PT 6: Bend Over Her Knee

Terra cocks her head and looks at you with her brow raised. “Oh, it’s not what it looks like? What is it then, cadet?”

“Boris always taunts me,” you start to explain. “He was mocking me for failing the test…”

“So you kicked him.”

Now you hear it out of her mouth, it doesn’t sound as justifiable as it felt when your foot met Boris’ shin.

“Are you looking for a combat rating, cadet?”

Her question is dry and possibly sarcastic but you take it literally. You didn’t join to fight. You joined because it was an opportunity to get off your far-flung little hovel and see some of the universe. You’ve signed up in a technical capacity, though all cadets get the same basic training.

You shake your head. “No ma’am.”

Terra plays the loop again, as you wish you could just sink into the floor.

“That’s the most effective thing you’ve done since you came in here,” she muses as you blush furiously. “No hesitation. Pure action.” She almost sounds admiring – until her next sentence. “Unfortunately, that action was to assault a ranking cadet. Do you recall the consequence for that as written in the disciplinary code?”

Of course you can remember. You know the disciplinary code forward and back. Upside down even.

“Yes, ma’am,” you say. “Section II, paragraph 4: Any cadet who engages in hostile behavior towards another cadet is to be put on probation and given corrective training.

“So you know you’re on probation now,” Terra says. “You check in with me three times a day. No matter what.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” she nods. She turns off the loop and turns to the chair. You breathe a sigh of relief, glad that little interlude is over. Being on probation isn’t good, but at least it means you get to see more of Terra.

Wait, what is Terra doing?

She adjusts the chair, pushing the arm rests out of the way and sits in it. You’re surprised and a little confused. Shouldn’t you be sitting in the chair?

“And now for the second part of the punishment,” she says, the word ‘punishment’ sending a tingle through you. “Over my lap, cadet.”

“What!” Your eyes widen and your face is consumed with a heated blush.

“This is the corrective training,” she says. “A good, long spanking should sort you out.”

You thought the corrective training would be drills or extra study. You never knew you could be spanked for what you did. Terra looks at you expectantly, her eyes locked on yours, and crooks her finger in your direction.

What do you do?

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