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Atrocious Lex PT 9: Non-Consensual Bathing

This is getting saucy, and I’m not referring to the muddy bath water.

Atrocious Lex | Part Nine

As Atrocious’ eyesight began to return so did her native bravado. Far from cowing her, the pain in her behind only served to fuel a violent rebellion which manifested in her hauling herself completely off Ayla’s lap. Her hands had been scrabbling at the floor in front of her the whole time she was being spanked and Ayla, apparently lulled into a false sense of security by Atrocious’ acquiescence, had loosened her grip on the young woman enough to allow her to perform a clumsy, albeit effective, forward roll off her lap. The cottage was small and it was but the work of a minute for Atrocious to spring to her feet and wrench the door open.

The last rays of sunlight and blush pink skies met her upon her successful escape. She whooped with glee, feeling very proud of herself indeed. The feeling lasted all of thirty seconds before Ayla appeared in the open doorway, quirking an amused brow. “Forget something?”

It was then that Atrocious remembered that she was not wearing anything at all and was dancing about entirely in the nude. She scowled and folded her arms over her chest. “Give me my clothes.”

The witch’s expression grew severe. “I see you have learned nothing.”
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Atrocious Lex PT 8: Bath Time

No rubber duckies were harmed in the writing of this tale…

Atrocious Lex | Part Eight

Guided up from the chair still in a pronounced state of blindness, Atrocious was forced to listen to Ayla chide her over and over about all her sins.

“Such a filthy little wretch,” Ayla said, tugging Atrocious’ pants the rest of the way down her legs. “I can’t imagine how you got into such a state. You were up to no good, I’ll wager.

Atrocious kept her mouth shut, ignoring Ayla’s wagers. She was being undressed piece by piece, her defenses stripped away. Before long she was entirely naked before Ayla, who took casual advantage of the situation, running her hands over Atrocious’ body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When Atrocious made a sound of complaint, Ayla responded with a quick slap to her bottom.

“Don’t whine, dear,” she said, squeezing Atrocious’s cheeks.
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Atrocious Lex PT 7: Blind Love

They say love is blind. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Atrocious Lex | Part Seven

Ayla looked down at her captive with a smirk that lacked a certain amount of warmth. As silence stretched out she put her hands on her hips. “Are you always in the habit of spying on people?”

“Sometimes?” Atrocious answered the question with a question as her eyes darted around the room. She was looking for a way out, but Ayla was blocking her way fairly effectively. Sure she could have maybe pushed past her or applied a little more physical force if necessary but Atrocious was not given to outright aggression in most instances, and certainly not against beautiful ladies she’d recently seen in compromising situations. There was also the magic to consider, oh, and the fact that Ayla was bigger than she was. None of those things would help if worst came to worst.

“Someone should teach you a lesson,” Ayla purred, reaching out towards Atrocious with her fingers splayed. “A lesson in when to look and when not to look.”
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Atrocious Lex PT 6: Where We Were

Right, so, update time. I believe the last time we were in these parts, Atrocious was taking an introduction to voyeurism and the guard was busy making her the most wanted woman in all the lands. Perilous times indeed!

Atrocious Lex | Part Six

As the blonde neared her climax, Atrocious took cover underneath the window. She could no longer see the frantically thrusting fingers in the slick slit, but she could hear the woman’s cries of unbridled pleasure. It was a sweet kind of torture, being so aroused by the wanton stranger but unable to do anything about it without inviting disaster. As it was, she was risking far too much by lurking under the window. The cries reached a climax and stopped, and, whilst Atrocious was still sitting on the ground, a silly grin on her face, the door of the little cottage opened.

“Who are you?” The inquiry was Atrocious’ first indication that she’d been caught. She dragged her fingers out from her pants quickly, though not quickly enough. The blonde, who turned out to be a rather attractive middle aged woman with more than a little elf about her features, evidenced in the high cheekbones and slanted, almost cat like green eyes, saw what Atrocious had been doing immediately. “Peeping Tom!”
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Atrocious Lex PT 5: The Guard

A full day after her horse was stolen out from under her, Imperial Guard Jacey limped into the barracks on the outer rim of Kavden, a large town that sat amongst rich farmlands. The heels of both her feet were a mass of blisters from stomping along in the heavy metal overshoes and her mood was at an all time low. She was twelve hours late back from patrol and she knew her pay would be docked if she did not have a very good excuse for her prolonged absence. The combination of physical discomfort and potential punitive action saw her sidling in the main gate and doing her best to shuffle into the sleeping quarters before she was spotted.

Her attempts to sneak into her quarters without being seen failed. Captain Nelson spied her immediately and came barreling forward, his silver and gold armor shining so brightly she could see her own sorry face reflected in it. “Soldier! Where is your mount?”

Jacey snapped to attention with a salute. “It was stolen, sir.”

“Stolen? How?” The captain was a large, imposing man with more scars than hair on his head and a great ginger beard plaited into three thick strands that hung from his mighty jaw. He folded his arms over his chest and glowered down at her. Jacey saw her life flash in front of her eyes. She had to make this good or her ass would be grass.
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Atrocious Lex PT 4: Atrociously Erotic

I updated Atrocious Lex! It contains the sort of material that would make you blush most profusely if you were caught viewing it. You have been warned.

Part Four

Leaving the mare tethered loosely in the clearing, Atrocious set out through the woods. There were a few light trails here and there where hardened earth could be seen scuffed through the grass. They were suggestive of humans having passed that way before. She was hoping to come across a home in the forest, something isolated and unguarded. There were too many eyes in a village, it was almost impossible to get away with stealing something without someone noticing you doing it. She’d learned that the hard way at Scroth’s Hollow, a village of ten houses, a general trader, a chapel and an apothecary. It was there that she’d been caught trying to steal a few vitality potions and been subjected to a sound thrashing in the square at the merciless hands of the apothecary herself.
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Atrocious Lex PT 3: A Fiery Ass

In which Atrocious makes a friend.

Atrocious Lex – Part Three

Atrocious sped across the countryside, her dirty blond locks streaming behind her in the wind she and her mount made. When she had first mounted the beast, she had done so only with the intention of making a quick escape, but with every powerful stride, the mare was endearing herself to Atrocious more and more.

“Maybe I’ll keep you!” She shouted over the sound of the thundering hoof-beats. The mare’s excited whinny and rapidly twitching ears were enough to convince Atrocious that the mare was in agreement with her plan.

Keeping the horse meant doing two things, naming it, for everything needed a name, and removing the quarter sheet proudly emblazoned with the Imperial Fleur de Lis. That was something of a dead giveaway and would be the thing most likely to get her thrown into a dungeon.
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