Atrocious Lex PT 22: Reality

That night when sleep finally came, Atrocious had a dream. In her dream she was back in the forest, bent over and pushed across a rough log. Her britches were around her knees, her bottom exposed. A strong hand ran up her back and grabbed the hair at the back of her head, tugging her head back so that she was forced to arch her hips up, offering her secret places like a cat in heat.

For once she was not being spanked, instead something much more pleasurable was happening. Something hard and smooth and round was tracing up and down her pussy lips and pressing against the entrance of her body. It was firm and insistent, but not rough. She looked back over her shoulder and couldn’t see anyone, but she knew in that queer way one has of knowing in dreams that it was Kira.

Ayla was there too, she could sense her presence, but it wasn’t until Kira’s phallus pressed Atrocious’ pussy lips apart and sought entrance to her slick channel that Ayla became visible. She stood in front of Atrocious wearing the same cloak she had been wearing when Atrocious fell asleep. But now she was not clothed under it. As Kira’s phallus slowly sank into her pussy, stretching, filling and claiming her, Atrocious’ eyes feasted on the golden down at the ‘V’ of Ayla’s thighs.

“She’s fucking me, Mistress,” Atrocious whispered in the dream.

“Give her your pussy,” Ayla said. “Let her fuck you.”

Atrocious obeyed, moaning softly as Kira began to thrust the phallus in and out of her pussy. It was a gentle fucking and she could feel the ridges of the device as they slipped in and out of her most secret place. The grip on her hair loosened and Kira’s strong hands slid down her back in a languid massage that ended with the warrior gripping Atrocious by the hips and tipping her up slightly so the phallus, which appeared to have been secured to Kira’s body, could slide deeper into Atrocious’ pussy.

It was strange to be watched whilst she was fucked but in the dream it also seemed natural. Ayla was standing guard, making sure no harm came to her whilst Kira pleasured her in the most intimate of ways.

Slowly but surely, Kira picked up pace and soon Atrocious was being slammed over the log, her breasts bouncing with every thrust. “Naughty thieves get their pussies fucked. Naughty thieves get their bottoms spanked,” Ayla was saying the words like a chant or a mantra. Atrocious wanted to climax, but she couldn’t. The dream wouldn’t let her. All she could do was whimper and beg for release from her captors.

Then the dream changed. She was indoors somewhere and she was no longer being fucked by Kira, but Ayla had her sitting on her lap and was playing with her wet pussy. The witch’s fingers skillfully teased the nub of her clitoris out from its little hood and began spanking it lightly whilst Atrocious squirmed halfway between ecstasy and pain.

“Your pussy is mine,” Ayla murmured in her ear. “Your clit, your cunt, it’s all mine.” Fierce possession was evident in the way she wrapped her arm around Atrocious’s waist, holding her still on her lap whilst she punished her apprentice’s clit.

“Is this real?” Atrocious squealed the question. “Is this real life?”

“It’s going to be,” Ayla said. “Just as soon as you find me the juggling fish…”


“I’m going to spank your… blueberry pie.”

The dream was fading, losing coherency, but the very real pool of wetness between Atrocious’ thighs remained a testament to the potency of her imaginings.


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4 thoughts on “Atrocious Lex PT 22: Reality

  1. DisneyDyke

    Team Ayla AND Kyla. I think she should choose both. But they should promise only to spank, never to sell and always to fuck, pardon my french.
    That kinda rymes, right?

    1. Loki Post author

      @DisneyDyke (best name ever, btw) That’s a lovely idea, but I don’t know if things will pan out that way on account of, well, storylines and such things.

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