PT 7: Taken Over Her Lap

You’ve been trained to obey, but this is one order you just can’t obey. It’s far too embarrassing. You’ve dreamed about what it would feel like for Terra to touch you, but not like this. You turn, but before you can even take a step, Terra grabs you by the back of the collar.

“Not so fast, cadet,” she says calmly as she pulls you backward, turns you and then tips you over her lap in one easy motion which strongly suggests she’s done this before. You find yourself balanced over her thighs, your crotch pressing against her right leg in a way which is… stimulating. Staring at the smooth floor, you can barely believe that this is happening to you. Terra wraps one strong arm around your waist. You buck instinctively when her palm smooths over your raised bottom. Her touch is essentially intimate, there’s no way it can’t be. Her fingers are inches away from all the most sensitive parts of you, and the feeling of her hand casually resting on your bottom makes your heart race and your body squirm.

“No cadet of mine takes her temper out on her cohort,” she says, lecturing you in that calm voice which makes you feel more ashamed than ever. “I don’t know where you’ve been hiding that temper, but we’re going to work through it.”

As she speaks, her palm is circling your bottom slowly. She hasn’t swatted you yet, but you know that’s coming.

“Do you understand, cadet?”

What do you say?

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