Lesbianning PT 17: The Summoning

As her prayer came to an end Liz lifted her head, her expression ecstatic. “Ariadne this way comes. I can feel her…”

Outside, the warm breeze picked up and began sweeping through the encampment. It blew the flap of Kira’s tent open, clearing the way for the ladies to leave and welcome their divine visitor.

As Ayla, Kira, Aeron and Liz stepped outside, the air shimmered and a beautiful woman with a great crown of golden curls stepped seemingly out of the sun. Her eyes were a bright sky blue and she was clad in threads of silver and gold, her appearance as elegant as it was ethereal. Her features were well formed, filled with wisdom and kindness. She bought with her an overwhelming scent of rose and vanilla.

“Ariadne!” Liz called her name. Ayla put a warning hand on her shoulder, holding her back.

“That is not Ariadne.”

“I am Adrianne,” the being said. “You called me forth from the sunshine and the breeze.” She spread her arms and where her shadow fell, little flowers began to bloom in the dusty dirt.

Liz seemed confused. “I prayed for Ariadne.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Adrianne said, extending an elegant hand to pat Liz on her braided head. “I’m afraid it takes a very specific sort of power to summon the mother of witches.”

“Specifically, it takes power,” Vix deadpanned from her hiding place behind Kira’s tent where she and Moon peeked out, keeping an eye on the goings on.

It was no surprise Liz didn’t hear her. She was too busy being pleased with herself. The fact that she had not summoned Ariadne was of no concern. She had summoned something. Something with an interest in decorating.

Having greeted Liz, Adrianne set to floating about the camp. Wherever she went flowers sprang up, covering military tents in trailing blooms. The once austere camp was soon transformed into a floral glade, rich with greenery and blooms.

Kira was not at all impressed, nor was Aeron. Their expressions were similarly horrified as everything precise and neat turned to riotous color, leaves and vines entwining in weapon racks, covering the bars of prison cages and spreading over everything as far as the eye could see.

Whatever the being was, she seemed to have just one purpose – and she soon fulfilled it. Having turned the military camp into a riotous garden, Adrianne stepped back into the sun and was gone.

“Prayers of all and any kinds are banned from here on out,” Kira said crossly, her voice gruff with irritation. “Aeron, gather a party to clean this place up. I want it in shape within the hour, or it will be your hide.”

Aeron shot her commander a confused look. “Why not Liz? This is her doing.”

“Less questions, more action,” Kira snapped.

“Fewer questions,” Vix corrected quietly in the background. She was ignored yet again, for Kira was too busy glaring daggers at Aeron.

Sensing a real threat to the continued comfort of her flesh, Aeron soon moved to do Kira’s bidding leaving Liz beaming between Kira and Ayla, inordinately proud of the mess she had made.

“I summoned a goddess,” she said in hushed, awed tones which reflected not on the majesty of Adrianne, but how impressed she was with herself. “I must be a summoner.”

Retreating behind the tent, Vix rolled her eyes at Moon. “Can you believe this? The fool thinks she is a summoner. She’s not a summoner’s fart.”

Moon giggled, holding her pipe in her teeth as she struck a fresh light. “Let her have her fun. She’s an excellent distraction.”