Awww, Sweetest Reviews Ever!

Thank you to Sparrow and a mysterious Amazon Customer for two wonderful reviews of Clockwork Goddess 😀 As everyone who has been reading here for the last few years knows, the Chronicles of Lesbia are a passion of mine, a project which has been running for almost four years and spawned three books in that time.

Anything that goes on for that long becomes part of one’s life. The story has been a constant throughout that time, a place to go when other places weren’t always so friendly. It’s always been my hope that Lesbia might be more than just a made up fantasy land, but a refuge for those who occasionally need a world away from the world. A land where magic is real and witches rule and there’s always a spanking where one is needed.

I so appreciate everyone who got a copy, and those who left reviews, or may do so in the future, thank you!

Here are the two reviews left thus far, they are so generous and so clearly written by two people who get what these stories are about. I am deeply touched by them both.

Amazon Customer says:

Ms. Renard’s funny, intelligent use of words, as well as her excellent character development, put her ahead of many other authors of fiction, spanking/erotica, and fantasy. I have read 97% of her writings available on the internet, and will continue to do so as long as we both shall live…

Sparrow says:

This long awaited third adventure in Lesbia seems more like a prequel than a sequel to me, ending with the promise of New Beginnings in a whole new world-order for Lesbia, and further adventures for my favorite characters, Ayla and Kira. This third book in the series, with its secrets shrouded in mysteries, events directed by the most unexpected forces, and astonishing twists of fate that come without hint or warning, typical of stories by Loki Renard, kept me on the edge of my seat and unable to put it aside until the very last word. There are questions answered in this tale, and even more questions remaining, as Ayla and Kira continue their adventures in this mystical, magical, evolving place called Lesbia. I think this is a must-read primer for what is to come. I do love this series!

EDIT: Additional thanks to ‘a reader‘ for another awesome review, it’s so lovely to see people enjoying the book so much, thank you!