Unauthorized Orgasm

A snippet from the world of Lesbia…


Om nom nom nom.


Kira looked down at the young lady whose teeth were gently nibbling at her forearm with a continuous motion which left her arm glistening with eager drool. The hard muscle of her upper thigh was likewise gleaming, but with a different moisture. The young woman’s lithe thighs were locked around Kira’s slightly raised leg, hips pumping as her bare pussy ground against Kira, taking pleasure in the unyielding tone of the warrior’s limb.

They were both naked, the broad shouldered warrior with dark fur covering the nexus between her thighs, war-toned abdominal plane and neat breasts which rose in twin rounds – and the younger, softer woman with the ample buttocks and thighs, the small breasts tipped with pink nipples, the cascading red gold hair and the fetish for biting.

“Do that as much as you like, Ada,” Kira said in kind, though stern tones. “We are not going to make love until you apologize for what you did.”

“But…” Ada lifted her big brown eyes to Kira’s gaze. “But… I… want you.”

“You don’t always get what you want,” Kira reminded her, tapping Ada’s nose with her forefinger.

Ada’s hips squirmed, the tight little bud of her clit rubbing furiously against Kira’s leg.

“If you make yourself cum, it will be the strap for you,” Kira reminded her. “Right to the offending body part.”

The threat of having her pussy strapped would have made any sensible woman stop the offending behavior, but Ada was not sensible, she was aroused. At Kira’s words she began grinding herself shamelessly all the more, lapping at Kira’s arm between bites as she worked herself into an unauthorized orgasm.


“You paid for this,” Ada protested. “You wanted me…”

“I have you for the whole day,” Kira said, her dark eyes narrowing with a dangerous smile. “I can strap you first and take you later.”

“That costs extra,” Ada said with a coy wink.

“I have plenty of money,” Kira replied dryly. “What I don’t have is an obedient girl in my bed.”

“If you wanted obedience, you should have chosen one of the others,” Ada said, sliding up Kira’s body to nibble at the warrior’s neck with sharp, naughty bites.

Kira cupped Ada’s round bottom and squeezed her left cheek, the soft flesh spilling out around her hand. She swatted the naughty courtesan and smiled as Ada yelped.

“They’re not as much fun to spank as you are.”