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Hot Fries | Lesbian Romance Coming Soon :D

I’m getting very close to releasing the new ebook! It’s very contemporary, very romantic and very erotic. That’s three verys. Here’s another excerpt from the soon to be finished and soon to be titled book…

Drop made, Jerry felt more like her old self. Nothing like spending a little time rubbing shoulders with the raw edge of society to make her feel alive. On the way back to Belmont, she stopped at a drive-through and picked up some food. Chocolate thickshake, cheeseburger and fries. Thinking of Lara, she picked up an extra burger and fries and a diet soda. That trim figure of Lara’s didn’t come from full sugar sodas.
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Half Of You Won’t Find This Hot…

Apparently. I wrote this to follow my curiosity, so don’t read it if you want to avoid all mentions of face-slapping ever. Obviously this isn’t presented in any violent or humiliating context (not really my thing) so feel free to read it if you’re curious as to how I think it could be something to it.

“Oh that’s what you want to do?” Lara purred the question. “You want to bite?”

Jerry nodded, pearly white teeth held fast to Lara’s hand. Her eyes were dancing with mischief, caramel brown pupils ringed with golden halos. She was no angel. Never had been. Certainly wasn’t now with her pussy grinding against her girlfriend’s leg, seeping wetness against dark leather.