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Something Else! A thing of anotherness!

Another post! This one might not interest all my readers, for it refers to a tale in which there is a male hero, but it is my latest ebook and like pretty much all my tales it focuses heavily on a spirited and interesting heroine, so I hope you’ll indulge the announcement.

Twilight Cowboy is my latest story, fresh off the authorly presses. It blends paranormal vampire themes with a little bit of contemporary Western flavor.

cowboy spanking story

Annie Ring is an almost thirty year old virgin, a quiet homebody with a penchant for pastels and knitted cardigans who spends most of her time looking after her aged parents. Her world is as small and plain as she imagines herself to be. But Annie isn’t as boring as she’s convinced herself she is. She has a secret talent, one she can never share with the world at large. Annie Ring is an adept slayer of vampires. It’s a talent born of necessity, for her family is languishing under a curse that makes them the target of repeated attacks.

Our heroine’s life is forever disrupted when Sheriff Kaine Scoresby of AVC, a federal agency for the protection and control of the undead, shows up on her doorstep asking questions about missing vampires. Kaine is handsome. Kaine is persistent. Kaine is devastatingly old fashioned, especially when it comes to protecting damsels who insist they wouldn’t be in distress if only they were allowed to go stake something. Keeping Annie in line turns out to be more difficult than Kaine expected, but he and his firm hand prove to be more than equal to the task, much to Annie’s alternating delight and dismay.

Unfortunately for the would-be lovers, Kaine Scoresby isn’t the only one who is starting to pay attention to her. There are other, powerful, deadly, vicious entities who have her and her family in their sights. When the local vampire lord decides to exact revenge, Kaine and Annie find themselves fighting for their love – and their lives.

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