Atrocious Lex PT 9: Non-Consensual Bathing

This is getting saucy, and I’m not referring to the muddy bath water.

Atrocious Lex | Part Nine

As Atrocious’ eyesight began to return so did her native bravado. Far from cowing her, the pain in her behind only served to fuel a violent rebellion which manifested in her hauling herself completely off Ayla’s lap. Her hands had been scrabbling at the floor in front of her the whole time she was being spanked and Ayla, apparently lulled into a false sense of security by Atrocious’ acquiescence, had loosened her grip on the young woman enough to allow her to perform a clumsy, albeit effective, forward roll off her lap. The cottage was small and it was but the work of a minute for Atrocious to spring to her feet and wrench the door open.

The last rays of sunlight and blush pink skies met her upon her successful escape. She whooped with glee, feeling very proud of herself indeed. The feeling lasted all of thirty seconds before Ayla appeared in the open doorway, quirking an amused brow. “Forget something?”

It was then that Atrocious remembered that she was not wearing anything at all and was dancing about entirely in the nude. She scowled and folded her arms over her chest. “Give me my clothes.”

The witch’s expression grew severe. “I see you have learned nothing.”

“I do not learn,” Atrocious declared proudly.

“I find that eminently plausible,” Ayla observed dryly. “Come inside.”

Atrocious did not want to go inside, but outside there were no clothes and inside there were clothes. “Toss my clothes out here,” she countered.

“No. Come inside.” With that, Ayla shut the door, leaving Atrocious to consider her situation without the benefit of clothes whilst the increasingly bracing evening winds whipped about her sore derriere.

“Hey!” Atrocious banged on the door. At first there was no response, but she found that sustained knocking eventually got Ayla to answer.


Atrocious recoiled a step. Ayla looked angry. And tall. Had she always been that tall? Surely not. “Are you…” she tried to frame the question in a way that didn’t make her sound weak. “Are you going to hit me if I come in?”

“I don’t see what purpose it would serve,” Ayla said.

“Does that mean no?”

“Come inside you little idiot.” Ayla sighed, stood back and gave Atrocious clear passage into the cottage.

She slinked indoors, looking for her clothing, which was nowhere to be seen. “Where are my clothes?”

“Boiling in the copper,” Ayla explained with admirable patience, pointing towards the only door in the house aside from the front door. “You can have a bath in the meantime.”

“Just give me my clothes and let me get out of here.” Atrocious was starting to get cold, her ass was throbbing with an after-pain that was not pleasant and all she wanted to do was get back to her horse. She scowled at Ayla, expecting the witch to capitulate to her demands. It didn’t happen that way. Ayla barely acknowledged that she had spoken.

“Cut the attitude and get in the bath.” Ayla pushed open the door to the adjoining room where a copper was boiling with Atrocious’ clothing inside. Next to the copper was a small, circular bath filled with steaming water.

“I don’t want a bath!” Atrocious stamped her foot. “I want to go…”

Her objection was cut off as Ayla, tiring of the argument, plucked Atrocious up from the ground as if she weighed less than a feather and physically put her into the bath. Either she was very strong indeed or there were magical means at work, Atrocious didn’t know which. The water was warm and instantly soothing and though Atrocious wanted to keep fighting, it was easier and far more pleasant to sink down into the tub. She scowled at Ayla with the water up around her chin and made one last ditch effort to save face. “Fine. I’ll have a bath. But only because I want to.”

Ayla’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the wretch in the tub. “You are so very lucky you’re cute,” she growled. “I will enjoy taking this out on you later.”

“No you won’t,” Atrocious countered lamely.

A not entirely pleasant smile spread over Ayla’s face as she knelt down beside the tub, speaking in a low, intimate tone. “I am going to fuck you until you beg for mercy,” she said as she brushed a gentle kiss over Atrocious’ lips. “And then I’m going to fuck you some more.” She reached into her dress and pulled out an ivory phallus about seven inches long and an inch and a half wide. It was inscribed with magical symbols and had a flared, mushroom style tip. She pressed the toy against Atrocious’ mouth and, trapped in the tub, Atrocious was compelled to part her lips to allow the phallus to enter. It slid forward over her tongue, filling her mouth as Ayla worked it back and forth with gentle strokes. “This is going to go inside you,” Ayla promised, “over and over again.”

Twin thrills of arousal and fear coursed through Atrocious’ belly. There was nowhere to run so she sank beneath the water line to avoid the further plundering of her mouth. The temporary watery reprieve only served to reinforce the fact that she was no match for Ayla.

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