Hit Play For Instant Awesome

Fact: There is literally no situation or event that cannot be made instantly 100 times more bad-ass by playing this song.

Here it is making Uday Hussein’s mad rampage through life seem somewhat excellent. (Spoiler: It was not excellent.)

Here it is improving the ocean. And selling man smells.

Here is it with longer eyelashes, ladies riding pretend horses (that’s what they call an omlette du omage) and Marilyn Manson.

Here is Karen Souza showing how awesomeness can be adapted to fit an easy listening aesthetic.. Or any time someone’s bought a double bass with them. And, just to demonstrate that she doesn’t actually suck the life out of everything she sings with the intensity of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner – every step you take.

16 thoughts on “Hit Play For Instant Awesome

      1. DD

        Then I shall take the dress, give it to Rogette and take the lady myself. If the lady doesn’t object, of course, I’m afraid she will.

  1. Mil

    Lol. 🙂 Good post. But she does suck a bit with Every Step. Maybe i need to listen again. Poked.

    1. Loki Post author

      Really? I thought Every Step was much more listenable than the other. But I suppose it’s whether you like breathing into a microphone as music or not :).

      1. DD

        Perhaps aussies and kiwis have different tastes in music? Oh yes, I am poking the antipodeans. Yes I am.

      2. Mil

        You’re right.. it is much more listenable than the other. I’m just being sentimental to the original. Which I shouldn’t be, because Sting has become all smug and annoying 🙂

        DD, Aussies and Kiwis are exactly the same in every way. Especially the accents. Same same. Just ask us 😉

        1. Loki Post author

          Yes, there is no practicable difference between Australians and New Zealanders. The only way to tell between them is with a DNA test, or a live shark.

          1. DD

            But… But… But you said aussies say milk and you say mulk! I actually was all smug telling that to other spaniards!
            Live shark? Do sharks have a preference for one meat or the other?

  2. Loki Post author

    Australians will try to pet a live shark. New Zealanders will try to ride it to the nearest pie shop.

    1. DD

      Jajajaj, yeah actually my gay uncles were to Australia and some aussie guides took them shark-petting. They were small sharks.

    2. Mil

      Equal civil rights! That’s the difference. NZ as of last night.

      And it’s a long way to the shop when you want a sausage roll 😉

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