PT 5: In Trouble With Terra

Deciding to get some study in before your next meeting with your instructor, you go back to the dorm and bury your head in your books. You’re pretty good at studying, and you love the material. You might not always get the practical stuff right, but knowing the theory has to help. It got you this far.

You get so deep into your books that before you know it, the dinner hour has come and gone. It’s not until your room mate and her girlfriend come back from their meal that you suddenly realize you’re running late! You scramble to run a brush through your hair, put a little mascara and lipstick on to look your best and rush down to the training chamber. There you find Instructor Terra waiting for you, her arms folded over her chest, an inscrutable expression on her face. She looks… hot, though you don’t like to think of her as hot. That seems sort of disrespectful. But she is a very handsome woman, and because nobody is in the cyber gym at this hour, most of the lights are off around the single chamber. It makes her look somewhat imposing and serious. You find your gaze lingering on her face as you try not to stare. Her eyes are stunning, the blue reflecting the solo light in the chamber. The shadows thrown from it show her face in profile. Her nose is straight and her cheekbones are high. Her face has a feminine strength to it which drew you from the beginning.

“You’re late,” she observes. Before you can get a word in, she keeps talking “But tardiness isn’t your only problem, is it, cadet?”

You don’t know what she’s talking about, until she activates a monitor. It shows a thirty second clip of security footage on loop. Footage showing you stopping to talk to Boris, then kicking him in the shin. There’s no audio, so it just looks as if you decided to kick him for no reason at all. Your eyes widen as you realize how much trouble you’re in.

“I can explain!” You blurt as Terra looks at you with a raised brow.

What do you say?

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