PT 53: An Academy Brat

“Go to hell,” you say. You’re not scared one bit of this brute and her cane. What neither of these women know is that you’ve had Terra on your ass for a while now, and she might not be built quite like Guard Grisham, but she’s made your ass burn like hell before. Whatever this woman has in store for you, you can take it if you have to – not that you plan to.

“Teach that academy brat a lesson,” Officer Surnow snaps. Her lips have puckered so much she looks like she’s sucking lemon.

Grisham strides across the room to grab you, but you’re not in the mood to be grabbed. You duck under her outstretched arm and she curses as she misses you. “Get back here!”

“Get stuffed!” You shout back.

It’s about then that Officer Surnow rises from her seat, pointing at you.

“Present yourself for discipline, young lady!”

“Present this!” You cry, sticking your middle finger in the air.

Chaos ensues as Surnow and Grisham attempt to apprehend you for the caning. Papers fly, books are knocked off shelves, the office is a whirl of confusion and flailing arms as you squirm, kick, bite and yank your way out of every grip they manage to get on you.

You’re doing well, until a big hand gets a grip of the back of your neck and squeezes hard while the other grabs the seat of your pants just below the belt. Your rear is hoisted off the ground by Grisham as she finally captures you. Everyone is panting with the effort it’s taken to subdue you, but they’re not ready to give up on the original plan.

“Put her over my desk, Grisham,” Surnow says, picking up the discarded cane. “Twelve of the best, I think.”

“No!” You yell and try to kick, but doing that just gives you a worse wedgie than the one you already have. “Let me go!”

“We’ll let you go when you’re good and sorry,” Grisham says with a mean laugh. She pushes you forward over Surnow’s desk and pins you in place, your face pressed against the hard wood.

She starts to tug at your pants, but you start to kick and complain again and she pauses to lay a hard slap to both your cheeks.

“Cut it out!” She growls down at you. “Academy brats get their butts bared when they act like you do.”

“Get off!”


The door of the office crashes open. Surnow, Grisham and you all turn your head toward the opening and you feel a flood of relief as you see Terra standing there, looking beautiful and angry as hell.

“Let her go,” Terra says, her voice as cold as ice.

“This young lady has…” Surnow begins to explain, but Terra isn’t listening to her. Terra isn’t even looking at her.

“Lay a finger on her and you’ll lose your arm,” Terra says, staring Grisham down mercilessly. “Let her up. Now.”

You breathe a huge sigh of relief as Grisham reluctantly lets you go, and you scramble over to Terra’s side. Terra puts her arm around your shoulders and looks down at you with a concerned gaze. “Are you okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” you nod. “Just a few bumps and grazes. I’m fine.”

“Captain Terra,” Surnow says, her tone very different now from when she was telling you Terra had no jurisdiction. “I’m afraid your cadet has behaved incredibly badly. She has been utterly insubordinate.”

Terra looks down at you. “Is that true?”

Is it?

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