Leaving Rigel in Amazon Top 100 30 Gay/ Lesbian Erotica

Just like it says in the title really, Leaving Rigel has managed to break into the top hundredΒ 30 books in the Gay and Lesbian erotica section on Amazon. How exciting! I was a little excited when I first posted this, when it was number 86 or so, but sitting at 30, well, that’s a significant higherness, it is.

This is all very exciting although, except for aside from the odd sex scene, it is hardly erotica. However I am coming to the conclusion that anything in which someone’s bottom is referenced as anything other than a surface for sitting on counts as erotica in the US. Also, I never think anything I write is erotica unless it is 90% sex. I have a high bar for erotic content.

I have been to the USA and I know that most Americans aren’t prudes, but instances like this make me want to fly over and just wander around making casual references to spanking and, in my imagination, watch people blush profusely and maybe fall over from the shock of it all.Β 

Also, why is Gay and Lesbian stuff incessantly lumped together? In many respects, I can’t imagine two interest areas more inherently separate than Gay and Lesbian. I mean, I know they’re grouped together by merit of being a departure from heterosexuality, but it is a little like going to a store and finding gravel and tampons stocked together simply by merit of not being cheese. Or going to a zoo and finding the guinea pigs in with the hippos by merit of not being gorillas. Or some other equally poor analogy.

Anyway, Leaving Rigel, currently #89 31Β in Gay and Lesbian erotica!Β 

Oh, and there’s a new Lesbia post up too! Summoner PT 18: In the Closet

Oh, oh, and there’s sneak preview of the third Military Discipline up on LokiRenard.com for the maverick readers who make the leap from F/F to M/F and back again when the mood takes them.

11 thoughts on “Leaving Rigel in Amazon Top 100 30 Gay/ Lesbian Erotica

  1. DD

    Congratulations Ms Renard! πŸ™‚

    Hey, what if I tell you spaniards are prudes? More to the point, that I am a prude. Will you fly over and make casual references to spanking?

    Seriously, congrats congrats congrats!

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Cheers DD! Spain is a long way to go though, what if I stay here and make comments about spanking, would that work, you think? πŸ˜‰

      1. DD

        It’ll have to do, Ms Renard, it’ll have to do.

        I will be the prudest though the greatest of hosts if you ever visit though.

  2. Bahamagirl

    I tryin to figure out why you surpise it leapin that fast ? In case you don’t know , you are the great Lokie Renard ! The best erotic writer I’ve never seen ,but read all of your F/F DD books to date . I’m thinking it’ll go all the way to number 1 in a hot minute ! Dude , you ROCK ! Big ups from your crazy Bahamian πŸ˜‰

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Most of my surprise comes from the fact that, as makes sense given that this is a very niche publication, the actual sales numbers are very small. Which either means a) almost nobody is buying Gay or Lesbian material at the moment or b) Amazon is stiffing me on the reports.

      What I am most totally stoked about is the fact that people seem to have really enjoyed the book! That makes me more happierer than any of the numbers.

  3. Bahamagirl

    Damn Loki ! That was the best one yet ! ( next to my personal fav that is little miss and the law ) To think that tank and Sadie would be so great , it just got me in complete awww . I say this is going to be number 1 in a minute . The sex bits made me alittle HOT πŸ™‚

  4. Alyx

    Congratulations, Ther! You deserve it. You’ve put a lot of hard work into providing us with F/F kink literature, and it’s nice that your book is properly appreciated. πŸ™‚

  5. Sine Nomine

    I agree that its the best one yet. So much Tank *fans self* Can she get her own prequel? It was suggested in one of the earlier books that it seemed like she had experience spanking before Rigel. If not, its still good for fodder for the imagination.
    Also, why wasn’t it published under your new name?
    You are the best

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Yay! So happy you enjoyed it! It wasn’t published under my new name, because the entire series is under Loki Renard, and I don’t see the point in splitting a series between two names. Besides, I am still publishing as, and answering to either name. This is just the one I plan on publishing Lesbia and some other related works under.

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