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PT 90: Cadet or Soldier

“I dont have a super butt,” you whimper, tears rolling down your cheeks. That spanking hurt a lot and you can’t even pretend to be brave anymore. Everything is ouch.

Seeing defeat in your eyes, Grisham makes a tutting sound and pulls you into a hug, abandoning discipline for comfort. You bury your face in her chest, your tears sinking into her uniform as she snuggles you close.

“You more than earned that,” she murmurs against the side of your head, her lips pressing a kiss to your hair. “But you’re my girl, Cadet. I hope I don’t have to do that again any time soon.”

Your bottom is still burning. Her palm has left what feel like indelible prints on your flesh and you know the ache isn’t going to abate any time soon.

Grisham takes her time soothing and settling you, until your tears dry and your breathing settles from sobs into a more relaxed rhythm. The entire time she holds you close, the same hand that spanked you so hard soothing your poor sore cheeks with soft rubs and pats. In response to your muffled whimpers, she makes gentle sounds of sympathy, until finally you do feel better. Emotionally, at least

“Now, are you ready to be a soldier? Or do you want to stay my little cadet?” She smiles down at you warmly, a hint of sternness in her gaze.

You’re not ready to be a soldier just yet. Being cuddled after a spanking, that’s a cadet thing, you’re pretty sure. Being held close to Grisham’s strong but soft in all the right places body gives you a sense of contentment you could just sink into forever.

“Cadet, huh,” she smiles at you as you wriggle against her. “Well, that’s okay. I’m going to call Terra over the radio and have them bring the heli to us. You are going to get in that sleeping bag and take a nap.”

It’s an order, not a suggestion and Grisham helps you get back into nap readyness. You wriggle into the sleeping bag, then she sits back against the wall and lets you lay curled up between her long legs, your head resting on her thigh.

It’s hard to keep your eyes open, they feel so heavy after all the excitement, and even though your butt still aches, you feel Grisham’s affection and protection as she keeps watch over you. Her fingers play gently through your hair as you drift off to sleep.

PT 86: The Spanking You Need

“I really don’t,” you say, squirming for the ground. “Just let me go already, so I can do your bidding, ma’am. I really want to follow your orders right now.”

“You think being a sarcastic little brat is a good move, Cadet?” Grisham gives you a little shake. Her expression is stern, her dark eyes narrowed with displeasure. On some level, you’re aware that you’re not acting remotely professionally, but on another, you really don’t care.

“I have to prove myself to you,” you say. “So I do want to follow your orders. I want to follow every order you can think of.”

“Okay,” Grisham says, lowering you back to your feet. “How’s this for an order. Bend over and hold your ankles.” Continue reading

PT 84: Respect and other things…

“I gave my word once. I’m in this unit for good or bad, hell or high water,” you say, meaning every word. As scary and strange as this all is, there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

“Thank you, Cadet,” Terra says, her eyes warm with appreciation. “You owe us nothing, but you’re prepared to give everything. I will do my best to make sure you are safe. I have no desire to see anyone hurt any further than they already have been.”

“No,” Sarah pipes up suddenly. “She’s going to need too much babysitting. Send her home.”
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PT 83: The Final Terra

O.M.G I am going to be releasing a new book soon. Soon as in a week or two or something like that. Soon as in, something exciting and N.E.W! Soon as in, ohhhh yesssss some hot lesbian discipline with a top who knows how to keep control and a bottom who knows how to keep the top on her toes.

For now, I return you to Cadet and friends in their cave.

Grisham’s fingers move slowly inside you, teasing and pleasuring you with a slow touch as you attempt to answer Terra’s question.

“Uhm… yes, ma’am,” you mumble, avoiding looking Terra in the eyes. It’s surprising how Grisham seems so willing to act out like this, claiming you right in front of Terra. Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe she’s still not really over the way Terra treated her back at base. You’re not sure you would be.

“Well I hope you’re settled now,” Terra says. “Because what I have to say is serious.”
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PT 82: Orgasm

Grisham’s climax comes hot on the heels of her moaned surprise as you work her pussy with eagerness not only to give her an orgasm, but to prove that you are a capable lover. For the first time since your meeting, you are not a helpless pawn in a game that doesn’t even seem to be Chess. With every little lick and lap, you are in control, bringing her pleasure. This is the most equal you’ve felt since joining the Academy, and to be able to finally have the woman who has spanked you and stripped you quivering at the tip of your tongue feels amazing.
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PT 81: A Talented Cadet

(This installment begins to get explicit and Cadet gets sexually proactive. You have been warned. Or titillated.)

You give Grisham a playful little grin and nip at her lower lip, harder this time.

“I’m willing to take the consequences of my actions, ma’am,” you murmur, grinding against her as your lips meet in another kiss.

Her hand slides up your back and her fingers grasp your hair. She holds your face less than an inch from her mouth and shakes her head firmly. “I am not going to sleep with you, Cadet. Not while I’m commanding you.”

“Really? Because it feels like you’re already halfway to fucking me,” you moan as her fingers continue to press against your sex.
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PT 80: Kissing Grisham

“So, uhm, back at the base, when you took all my clothes off me… Sarah says that’s not any kind of standard disciplinary procedure,” you say. “She thinks you were, uhm…”

“It’s not standard,” Grisham agrees. “What is standard is putting you in a cell for as long as it takes to break you and chewing you out every opportunity I get. What is standard is loading you up with enough kit that you can barely walk and making you run until you drop. What’s standard is taking a cane to your butt until it looks like a washboard. No offense, Cadet, but I don’t think you can take standard, so I got inventive.”

“That’s the only reason?” Continue reading

PT 79: A Question For Grisham

“I’m going to take Sarah out,” Terra says, reaching around to unsnap the cuffs holding Sarah’s wrists. “We need to walk and talk. Grisham, would you stay here with Cadet, please?”

Terra’s tone with Grisham is a world away from how it was. You wonder what happened between them once they realized you and Sarah had escaped again. Maybe they joined forces and came to terms. Or maybe it’s just Terra’s relief at finally telling Sarah what really happened all those years ago that’s making her speak with more respect. Either way, they seem to be getting on well now.

Terra and Sarah depart. You’re left sitting up against the cave wall in your sleeping bag with Grisham standing over you.

“I guess this isn’t going to be the same kind of emotional reunion for us as it was for them,” you quip, noting her stony stern expression as her dark eyes bore down into you.
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PT 78: Who Is Mother?

First things first, a huge THANK YOU to pippin of Sapphic Kinks, who made the hot new banner for this series. Sapphic Kinks is a website like no other, an artful repository of everything lesbian and kinky.

Secondly, I’ve started work on what I am hoping will be a new book. It’s a crossover between Lesbia and the Iskendar series which more or less began my F/F web writing seven years ago. It’s the evolution of what was going to be my next Ayla based book, and I’m having fun with it, hopefully it will be fun to read too. So updates may or may not be slower or faster here as I do that. Okay, back to Cadet.

“Get the hell off me, Grisham,” Sarah snarls. Grisham has her pinned hard. It doesn’t look comfortable at all, the way she’s pushed into the uneven ground. It would probably hurt you, but Sarah’s more physically resilient in a lot of ways.

“Hell no, girl,” Grisham says. She kneels up and snaps a pair of handcuffs on Sarah’s wrists. “You’re going to be spending a lot of time in my jail,” she adds. “You’re going to see a lot of me. We’re going to get real close, you and I.”

You’ve heard that threatening tone before, when you first met Grisham. Of course, in your case, you ended up with a nice hot shower and a comfortable bed. Sarah probably won’t be that lucky.

“I’m not going to spend more than a day in your jail,” Sarah snaps back. “You think I can’t break out again? You think I’m not going to turn those concrete walls of yours into dust? Hell, I’ll chew my way out of there if I have to.”
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PT 77: What Comes Next

“So did you sleep with her?”

Sarah asks the question as you clean up the plates and cookware and pack them away. If you have to leave quickly, you’re going to want to be prepared and packed. You’re not even sure if you’ll bother with the sleeping bag, as there’s a decent chance Nina and Grisham will find you before you get to sleep. Even with Sarah’s impressive burst of speed, they were only a matter of minutes behind you at the outset. Maybe you’ve extended your lead, or maybe they’re just outside that stone barricade, waiting for you to come out like a pair of rats in a hole…

“Hey, did you hear me?”

“Huh?” You look at Sarah. “Sorry, what?”

“Grisham,” she snorts. “You were mostly naked when I found you in her room.”

“No,” you say. “I didn’t sleep with her. She wasn’t trying to sleep with me anyway.”

“Uh huh, she was just getting you naked, because why, procedure? There’s no military procedure that puts a soldier in panties,” Sarah arches her brows. “She was trying to sleep with you, Cadet.”

“She specifically said she wasn’t.”

“Right. Because that’s how it works. She could be two knuckles deep inside you and you’d think she wasn’t fucking you,” Sarah snorts. “You’re so damn innocent.”
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