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PT 36: What Have You Gotten Yourself Into?

You know you should really tell Terra about the little cat in your bag. This is the first step into your new future and you’re making it with deception. Something stops you though. Maybe it’s fear of punishment. Maybe it’s some remaining desire for rebellion. Either way, you head toward the transport pad without another word to Terra, and your little secret remains in your pack, weighing you down imperceptibly.

Boris and Sarah are already inside the heli-chopter. It’s called that because it chops the air with its heliblades which are located at the North, East, West and South of the craft. You’re not all that keen on flying, but what kind of special, special operative is afraid of flying? You sling your bag into the hold with the others and climb in opposite Boris and Sarah. Terra is next and last to get in. She sits next to you, making you feel a bit safer as she buckles in.
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PT 35: Point Of No Return

Terra makes an appearance, causing you all to fall silent. She isn’t wearing her usual instructor’s uniform. She’s wearing a black flight suit, hemmed tight around her waist and hips, strapped with various items and weapons.

She looks different. Not just in her clothes, but in her face too. There’s more purpose there, more intensity. Her eyes are always beautiful, but right now they’re flashing blue steel. The sunlight shows her maturity, and the little marks of war on her skin. She usually looks like a teacher. Right now, she looks like a soldier. You feel fluttering erupt in your stomach just looking at her. She looks like she could take on an army by herself and win. You find yourself feeling drawn to her on so many different levels. Your desire for her, your admiration of her, your need to impress her. They’re all warring as you stand there mute.
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PT 34: Three Brats For Terra

You push the cat figurine into the very bottom of your pack, figuring Terra will never know about it. Then you shoulder your bag and head to the quad. Boris is already there, grinning to himself. He looks about as pleased on the outside as you do on the inside.

“How did you get picked for this?” You dump your bag next to his.

“By being awesome,” he says. “This is going to kick. ass.”

“I don’t know,” you reply. “Seems like it could be kind of hard.”

“You scared?” He cocks his head and looks at you in a challenging sort of way.

“No,” you lie. “I can’t wait. I hope it’s horrible.”

“Yeah,” Boris agrees. “I hope it sucks. I can’t wait to be miserable!”
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PT 33: New Orders

“Yes, ma’am,” you say. “I understand. And I want to be part of the unit.”

“Good! They breed them tough down on your colony, don’t they, cadet. You’re dismissed for now. Standby for further orders.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am.”

You leave the office with your head spinning. You can barely believe that this is happening. A special unit, with Terra! This is beyond your wildest dreams. You shut the door behind you and break into a little dance, your butt squirming in time with the victory pumping of your arms.

“Happy about something, cadet?”
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PT 32: The Boss Lady

“I’ll hand out your assignments on your way out,” Terra says. “When I call your name, come up and receive yours.”

You sit and watch as she goes through the class. Most people seem happy with their assignments, a few even cheer. Suki does a little dance. She must have gotten that sweet admin core she wanted. Others don’t seem so pleased and shuffle off with their heads hung low in disappointment. Not all assignments are created equal, and some are more competitive than others. Only 1% of cadets are streamed into spec ops. They only take the best into that core, and some years they take none. About 50% go into combat, 10% into espionage. Administration, exploration and construction make up about equal amounts of the rest. You joined hoping for a coveted spec-ops assignment, but so did everyone else, and you knew that wasn’t likely to happen. Odds are you’ll be a combat grunt, or join Suki in the office.
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PT 31: Your Future Is…

“As I said,” Terra says, giving you a pointed look. “Most of you will be receiving your first streaming today into one of our six training cores. They aren’t set in stone, but 95% of cadets become officers in their initial training core, so keep that in mind. You may not immediately like your assigned core, but odds are it suits you in ways you might not yet understand.”

She hits a button and the six cores appear on the screen behind her. You know what you want to be, but you’re not at all certain you’ll be assigned it.

What do you want to be assigned to, cadet?

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PT 30: Who Did It?

Five minutes before class starts and you’re sitting in the classroom, the other cadets chattering around you. You slept surprisingly well last night given all the exciting, confusing, arousing things that happened between you and Terra.

“What happened to you last night?” Suki plonks down next to you. “Did Terra spend all night tearing into you?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah,” you stutter, acutely aware you can’t tell her what actually happened. “Yeah she did.”

“Wow, it was weird how she showed up like that,” Suki exclaims. “Instructors never come around after classes. She must have been really pissed at you.”
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PT 29: What Is Love?

“Yes,” you admit softly. You don’t know how she knows this stuff about you, but you’re glad she does. There’s more to it though. She’s told you she’s doing this because she thinks you need… what, exactly? When you’re with Terra, you want more than you can have, and that’s a sweet kind of torture, even now, held on her lap and gazing into her beautiful eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, ma’am,” you say. You don’t want to risk saying more and having Terra reject you completely. It’s not like you’re in love with her. Well, not like *that*. And you’ll tell yourself that as often as you need to in order to keep things working with her. Continue reading

PT 28: An Orgasm and a Reason

You let out little whimpered moans of protest as Terra first slides you off her lap and then takes you back over her thighs, her every movement gentle as she settles you into position. Your clit is pressed against the ridge of her leg, the slick fabric of your underwear making it almost impossible not to grind against Terra as she starts to spank you, lightly this time.

You’re so close to climax, to an orgasm you know she’s not really supposed to be giving you – and yet she is. Somewhere in your desire, the questions are rising inside you. Why? Why is Terra breaking all the rules for you?
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PT 27: On the verge…

You make a little sound that might be words but is more like a moan. Terra continues to pet your sore bottom over your panties, while with the other hand her fingertips are trailing up your inner thigh ever so slowly. You hold your breath, your thighs parting a little more as her fingers almost reach the apex… and then leave your leg and hook in the waistband of your panties, just below your bellybutton.

You look into her eyes, not knowing what she is going to do with you, but being more than willing to find out. Instead of sliding her hand into your panties, she tugs lightly on the fabric, making it draw tight over your lower lips. It feels so good as she uses your own underwear to tease your pussy, rubbing the smooth fabric slowly back and forth to stimulate the hot little bud of your clit.

“I can’t fuck you, cadet, that would be against regulations,” she says, the sudden crude word sending a bolt of excitement through you. “But if a naughty cadet happens to cum on my lap, I can’t help that…”

She keeps massaging your pussy with your panties, the touch enough to stimulate you, but not enough to let you cum. That doesn’t mean you’re not caught in a total haze of arousal. Your nipples are hard, your face is flushed, you’re arching your hips to push your clit harder against the fabric of your panties.

“You are such a naughty girl,” Terra observes, tapping your bottom lightly. It’s just enough stimulation to reignite some of the sting from the paddle. “I might have to put you back over my knee and spank your bottom…”

The crotch of your panties are getting soaked. You want to cum so badly, but Terra is keeping you on the very edge of climax. You’re practically panting against her mouth, her lips less than an inch from yours…

... what do you say?

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PT 26: Spanked and Sore…

Blushing furiously, you grab your panties and pull them over your cheeks. They seem smaller than they were when Terra pulled them down, as if your butt is swollen from the application of the paddle. You let out a little hiss of discomfort as the fabric touches your heated skin. The discomfort of having them up over your butt makes you forget all about pulling your pants up too. Maybe you’ll do that when you butt stops feeling like its lava. At least you’re somewhat covered now, though it doesn’t restore all that much of your dignity.

“Do we understand one another, cadet?” Terra asks the question, her fingers tracing over the flat of the paddle.

“Yes ma’am!” You say quickly. “I’m sorry.”

She sits down in her chair and beckons you over. Nervously, you take a single step forward, very much hoping she is not intending on taking you back over her thighs.
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PT 25: Panties Up or Panties Down?

Terra releases you from the hug, leaving you standing there feeling sort of sorry for yourself and very hot bottomed. The paddle leaves a hell of an impression, and you’re pretty sure you won’t be sitting comfortably for at least a couple of days. Though she’s not hugging you anymore, you’re still filled with the closeness you felt when she held you. In spite of the pain in your butt, and the sulkiness you can’t quite help after being paddled like that, you feel sort of… good.

“You can pull your pants back up, if you like,” she suggests.

Oh god, you’re still halfway butt naked in front of her. The impulse to cover up is matched on the other side by the burn and sting. Your pants are kind of tight, and pulling them over a sore butt is going to make you really uncomfortable.

What next, cadet?

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Update as to what’s going on with updates…

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