Atrocious Lex PT 4: Atrociously Erotic

I updated Atrocious Lex! It contains the sort of material that would make you blush most profusely if you were caught viewing it. You have been warned.

Part Four

Leaving the mare tethered loosely in the clearing, Atrocious set out through the woods. There were a few light trails here and there where hardened earth could be seen scuffed through the grass. They were suggestive of humans having passed that way before. She was hoping to come across a home in the forest, something isolated and unguarded. There were too many eyes in a village, it was almost impossible to get away with stealing something without someone noticing you doing it. She’d learned that the hard way at Scroth’s Hollow, a village of ten houses, a general trader, a chapel and an apothecary. It was there that she’d been caught trying to steal a few vitality potions and been subjected to a sound thrashing in the square at the merciless hands of the apothecary herself.

Her rear still stung when she remembered the way the rod had cracked down across her thinned leather britches. The village had turned out in full force to watch the punishment too, she’d been forced to endure her discipline in front of thirty people, some had looked on with grim approval, others had been far more vociferous in their support of her punishment.

A thrashing was better than being turned over to the Imperial Guard and tossed into jail, but only slightly. By the time the apothecary had done belaboring her bottom, Atrocious had been unable to sit for days and sleep had only come after a hefty dose of dream weed. She wasn’t going to risk being caught out like that again, that was for sure.

She crept through the undergrowth, keeping an eye and an ear out for any aggressive beasts or bandits. The Imperials were not the most dangerous things in the countryside by a long way. Plenty of travelers met grizzly ends long before their time at the hands of those who made their way in the world by killing anyone who crossed their path.

As she crept forward, she spied what she had hoped to see, a simple shack sitting in a small clearing. It was made of old unseasoned wood and the planks had twisted and warped over the years. With great caution, she approached the edge of the clearing, her senses entirely focused on trying to determine whether or not the occupant was home. A slight creaking sound alerted her to the fact that something was going on in the house. She couldn’t work out what it was so she kept slipping forward, looking all around until she reached the window and peeked in.

The sight that met her made her exhale her held breath in one long woosh. She was staring at a large lush bare bottom held up in the air as the owner of the delightful rear knelt on the bed as if presenting herself to be taken. But there was nobody else in the house, the occupant appeared to be entirely alone and entirely lost in pleasuring herself. Atrocious’s jaw dropped as the woman reached back, teasing the furry lips of her most intimate areas with an eager touch.

Confronted with the sight, Atrocious watched, her eyes devouring the sight of the curvaceous beauty. She could not see the woman’s face, for it was buried in a pillow, but she could see a golden braid trailing down between her shoulder-blades, and the curve of an ample breast. As Atrocious stood there, the woman began penetrating herself, sliding a tentative finger into the pink parting of her nether lips.

“Oh boy,” Atrocious whispered to herself. She should have retreated into the forest and waited until the woman left. She should have given the lady her privacy. Instead she stayed by the window and slipped a hand down the front of her britches and teased herself in time with the unnamed woman who was performing for her so unwittingly.

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