The Warrior’s Captive, PT 9: Witches and Canes

Giggling from inside the carriage bought a temporary halt to Ayla and Kira’s serious conversation.

“Is Hope equal to the task of guarding the princess?” Ayla mused aloud.

“As long as the carriage keeps moving at a decent speed, yes,” Kira replied. “I doubt the blonde will risk the jump.”

A fresh burst of laughter from the interior made Kira’s stern demeanor crack slightly. “I barely remember what it was like to be that young, that happy. One’s wounded, one’s been kidnapped and yet neither of them care. The young feel no sorrow.”

“That’s not entirely true,” Ayla said. “Besides, you are not as old as you think you are. You’re still a sapling my by reckoning.”

“Well nobody is as old as you,” Kira said, her lips twisting into a broader, teasing smile. Her dark eyes danced with amusement. “I’m not sure how you get around without a cane.”

“I use my cane for things besides walking,” Ayla said, her tone suggestive of trouble for the warrior if her teasing were to continue.


The carriage slowed as they came upon an incongruous sight, a young woman in a long gray robe, hood over her head, sleeves down past her hands, beating and kicking a tall tree with all she was worth.

“Ho there!” Kira slowed the horses up a little more. “You would do well to get off this path. Knights and warriors will soon swarm this way.”

The woman turned, long dark curls cascading from the insides of her hood, narrowed dark eyes glaring up at Kira. “I will not leave until this tree learns its lesson!”

Kira and Ayla exchanged looks. There was something a little unsettling and odd about the stranger.

“NINNY!” The young woman returned to berating the tree. “NINCOMPOOP!”

“She seems distressed,” Ayla observed. She raised her voice a little as she addressed the furious female. “What is your name?”

“They call me Mad Mary,” the woman said before giving the tree a good boot which resulted in hopping around on one leg and clutching at her bare toes. “YOU WILL REGRET THAT!”

“We should take her,” Ayla said. “I fear for her safety if she is left here in this state. She may have imbibed something.”

“May have? She’s battling a bush,” Kira sighed. “Ayla, you know these waifs and strays only cause trouble.”

“Come up and sit beside me,” Ayla said, shuffling closer to Kira, which silenced Kira’s objections immediately.”

Anyone other than a woman named Mad Mary would probably have thought twice before ascending a strange carriage, but Mary did not hesitate.

“TRY FOLLOWING ME NOW!” She yelled at the tree as she clambered up next to Ayla. “I HAVE A CARRIAGE AND A KNIGHT!

Kira cracked the reins and the horses moved off quickly, carrying a very full load now that there were five riding upon the carriage.

“Thank you,” Mary said, flopping the empty ends of her long sleeves over one another on her lap. “That tree has been stalking me for months.”

Meanwhile, inside the carriage the interruption in the journey had not been noticed. The giggling Kira and Ayla had noted had been due to a rather interesting little twist of events which began when Hope casually noted that Nive was the prettiest princess she had ever laid eyes on, especially given her state of undress.

“You are taking advantage of me,” Nive giggled, blushing as Hope lifted her mouth from her neck.

“Never,” Hope grinned, seemingly having forgotten entirely about her wound. “I’m seducing you. That is what one does with princesses.”

“Is it?” Nive’s cheeks were flushed with heat at having been thoroughly kissed. Hope’s hand was under her underclothes, her hand caressing Nive’s midsection and running lightly over Nive’s hip and rear. The tunic had ridden up to reveal all of the princess’ tender undercarriage. It seemed that Nive was rather receptive to captivity, if the gentle scent of arousal was anything to go by.

“Yes,” Hope answered, her eyes gleaming with ardor as she cupped Nive’s left breast and proceeded to kiss her more thoroughly than she’d ever been kissed before, her tongue demanding not just entrance, but soft submission from the princess.

Nive seemed inclined to give it, for unlike Kira who took by force, or even Ayla, whose presence was intimidating, Hope relied on pure charm for her seduction, an egalitarian attitude tempered with just a hint of dominant desire which soon had Nive arching her bound body, her legs spreading in silent invitation.

“What do you want, your highness?” Hope murmured the words against Nive’s ear, letting her hand drift slowly down Nive’s stomach toward the thick blonde curls at the apex of the princess’ thighs.

“Pleasure me,” Nive said, what could have been a haughty order breaking down with her gasping breath as Hope’s fingertips started their slow journey down over her slit and behan stroking back and forth along her flowering lips.

“Like this?”

“Mmmnn, yes,” Nive gasped. “But not inside me…”

“Not inside you?”

Violet eyes locked on Hope’s. “The prince must have my virginity.”

“Ah, so I can make you cum, but I can’t take your hymen?” Hope smiled teasingly, the heel of her palm pressing against Nive’s pubic bone. “Is that right?”

“Yes,” Nive moaned as Hope’s palm began to circle slowly, her fingers toying with the wet little entrance as her hand cupped the royal pussy. “Yes… yes.. yesss!”