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PT 110: Going Gray

“She was just doing her job,” you mumble through the wet drizzle of the lukewarm shower. “I kinda… I mean… she warned me.”

Terra cocks her head to the side, silent for a long moment. You can tell that you’ve surprised her. “That’s very mature of you, Cadet,” she says. “Come and see me when you’re done showering.”
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PT 109: Going Home To Terra

“So I’m allowed to hit you? Terra would…” you shake your head. You don’t even know what Terra would do, but you’re sure it wouldn’t be pretty.

“I don’t recommend you try it on anyone else,” Gray smirks. “I don’t even recommend doing it to me again. That was your first and last free shot, Cadet. You take another swing at me that isn’t part of a drill and I’ll make whatever Terra would do to you look like a resort holiday. You understand?”

Yeah. You understand. You nod quickly.

“You forget how to talk, Cadet?”

“I understand.”

Her eyes narrow at you. “Did you forget how to address a superior officer?”
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PT 108: A Ruthless Instructor

Awesome poll results, totally not what I expected 🙂 I thought way more people would be in favor of running to Terra, and way fewer people would be so eager for push ups. Seeing as we practically had a tie, I’ve written an installment which covers both. Hope you enjoy!

Angry at how she’s talking to you, but eager to prove yourself, you start doing push ups. That doesn’t mean you do them quietly. “I might be spoiled,” you grunt. “But at least I’m not a bully who sucker hits people.”

“You think I’m a bully, Cadet?” You can hear the smirk in her voice. “Good. I don’t care if you hate me. Hell, it’s better if you do. I’m here to make sure when you meet an enemy, you know how to kill them before they kill you.” Continue reading

PT 107: Instructor Gray

You head to the gym with a feeling of foreboding. You’re academy fit, which means you can run two miles in eighteen minutes and do twenty push ups. Academy fit doesn’t really mean much, and judging by the way the two young soldiers you just saw looked, they’re probably fitter than you are. That didn’t seem to help them much.


As you walk through the gym door, a screech rends the air. Before you can even turn to look, you’re knocked off your feet. You land flat on the floor, the air knocked out from you, a woman crouched on top. You have no idea where she came from, but a pair of hazel green and gold eyes are narrowed at you in triumph.
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PT 106: Cadet’s Choice

Terra is at the cabin when you get back with Grisham. She’s sitting on the couch, working through a stack of tablets and papers and maps. She looks intensely busy and very focused.

“Instructor Credenza’s report was positive,” Grisham says as you and she enter the room.

“Good,” Terra nods without so much as looking up at you. “Quick meal break, then there’s Instructor Gray after lunch.”

You follow Grisham through to the small kitchen at the back of the cabin. There you lean against the cabinet and eat a sandwhich out of foil. Grisham makes herself a hot drink and stands across from you, sipping it. The door to the living area is open, and Terra is only a few feet away, but she may as well be miles away. Continue reading

PT 105: The Wrong Side Of Bed

“I pissed her off? How?”

“Get some breakfast in you, Cadet,” Grisham says, ignoring your question. “You’ve got…”

“Ugh, 42 seconds or something like that, right? What the hell is going on?!”

“Go eat,” Grisham repeats, swatting your butt. “Make it quick. We need to get you trained as quickly as possible. Personal matters are going to have to wait.”

There’s cereal in the kitchen. You end up standing against the counter, shoveling spoonfuls into your mouth, crunching annoyedly. Every day seems to bring something new and unpleasant into your life. Grisham is just following Terra’s orders, you guess. Terra doesn’t seem to be around anymore, nor does Sarah. It’s just you, getting your ass whipped up and down the camp. Continue reading

PT 104: Own Your Orgasm

You don’t stop, but you do try to get a little quieter. You hold your breath as your fingers slip deeper inside your body, the heel of your hand grinding against your clit. It’s sort of awkward and not the most physically pleasurable thing you’ve ever done, but the fact that Terra is lying just feet away, having essentially forbidden you to cum makes your orgasm start to flower from your clit and spread throughout the pleasure pathways of your body almost immediately.
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PT 103: Love According To Terra

“No, ma’am, I’ve never been in love.”

“Well, let me tell you what falling in love is like, Cadet,” she says. “It is like having your heart torn out and replaced with something bigger, but much more fragile. You’re never the same after you fall in love, and the first time… that is the time that sets the standard for all other times, all other loves. And when you fall that first time, Cadet… there will be nothing else. For hours, days, weeks. Some part of you will be focused on the one you love at all times. To call love a distraction is an understatement, Cadet.”
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PT 102: A Talk With Terra

“Good girl,” Terra smiles as you tentatively move your fingers from between your legs, leaving yourself vulnerable to her punishment.

“Please, ma’am,” you whimper. “I am sorry. I did forget.”

“What did you forget?” Her palm is low on your belly, her eyes warm but intense.

“You…” you say, in almost a whisper. “I mean, not you, of course. I mean, I know who you are, but I…”

“You forgot that I am not someone to be crossed lightly, Cadet. And you probably still don’t know the lengths to which I would go to maintain control when necessary. But you forgot something even more important. Something I told you at the very beginning when you first joined this unit.”

You gulp. “What, ma’am?”

She leans in further, a fraction of an inch bringing her impossibly close. “What you really forgot, Cadet, is that I own you.”
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PT 101: Terra’s Retort

66% of readers thought that flipping Terra off was a good idea… shall we see if they were correct?

You keep silent and let your finger do the talking, the middle digit rising in defiance of Terra and her warning.

Her brows rise as she takes the gesture in, as well as the smirk which establishes itself on your lips.

She lets your shirt go and stands up, looking down at you. There is a long silence in which she examines you, her gaze running over and through you. You’re not certain what to do, and slowly your finger, once held so erect, curls down on itself and returns to a less offensive position.
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PT 100: A Night With Terra

“Sarah’s really rude to me,” you mention as you slide into the big comfortable double bed just a few feet away from Terra.

“I know,” Terra agrees, turning back her own covers. “I don’t think that’s going to last much longer now that Grisham has appointed herself your knight in shining armor.”

“Shouldn’t…” you hesitate before finishing the sentence, then do it anyway. “Shouldn’t you have stopped her? In the beginning?”

Terra’s brows rise in your direction as she sits on her bed, facing you.
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