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PT 121: Mrs Gray

Cadet woke up in the early hours of the morning, her stomach growling. Slipping out of bed, she padded toward the kitchen to get something to eat. There was a light on in the room, and she found Grisham’s tall form stretched out in one of the chairs next to the table.

“Hey,” she nodded toward Cadet.

“Hi,” Cadet said. “Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be up. I’m just really hungry.”

Grisham gave a small shrug and waved her hand toward the refrigerator.

Cadet grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster. She didn’t feel hungry enough to eat a full meal, even though it had been way too long since she last ate. She just needed something to make the growling nausea go away.
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PT 120: A Persistent Top

“Put me down! Now!” Cadet squealed as Gray carried her back into the bedroom. “I told you I’m not part of this unit anymore. I’m quitting! I’m going home!”

“That is not how any of this works,” Gray said, setting Cadet on her feet, then giving her a light push back onto the bed. Cadet let out a gasp as her sore butt touched the mattress and rolled onto her side to avoid putting weight on it.

“You heard her! I’m not cadet material.”
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PT 119: Uncomfortable Truths

At the very crescendo of the spanking Cadet’s furious cries finally turned to pleas for mercy. Gray stopped almost immediately. She had been waiting for that point all along, and it had taken a lot longer to reach than she’d hoped. Cadet’s rebellion had a fire to it that wasn’t going to go out easy.

Gray slid back and kneeled, running her pink palmed hand through her hair, pushing it to the side before resting her hand on her thigh. Cadet squirmed below her, the length of her thighs and the rounds of her bottom a solid red hue. Compared to Gray’s hard body, clad in tight uniform which clung to every line of her body, Cadet was soft and rounded, her curves not yet giving way to the harsh exercise regimen.
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PT 118: Handle With Care

Pure relief coursed through Cadet’s body when she saw Terra. A guard had already been by to uncuff her, but every minute in the cell felt like a year. It was small and it was gross and the toilet faced right out into the walkway with zero privacy. Cadet really didn’t want to have to use it.

“Oh my god, I’m so glad you came,” she exclaimed as Terra’s silhouette appeared outside the cell.

“Mhm,” Terra raised a well shaped brow as she stepped into the corona of light shed by the single light fixture outside and cast her enigmatic gaze on the unfortunate prisoner. “You might change your mind about that soon, Cadet.”
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PT 117: Telling Terra

Leaving the brat in the cells, Gray walked across the base to the cabin where Terra was stationed and knocked on the door. The woman who answered was too good looking to be in a backwoods military base. Captain Nina Terra. Her legend preceded her whenever she went and even Gray felt a little tingle at finding herself in the woman’s presence. She just looked the part. Tall, composed, excellent bone structure, raven dark hair framing a face of uncommon beauty. She carried herself with the air of an aristocrat.

“Gray,” Terra said, crimson lips parting in a smile, her voice husky with a natural tone that was inherently seductive.

Gray straightened and stiffened. She wasn’t sure about Terra, not at all. In her experience, Nobody this good looking could be a good person.
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PT 116: Through Gray Eyes

I’m changing tense and perspective! This would usually be frowned upon in books that have actual pages and sit around on shelves looking all self-important, but this is happening online and everybody knows the internet isn’t real, so I think I’ll get away with it. Plus the sun went out this week, and if the sun can go around just being dark in the middle of the day and sparking discussions about whether or not dogs look at it, well, who is to tell writers what to do?

Gray stared down the little brat, cuffed and pale and stammering some kind of excuse which didn’t begin to wash. She’d seen soldiers like Cadet before. They thought they knew everything and because their actions were couched in good intentions, they figured breaking protocol was okay. She was about to teach this girl that it wasn’t.

“Please… ma’am,” Cadet stammered. “This is all a misunderstanding.”

“No, it’s not.”
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PT 115: Paving With Good Intentions

Caught between the desire to beat Jodie, and the equally powerful desire to sit down and smoke with her, you instead snatch the joint from her fingers.

“Go back to the cabin,” you point with your free hand as you prepare to drop the joint and stamp it out. “Go have a shower.”

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Terra’s Dairy

While Cadet deals with Jodie in the forest… Terra makes an entry in her diary.

As we approach the onset of a campaign I have been planning since I first discovered my superiors’ betrayal, I am beginning to feel a certain reluctance. I sit here in a peaceful cabin surrounded by forest and I wish fervently that I did not have to do what I must do. Those I honored, served, and above all, trusted, took my body as their own and removed tissue to create what they believed to be perfect soldiers. Of all those created, I have recovered but one, and she is wounded in mind and heart.

It is so strange to look into her eyes and see myself somehow incarnate, but without the benefit of the love and care which I was given as a girl. I do not know what male part went into her, but I see the parts which came from me, twisted by cruel fate. I wish I could undo all that has been done, but it is too late for that. All I can do now is help her to adjust. One day, perhaps she will be happy. For the moment, all I can offer her is a form of revenge in helping to free the last of our line.

Securing freedom for the last soul trapped by the manipulation of my genes is important to both her and I, but I cannot forget that it could come with a price much higher than I would like.

Cadet is of most concern to me. I have seen many young soldiers go to war. It’s true that tens of thousands have come to maturity on the battlefield. For reasons I cannot entirely explain, I am reluctant to expose her to the worst of what is to come. She has taken to her training well, though her natural empathy and sense of fairness continues to cause her trouble.

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PT 114: Diplomacy Works?

“Jodie, come on,” you say. “I’m going to get in trouble if you don’t do as you’re told. So go grab a shower, okay?”

“Okay,” Jodie says. “Just for you, Cadet.”

You show her to the showers and grab her some spare clothes to change into. Then you leave her to get cleaned up and return to the main cabin where Terra is working on her tablets again.

“Is she in the shower?” Terra asks, looking up from her work.

“Yes, see. You don’t need to yell at people and hit them,” you say. “Instructor Gray is going to eat her words tomorrow.”
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PT 113: A Problem Brat

“Go easy on her,” you say as Gray reaches you. “She was just trying to…”

“Disobey orders?” Instructor Gray growls the words at you. She has the rod in her hand and you know that either you or Jodie is probably going to be feeling it very soon.

“She doesn’t understand how this all works,” you say. “It’s got to be strange for her, coming from a rebel group to…”

Gray pushes you to the side firmly, but not roughly. “She knows what ‘come here’ means,” she says, grasping Jodie by the front of her shirt. “Go home, Cadet. See you tomorrow.”
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PT 112: Indecision

Torn by indecision, you stop running and just look at the pair, your eyes going from the tearful Jodie to Instructor Gray.

“You’re not done with your thirty laps,” Gray says, her voice like steel.

“She’s… she’s not okay,” you say. “She’s not ready for this.”

You find yourself on the wrong end of a withering stare. “How would you know, Cadet? Have you trained anyone before?”
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PT 111: Over Her Thighs

“I do want Instructor Gray to train me,” you say. “But, I can’t promise I’ll stay out of trouble.”

“You better stay out of trouble,” Terra says swiftly, her beautiful blue eyes narrowing at you. “Because if you come back in a state like today again, you’re going to be in trouble with me. And Grisham, if she’s here.”

“What!?” You gasp. “What… that’s not fair.”

“I don’t care if it’s fair. You keep your nose clean with Instructor Gray,” Terra says firmly. “You’ve chosen to train with her, so you’re accepting the consequences of that.”

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