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I’m getting very close to releasing the new ebook! It’s very contemporary, very romantic and very erotic. That’s three verys. Here’s another excerpt from the soon to be finished and soon to be titled book…

Drop made, Jerry felt more like her old self. Nothing like spending a little time rubbing shoulders with the raw edge of society to make her feel alive. On the way back to Belmont, she stopped at a drive-through and picked up some food. Chocolate thickshake, cheeseburger and fries. Thinking of Lara, she picked up an extra burger and fries and a diet soda. That trim figure of Lara’s didn’t come from full sugar sodas.

Back at Belfort, Jerry set her food up in interview room Green and began munching. Selling drugs sure worked up an appetite.

About three bites into the cheeseburger, Lara made an appearance. She’d shed the uniform and was wearing long black slacks that emphasized the length of her legs. On top was a linen and lace blouse, buttoned all the way up to a high collar. Her red hair was pinned back, not in a simple bun, but something that was probably called a chignon. Quelle refinement.

Jerry stopped eating mid-chew, her cheek puffed out like a startled squirrel. She stared as Lara entered the room and took a seat on the opposite side of the table.

“I, er…I got you a burger.”

It felt silly, saying that. It was like telling the queen of England you’d rented her a double-wide for the weekend.

“That was kind of you, thank you.”

Jerry swallowed with difficulty and reached for her shake. “So, you had questions?” She took a sip. The traitorous shake made loud slurping sounds. Goddamit.

“I’ve had an opportunity to read up on your file,” Lara said. “You’ve been cited on six separate occasions.”


“You’ve faced disciplinary action on more than twelve occasions.”


“None of it seems to have been particularly successful in effecting a change in your behavior.”


Jerry reached for a french fry and was gratified to discover that it was still hot. Like Lara.

“On the positive side of the equation, you’ve been very successful in your work. You’ve been awarded several accolades, including one from the mayor.”


Lara cocked her head to the side and gave Jerry a piercing look. “You were a much more enthusiastic conversationalist when we met earlier.”

“So far you’re just stating facts,” Jerry said. “Isn’t much to say about them really, is there?”

“I suppose that depends on your opinion. I think that your record indicates a lack of direction and discipline. You’re not the only one. There are several members of the vice squad who seem to think the law belongs in their hands.”

“We just know how to get things done, that’s all. We know how to keep ourselves alive and we know how to get the convictions that count.”

“The DA is the one that gets the convictions.”

“True, but he uses the evidence we collect,” Jerry pointed out. “No evidence, no conviction.”


Jerry pushed the spare burger and fries across the desk. “You eat this sort of thing?”

“Every now and then. Thank you.” Lara’s long fingers dipped towards the fries. Jerry had never wished she was a french fry before, but as the woman drew the golden potato toward her lips, Jerry found herself staring at Lara’s lips. She wondered what they’d fell like pressed against her own.

“So what are you going to do about us? Try cracking down? Making everybody go strictly by the book? They’ve tried that before.”

“I imagine they have, and I imagine it failed.”

“It did.”

“That’s because this issue is about people, not procedures. The vice squad is suffering from a lack of leadership and oversight.”

“And you plan to oversee us?”

“I do.” Lara’s beautiful eyes captured Jerry’s gaze. “I think I’ll enjoy it.”

Jerry took a deep breath, tried to get her wits about her. It was difficult when she was instinctively clasping her thighs together, feeling a familiar tingle in her clit. God, Lara was attractive. What were the odds she was gay, though? Likely next to none. Lesbians didn’t wear lace collars, did they? Mind you, as far as Jerry was concerned, modern women didn’t wear lace collars. Lara was like a breeze from another time and place, completely unconcerned, maybe even unaware of the gritty reality she was intervening in.

“Well, good luck with that,” Jerry said, grinning around the straw of her shake.

“I don’t need luck,” Lara said. “It’s a matter of persistence and discipline.”

Discipline. Something about the way Lara said the word made Jerry’s hips start a slow squirm. It was her Britishness, that’s what was doing it.

“Who were you selling to this afternoon, a dealer?”

“Naw,” Jerry said. “A congressman.”

Lara looked at her hard for a long moment, waiting for her to change her story. The technique didn’t work on Jerry. She’d used it herself way too many times to fall for it.

“I see. And what rationale do we have for supplying congress with prohibited substances?”

“Contacts. It’s good to have contacts.”

“That doesn’t seem like part of a case being built.”

“Oh it is. It’s a case of him not cutting our funding in the next round of budget negotiations.”

“You’re buying a congressman with cocaine.”

“Not me personally, the department.”

“Mhm.” Lara’s eyes had gone very cold and hard, power top personified. “Suffice to say, I won’t be tolerating that kind of activity in the future.”

“Suffice to say, you better take it up with the chief.”

Lara sat back, smiling slightly. “I don’t think we understand one another,” she said softly. “I am the chief.”

“Have you told the six foot seven pile of beef in the chief’s office that?”

“Mr Reinhardt will continue running the day to day operations of the station. I’m going to be taking a supervisory role of the special units.”

“And we are very special units,” Jerry deadpanned.

Between them, the food was getting cold. The thickshake would have been melting if it were made of ice cream, but as it was instead made of some frothy animal by products of dubious origin, it managed to maintain its consistency.

Jerry didn’t know how long they’d been looking at one another when Lara stood. All she knew was when the woman crooked her finger, she went. The heat between them had been growing the entire time they’d been alone, and the question of lesbian or not was receding far into the distance with all the speed and alacrity of a purse-snatcher.

Lara reached for Jerry’s hand. Drew her close. And then they were kissing. It happened so quickly Jerry wasn’t sure she could believe it, but the touch and the taste of Lara’s tongue, slightly salty from the fry confirmed that it was real.

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