PT 103: Love According To Terra

“No, ma’am, I’ve never been in love.”

“Well, let me tell you what falling in love is like, Cadet,” she says. “It is like having your heart torn out and replaced with something bigger, but much more fragile. You’re never the same after you fall in love, and the first time… that is the time that sets the standard for all other times, all other loves. And when you fall that first time, Cadet… there will be nothing else. For hours, days, weeks. Some part of you will be focused on the one you love at all times. To call love a distraction is an understatement, Cadet.”

She speaks with a passion which makes you tingle and spark with jealousy. You wonder who it was that Terra first fell for, who inspired this little lecture which leaves you speechless.

“Love is not a little thing, Cadet. And it cannot be contained. I know that better than anyone. And I know that you are on the precipice of it. You are ready for it.”

She reaches out and brushes your hair from your eyes with a gentle hand. You feel as though you are falling into her gaze, that beautiful blue drawing you deeper and deeper as your body rolls out of organic instinct, turning toward her. Your lips part but there are no words there, just the desire to kiss her.

Terra smiles sweetly and places her fingertip on your mouth, closing your lips again.

“Keep your heart, Cadet,” she says gently. “Guard yourself against that first love, because that will mark you forever.”

Her words have such distinct dissonance to her actions. You are lying together on the bed, she has caressed you, she has tempted you, and now she is rejecting you.

“Do you like playing with me, Terra?” The question escapes your lips.

“I am not playing with you, Cadet,” she says, an expression of faint surprise passing over her beautiful features.

“What you say and what you do… your words could make me love you. Lying here with me now… could make me love you.”

She draws a deep breath. “I see,” she says, slowly. “Yes, you’re right, Cadet. Disciplining you brings out a side of me…” she trails off. “I’m sorry. I truly don’t mean to lead you on or confuse you.”

“But you are,” you say. “I’ve been confused since I met you. You’re like… a kaleidoscope woman. Every time I look at you, you’re a little different. Beautiful, but I never really know what you mean.”

Terra’s lips spread into a smile. “A kaleidoscope woman,” she repeats. “I suppose I must seem that way to you. I cannot make myself plain to you, Cadet. It is not my place to do so. But I will try not to confuse you further.”

She draws away and you feel a pang of pain in your stomach. You almost wish you hadn’t called her out, but you had to. It was driving you mad.

“Get some sleep, Cadet,” she says, standing up and returning to her own bed. “We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

You slide into your bed and she gets into hers and there you are, separated by a few feet of space which might as well be an endless chasm for how effectively it isolates you in your bed. Terra turns off the light and wishes you a good night’s sleep.

As you lie there in the darkness, listening to the soft sound of Terra breathing, you think about what she said to you about love, and you feel the tingling low in your pussy. Your hand slides beneath the waistband of your underclothes and you touch yourself, finding yourself wet where Terra’s hand once was. Your fingers trail hesitantly along the wet seam of your lips, curling as they find the entrance of your body. Holding your breath, you push the tips of your middle and ring finger inside yourself, just a little, just enough to satisfy the desire to have something there.

Your palm moves in little circles beneath the blankets and sheets, small movements so you can’t be obviously caught, the heel of your hand pressing against your clit as you are reduced to pleasuring yourself in the silence of the shared night.


Terra’s voice makes your hand freeze.

“Yes ma’am?” You try not to be too breathy with your answer.

“Go to sleep.”

Your blush could light the darkness, but fortunately doesn’t.

“I am going to sleep, ma’am,” you say, your voice a little squeaky.

“We both know what you’re doing,” Terra replies sternly, her voice melodic and husky. “Stop it and go to sleep.”

What do you do?

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