PT 45: Sore Bottom, Hurt Feelings

There can really only be one answer given Terra’s expression and the state of your bottom, which is going to be unsittable for some time.

“Yes ma’am,” you mumble.

“Good,” she says. “You can pull your pants back up, cadet. It is getting late and we have an early start in the morning.”

“That’s it!?” The words burst out before you can stop them. “You said you were going to make me feel better after… before…” you hesitate to recount the way she thrashed you earlier, though she left your bottom in better shape then than it is now. “This isn’t fair!”

“Don’t throw a tantrum, cadet,” Terra says. “I was going to make you feel better, but you decided to disobey a direct order.”

This isn’t fair. Or maybe it is fair, but you don’t care because you don’t like it. Aching in more ways than one, you pull your pants and panties back up. God, you hate doing that. Of course you both know what just happened, but somehow, pulling your clothing back up makes you feel smaller than ever.

Just as you’re sure this couldn’t get much worse, a cough at the entrance of Terra’s tent makes you whirl around. Sarah is standing there with what you can tell is a deliberately bland look on her face. God knows how long she’s been there. God knows what she’s heard, or knows. She definitely just heard you whining to Terra about it not being fair she didn’t make you feel better.

“Do you need something, Sarah?” Terra asks the question.

“So, uh. The boy,” Sarah says casually.

“Boris?” You say his name.

“Yeah. Him.” Sarah scratches her cheek, her speech unhurried. “He managed to get himself taken prisoner by that guy you told me to escort out of the restricted zone. Turns out he has friends.”

“Boris has been taken!?” You feel a rush of adrenaline course through you at the news.

“Quick, aren’t you,” Sarah drawls, disinterested. She turns her attention back to Terra, who is already pulling her uniform back on and strapping weaponry to it. “I didn’t… do much about it,” she says. “Last time you got so grumpy about the civilians.”

“Good,” Terra nods. “One of you has learned something anyway. Civilians are not to be harmed.”

You frown at the little dig Terra just got in at you. What the hell is her problem? You don’t really have time or interest in finding out. Boris is a jerk, but he’s your jerk and nobody takes him prisoner.

“Do I get a weapon, ma’am?”

“No,” Terra says. “You stay here. Sarah and I will get Boris back.”

You watch, jaw dropped as Terra walks past you. Doesn’t she get it? You’re closer to Boris than anyone here. You know his name, for starters. Of course you want to get him back. Terra is already striding into the night though, uninterested in your feelings on the matter.

“Sex toys stay in the drawer,” Sarah smirks at you.

You blush with rage, both at Sarah’s comments and Terra’s conduct in total. You’re not some toy to be left behind when the going gets tough. You’re part of this unit, and you’re not going to let anyone forget it.