PT 43: And your panties down too…

You let out a little gasp of pleasure and lift your hips so her fingers slide along the length of your mound, but you don’t ask her to spank you.

“Ask for it, cadet,” she purrs as she plays with your panty clad privates.

She’s teasing you into a state of arousal in which you’ll do almost anything, but you can’t bring yourself to ask for a spanking. It’s too embarrassing.

Her palm lands across your pantied rear in a light slap, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to send a thrill through your prone body as you lay there over her thighs, vulnerable to her every touch.

“Have you forgotten the words, cadet?” Her inquiry comes in sultry tones.

“I can’t,” you whimper.

“Aw, poor cadet,” he says, her fingers sliding back between your thighs to trace lightly over your mound. She is teasing you mercilessly, and you don’t know how much longer you can stand it. You can feel your panties getting wetter, the gusset sticking to your lower lips as her fingers play across your swelling pussy.

“If you won’t ask for your spanking, you’ll have to be punished,” she muses as her index finger taps lightly over your clit. “I’ll have to spank you until you ask me for your spanking. And I’ll have to do it on your bare bottom.”

She begins to pull your panties down, her finger hooking in the waistband and easing them over your cheeks slowly so you can feel them peeling away from your bottom, and then from your pussy. You can feel the fabric clinging a little before giving way to her will. The sensation is so gentle, but so powerful too. Every little movement and touch is magnified by your desire.

And then, they are down, sliding over your thighs to settle around your knees. Your bottom and sex are bare to her gaze, and the knowledge of that sends a hot blush rushing through your body. She is in total command of you.

“I wish you had asked for your spanking like a good girl,” Terra says in those rich, husky feminine tones which touch some deep part of you. “If you had, I might have let you cum.”