Atrocious Lex PT 6: Where We Were

Right, so, update time. I believe the last time we were in these parts, Atrocious was taking an introduction to voyeurism and the guard was busy making her the most wanted woman in all the lands. Perilous times indeed!

Atrocious Lex | Part Six

As the blonde neared her climax, Atrocious took cover underneath the window. She could no longer see the frantically thrusting fingers in the slick slit, but she could hear the woman’s cries of unbridled pleasure. It was a sweet kind of torture, being so aroused by the wanton stranger but unable to do anything about it without inviting disaster. As it was, she was risking far too much by lurking under the window. The cries reached a climax and stopped, and, whilst Atrocious was still sitting on the ground, a silly grin on her face, the door of the little cottage opened.

“Who are you?” The inquiry was Atrocious’ first indication that she’d been caught. She dragged her fingers out from her pants quickly, though not quickly enough. The blonde, who turned out to be a rather attractive middle aged woman with more than a little elf about her features, evidenced in the high cheekbones and slanted, almost cat like green eyes, saw what Atrocious had been doing immediately. “Peeping Tom!”

It was an accusation, but not an angry one. The woman was smiling and she spoke chidingly, a sexy little smile establishing itself on her thin lips. Atrocious felt a stirring in her nether regions as the lady came forward and offered a hand. She took the proffered appendage and allowed the lady to draw her up from the ground. Standing in front of her, it became clear that the elf-blood in the woman had given her a superior height. Atrocious was forced to take a step back to avoid craning her neck.

“I am Ayla,” the part-elf said. “Who are you?”

“I am Atrocious,” Atrocious replied.

“A suitable name indeed,” Ayla said, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

It was all going rather well, much better than Atrocious had anticipated it going. Usually these sorts of encounters lead to being chased about the woods with a broom if you were lucky, or a sword if you weren’t.

“Would you like to come inside?” Ayla extended the invitation quite graciously. A little whisper of common sense tried to tell Atrocious that it was not a good idea to go into the homes of people you’d just watched masturbating, but the more powerful force of her arousal won and she found herself following the tall half-elf into the cottage.

The door closed behind her the moment she stepped through it, perhaps blown by a breeze or, more likely shut by magical means. Elves were well known sorcerers and the half elf, half human who was now smiling at Atrocious with a slightly disturbing intensity probably had some magical powers. Listening to her intuition, Atrocious took a step back and tried the door handle. It refused to budge, and panic welled up in her breast as Ayla came towards her.

“Do come and sit down,” Ayla said. There was not much choice to be had in the matter, before Atrocious could reply, Ayla had taken her by the arm and pushed her down quite firmly into a rickety wooden chair. With the tall woman looming over her, Atrocious was certain that she was in trouble. She just didn’t know what kind.