The Cottage At The End Of Lesbia

Ayla's Cottage

This is a version of Ayla’s cottage, located in Ariadne’s village. I made it in minecraft and it is built from over 7,500 individually placed blocks. (Yes, I do have perhaps a little too much time on my hands, but that’s how life goes when you’re self employed. If you decide you want to pretend to build a cottage, by jove, you pretend to build a cottage.)

More shots of the cottage, plus some WIP shots after the jump.

front of house detail

A closer shot of the detail of the front of the house.

ayla's cottage in the rain

Ayla’s cottage on a rainy day.

rear cottage

The rear end of the cottage. May be added to later.

inside ayla's cottage

Inside Ayla’s cottage. We can see the hearth, Ayla’s kitchen table and an armchair in the distance.

The work in progress:


Outlining the cottage’s frame.


Building the hearth, ensuring that it doesn’t set the entire house on fire.


Building in the rain…


4 thoughts on “The Cottage At The End Of Lesbia

  1. DD

    Oh you hardworking you! Building a house and not stopping just because it rains a little! Whoever said you artist types are slackers are seriously wrong.

    1. Loki Post author

      We’re just slackers in a capitalistic sense, which for some, is all that matters ;).

  2. Ash

    Cool! I love cottages, they are so cozy.

    When I studied in England I took an Art History class, and I we were asked to make a pretend exhibition and present it in a portfolio with the theme of our choice. So I built a gallery with The Sims 3, and took pictures in the game of the outside, and decorated the inside, using sims as art viewers, and them I opened the pictures in paint and pasted in the works of art of my exhibition. *LOL*

    Computer games are very useful! 😀 Helped me get a very good grade in Art History.

    1. Loki Post author

      The Sims 3 is a great game too. It’s one of my favorite games. I like to use it to model real world buildings, like my house and things like that. It’s actually a pretty great tool for doing things like working out optimum furniture placement ahead of time when you move. Come to think of it, it would also be an excellent tool for creating Ayla’s cottage in a little more (less blocky) detail.

      And what a great idea for your Art History project, very creative!

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