Happy Gnu Year!

It is the happiest of Gnu Years, on account of the fact that being new means that there hasn’t been much time for anything to go horribly wrong as yet. Hurrah for new things! Fresh starts! A decision not to eat any more junk food which lasts about as long as it takes to walk to the cupboard and realize that one of those chocolate covered almonds you got for Christmas has rolled into a corner and is just sitting there being all alluring and whatnot.

I hope that the New Year brings you all much excellence and excitement and maybe something from the Eurythmics too. (2015 is bought to you by the Letter E, and maybe an Annie Lennox revival tour.)

2014 was a good year. My Word Count journal reveals that I wrote just shy of 640,000 words last year. I hope some of them entertained you! Or maybe just one of them. Maybe this one: Blundersquiggle

Because all words have to have meanings, I shall define Blundersquiggle as the uncomfortable sensation one experiences after realizing that wasn’t actually a chocolate covered almond.

Happy New Year, and thank you for all your support and the directing of your eyeballs toward the words which have flowed from wherever it is fiction comes from onto the digital pages of your preferred interweb device. I would take more credit for all of this, but I’m not entirely certain I should.

Now, for the interactive part of the program. What’s next for 2015? What newitude might flow? I thought I might put up a poll here, so you can have your say by just jabbing at the screen with your finger or clicking your mouse. Keep in mind, this is a very serious poll which could result in dire outcomes for us all if it doesn’t go the right way. Let’s treat this with all the solemn respect which it undoubtedly deserves.

Derpendulum Wendibubble?

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