PT 101: Terra’s Retort

66% of readers thought that flipping Terra off was a good idea… shall we see if they were correct?

You keep silent and let your finger do the talking, the middle digit rising in defiance of Terra and her warning.

Her brows rise as she takes the gesture in, as well as the smirk which establishes itself on your lips.

She lets your shirt go and stands up, looking down at you. There is a long silence in which she examines you, her gaze running over and through you. You’re not certain what to do, and slowly your finger, once held so erect, curls down on itself and returns to a less offensive position.

“You’ve gotten cocky, Cadet. And rude besides,” Terra says finally. “I remember when you used to blush every time you looked at me.”

“Maybe I’ve grown up some since I was a cadet.”

“That was less than a month ago,” she reminds you.

“I’ve grown up quick,” you say, the smile still on your lips.

“I’m not sure I’d agree with that,” she says sternly. “If anything, you’re behaving with less maturity than you ever have.”

She seems almost uncertain as to what to do with you. Not in a sense of being unsure of herself, more in a sense of being so surprised by your reaction that she is having to change her idea of you entirely.

You can understand her surprise. When you were in the Academy, you would have done anything for her approval. And now, well, you knew that giving her the finger wasn’t exactly the way to earn an expression of pleasure.

“Have I lost your respect, Cadet? Have I shared too much?”

“No!” You’re shocked by the question. “Of course not, ma’am.”

“If that isn’t the reason, then this little display must be a provocation,” she muses. “Do you think it is wise to provoke me, Cadet?” She asks the question with a slow feminine drawl, her eyes lit with a dominant expression which makes your stomach burst into butterflies.

Maybe you had forgotten precisely who Terra was. Maybe you never truly knew. You’re seeing something now, for sure.

“Grisham did have a point earlier,” Terra says, bending down to put one hand on each of your thighs. “This is a small unit, and we have a personal mission. Handling you like a typical soldier is probably pointless. But I cannot let discipline lapse now, can I?”

She spreads your thighs, your legs opening for her as you stare at her, enthralled. Her presence makes your head spin and stops rational thought. You don’t even consider resistance as she positions you with your legs wide then puts a hand on your chest and gently presses you back against the bed so you are lying vulnerable in front of her.

“Remember this, Cadet,” she says, her gaze locking with yours. “The next time you feel like rebelling against me…”

You let out a gasp as Terra’s hand covers your short covered mound and rubs it for a moment… you can hardly believe that this is happening. She’s touching you with explicit eroticism, your cloth clad sex responding to the touch of…


Her hand slides away and returns with a sharp slap. You weren’t expecting her to spank your pussy and the sudden sting makes you buck up from the bed, but Terra is ready for that. She moves with an almost snake like grace down next to you, one hand pinning you to the bed by your midsection as the other finds your poor tender pussy again.


Another burst of sting rushes over your sex.

“Ow! Terra!” You gasp, reaching down to cover your pussy.

“Move your hands, Cadet,” she orders, her lips just inches from your mouth, her determined eyes boring into yours.

What next, Cadet?

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