. “He was mocking me for failing the test…”

“So you kicked him.”

Now you hear it out of her mouth, it doesn’t sound as justifiable as it felt when your foot met Boris’ shin.

“Are you looking for a combat rating, cadet?”

Her question is dry and possibly sarcastic but you take it literally. You didn’t join to fight. You joined because it was an opportunity to get off your far-flung little hovel and see some of the universe. You’ve signed up in a technical capacity, though all cadets get the same basic training.

You shake your head. “No ma’am.”

Terra plays the loop again, as you wish you could just sink into the floor.

“That’s the most effective thing you’ve done since you came in here,” she muses as you blush furiously. “No hesitation. Pure action.” She almost sounds admiring – until her next sentence. “Unfortunately, that action was to assault a ranking cadet. Do you recall the consequence for that as written in the disciplinary code?”

Of course you can remember. You know the disciplinary code forward and back. Upside down even.

“Yes, ma’am,” you say. “Section II, paragraph 4: Any cadet who engages in hostile behavior towards another cadet is to be put on probation and given corrective training.

“So you know you’re on probation now,” Terra says. “You check in with me three times a day. No matter what.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” she nods. She turns off the loop and turns to the chair. You breathe a sigh of relief, glad that little interlude is over. Being on probation isn’t good, but at least it means you get to see more of Terra.

Wait, what is Terra doing?

She adjusts the chair, pushing the arm rests out of the way and sits in it. You’re surprised and a little confused. Shouldn’t you be sitting in the chair?

“And now for the second part of the punishment,” she says, the word ‘punishment’ sending a tingle through you. “Over my lap, cadet.”

“What!” Your eyes widen and your face is consumed with a heated blush.

“This is the corrective training,” she says. “A good, long spanking should sort you out.”

You thought the corrective training would be drills or extra study. You never knew you could be spanked for what you did. Terra looks at you expectantly, her eyes locked on yours, and crooks her finger in your direction.

What do you do?

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PT 5: In Trouble With Terra

Deciding to get some study in before your next meeting with your instructor, you go back to the dorm and bury your head in your books. You’re pretty good at studying, and you love the material. You might not always get the practical stuff right, but knowing the theory has to help. It got you this far.

You get so deep into your books that before you know it, the dinner hour has come and gone. It’s not until your room mate and her girlfriend come back from their meal that you suddenly realize you’re running late! You scramble to run a brush through your hair, put a little mascara and lipstick on to look your best and rush down to the training chamber. There you find Instructor Terra waiting for you, her arms folded over her chest, an inscrutable expression on her face. She looks… hot, though you don’t like to think of her as hot. That seems sort of disrespectful. But she is a very handsome woman, and because nobody is in the cyber gym at this hour, most of the lights are off around the single chamber. It makes her look somewhat imposing and serious. You find your gaze lingering on her face as you try not to stare. Her eyes are stunning, the blue reflecting the solo light in the chamber. The shadows thrown from it show her face in profile. Her nose is straight and her cheekbones are high. Her face has a feminine strength to it which drew you from the beginning.

“You’re late,” she observes. Before you can get a word in, she keeps talking “But tardiness isn’t your only problem, is it, cadet?”

You don’t know what she’s talking about, until she activates a monitor. It shows a thirty second clip of security footage on loop. Footage showing you stopping to talk to Boris, then kicking him in the shin. There’s no audio, so it just looks as if you decided to kick him for no reason at all. Your eyes widen as you realize how much trouble you’re in.

“I can explain!” You blurt as Terra looks at you with a raised brow.

What do you say?

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PT 4: A Brat Loses Her Temper

You’ve had enough for one day, and you can’t stand Boris’ teasing anymore. Gritting your teeth at his jibe, you kick him hard enough to make him yelp and hop about on one foot. It doesn’t make you feel any better, even though he looks kind of funny jumping around like that, clutching his shin.

“Jeez,” he scowls at you. “What crawled up your ass? You’re getting violent in your old age.”

“Yeah, and you’re getting dumb,” you grumble, pushing past him. He had it coming, but you still feel bad for what you did. Kicking people isn’t behavior becoming of a cadet, and you know it. If Instructor Terra had seen you do that, you’d be in trouble.

The thought of Instructor Terra cheers you up a little. At least she’s going to give you another chance. She doesn’t have to do that. There’s still a few hours before dinner time, which means you’ve got enough time to get some serious study in before you see her again. Then you remember that she specifically told you not to study. She wants you to relax… but relaxing is what the lazy cadets do… isn’t it?

What do you do?

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PT 3: Getting Into Trouble

“Please,” you whimper. “I’m sorry. It’s just, I get the headset on and I forget everything. And it’s not like pushing buttons at random is necessarily a good thing, you know? What if I were in the gunner’s chair and I just pressed buttons? I could blow up a planet!”

“You overthink things,” Instructor Terra says, her gaze softening. “These are simple exercises – and assessments. These tell us a lot about our candidates, their temperaments, how they think, what their strengths and weaknesses are. We don’t have much information on you, because you get hung up wandering around the room on the very first level.”

You’re losing yourself in her words. She has such a nice voice, smooth with just a touch of feminine smokiness in it. And she is beautiful. At least, to you she is. Other cadets have their own preferences, but you’ve had a crush on Terra, as you call her in your head, since day 1 at the academy. She seemed so strong and so elegant when she first called your name and ushered you into her unit, along with fifty other cadets. You were too tongue tied to speak to her, even when the other cadets were badgering her with questions. You’ve barely said two words to her since you got in a month or so ago. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for these single assessments, she probably wouldn’t know you exist.

“I’m sorry,” you say in a small voice. “But please… I can get it right, I know I can.”

Terra nods. “Listen,” she says. “I can’t do another assessment now. There’s another cadet waiting for the machine. But, if you come back after chow tonight, I’ll let you run through it again. Deal?”

“Deal,” you smile, relieved. “Thank you, Instructor Terra.”

She smiles back at you and helps you out of the chair. You feel a tingle where her hand lightly rests on your elbow, and your pulse races as her eyes meet yours.

“Try to relax, cadet,” she smiles. “You’ll do better.”

“Yes ma’am,” you nod, turning to leave. Just as you do, you feel a light swat land on your bottom. It sends a bolt of excitement racing through your loins. Blushing, you turn to see Instructor Terra smiling at you.

“I mean it,” she says gently. “You’re overworking yourself. No study for the rest of today.”

“Yes, ma’am,” you nod, not meeting her gaze. “Thank you, ma’am.”

You leave the room, grinning to yourself, and almost immediately run into Boris. Boris is another cadet in your unit, and he just so happens to be from your village too. You were both selected for the academy at the same time. He’s a little older than you, twenty five years old, to your twenty two. You’ve known him your whole life, and he’s like an older brother to you in some ways – a big, jerky older brother.

“Heard you failed again,” he sneers at you with his big, dopey grin.

What do you do?

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PT 2: Meet Instructor Terra

You turn from the buttons and examine the room. It is a large, empty space so there isn’t all that much to explore. The white walls are smooth, and taste a little like chalk. You run your hands around them to see if there are any hidden doors or switches, but all you end up with is a coating of white powder on your hands. It also tastes like chalk.

The floor is not much better. You jump up and down, hoping to detect any weaknesses or secret doors, but again, you come up without any kind of result. The room is a prison. A prison without doors, windows, or… hope?

Maybe the world is a dichotomy. Maybe you’re just going to have to push one of the buttons after all.

You walk back to the plinth and look at your options. Press. Do not press. Your path forward is clear. Press the blue button. But what if the blue button means something bad? What if the red button is the one you’re actually supposed to press? Oh god! What are you supposed to be doing? Why are you here? What is the thing of anything?


The room fades and then the darkness is pulled from in front of your eyes. You blink a few times and find yourself looking into the disappointed face of your instructor, Ms Nina Terra. She is an attractive woman in her mid-forties, always impeccably presented with her dark hair swept up into an old fashioned chignon. When she smiles, her blue eyes are so warm. She is not smiling now.

“Well,” she says, her ruby lips forming the words carefully. “That was an… interesting approach.”

She takes the headset you were using and returns it to its place on the virtual training simulator.

“Remember,” she says. “This series of tests aren’t about right or wrong. They’re about reaction time. An ability to make decisions quickly and decisively. You didn’t make it past the first level. I’m afraid that’s a fail.”

You bite your lower lip to keep from swearing out loud. You just can’t seem to get the hang of these advanced simulations. If you don’t get your grades up soon, you will fail out of the academy. And if you fail out of the academy, you’re going back to your little village in a colony at the edge of the star system.

What do you do, cadet?

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PT 1: Your Adventure Begins

You wake from a dreamless sleep to find yourself in a plain room entirely empty aside from a plinth with two buttons. The button on the left reads “DO NOT PRESS”. The button on the right reads: “PRESS ME PLS”

What do you do?

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A Stern Lecture…

From my latest Lesbia WIP… edited to prevent spoilers… but not so edited you don’t get a taste for what is coming 🙂

“I think you have fallen neatly into old habits. You find the innocent, the sweet, and you take them for yourself. Is it nice, Ayla, to remember what it once was to be innocent? To see infatuation, lust, perhaps even love in their eyes?”

“Go away,” Ayla said abruptly. “I do not wish to speak with you any longer.”

“Ah, but you are not in control now,” Riva reminded her. “I am not some dripping damsel who will do as you say. I am your instructor. And I am not well pleased with you.”

“A pity for you that I do not care,” Ayla replied calmly. She was not the type to quiver at harsh words or to be cowed by a stern lecture.

“You are used to being mistress of your domain. Here, I am mistress. You have done the most outrageous thing you could have done. Perhaps you think that would lead to your release, perhaps even exile. But it has changed nothing. You are still a captive here. You are still confined to this little room, and…” Riva’s voice dropped into a scolding maternal tone… “you are still a willful, disobedient outcast who never learned how to behave properly in good society.”

A flash of outrage flared in Ayla’s gaze. It was quite understandable. In Lesbia, she had been regarded as elegant and masterful. She had held thousands in thrall. But this woman, Riva, treated her as little more than a delinquent.

Sleepy McSchedule

I have done terrible things to my sleep schedule. Shocking, horrible, awful things. Being awake at weird times isn’t good for many activities, but it turns out it’s totally great for doing design to things. Allow myself to present to you the cover AND title (bonus title, limited time only) of the next Lesbia book!

Have you subscribbled to my newsletter yet? Several people have subscribed and not confirmed the subscription, which means the link to the Bad Witch download doesn’t show up, so that’s not awesome. Check your junk or trash or rubbish, depending on your locale and see if the email is there.

Top Thank Yous :D

MANY huge thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of The Warrior’s Heart 🙂

Lesbia is a niche within a niche within a corner within a niche, so it’s rarely a best seller, but it is exceptionally close to my heart and I appreciate everyone who supports my work by purchasing it.

Super thanks to those who not only bought the book, but left a review. Not everyone can, but I appreciate those who do. It makes a real difference to me, and I want those who take the time to do that to know that I’m really grateful – in a way that is actually difficult to express.

Though it might not seem like it, Lesbia is a team effort. For several years, across a wide range of life experiences and events, including multiple earthquakes and many other occurrences which I don’t tend to share, I’ve been telling the story of these charmed ladies. Lesbia is my longest work, the one which has parts of me and my life woven through it inextricably. But it doesn’t really come to life until a reader puts their eyes to the page and shares in the journeys of Ayla, Kira and the many other characters. There is magic in Lesbia, but it doesn’t exist without you.

Last year was a slow writing year for many reasons. Some of them were tragic, others were so funny I wish I could share them more widely. Some were both at the same time. This year will be different. (Insofar as I can control that.) I’ve decided to write the next installment of Lesbia offline for several reasons, because it’s something different, and because this next book is going to be, in some ways, the culmination of six years of writing. Ayla has always been the central character of the Lesbia stories, and yet she has also managed to keep herself on the periphery, putting those she cares for first. In the next book, there is nowhere for the witch to hide. It is her turn to become the vulnerable one…

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to sign up for the newsletter I mention in the blog post before this one. It’s going to be my way of keeping in closer touch with people who love these stories too.

And look at that, I have digressed myself. The future is yet to fut, but I am extremely grateful for everything and everyone who has made Lesbia what it was in the past and present.

Pippin of Sapphic Kinks Strikes Again :)

One of the pleasures I’ve had over my years in the F/F kink scene is watching pippin’s website, Sapphic Kinks grow as an artful testament to all things lesbian. It’s beautiful in every way, and she has been kind enough to contribute her talents here, both in the header for SB, and now also the header for Lesbia as well. Such shininess and production quality! 😀

Check out pippin’s work over on Lesbia, and the first installment of the new Lesbia book, which promises to be the most intense yet…